10 Feb 18, 11:16 PM
kate: well guys... it do be like this huh
28 Jan 18, 12:10 PM
theydidnevercare: do people still rp here?
28 Jan 18, 04:41 AM
Kahani: I don't think so
24 Jan 18, 11:56 AM
ribbon: is this place still around?
22 Jan 18, 07:12 PM
goldie: watch this map for hella feels, posted on the warriors anniversary
21 Jan 18, 10:34 PM
moth: it's crazy that it's that old
21 Jan 18, 10:33 PM
goldie: aww happy birthday into the wild
21 Jan 18, 10:33 PM
moth: happy fifteen year anniversary to the first book coming out ayoooo
15 Jan 18, 10:20 PM
kate: i’ve only been back for a couple months and haven’t got much sitewide knowledge but... birchfrost is back and a mess! also breezeclan is recovering from acornstar and moorclan is gayer than ever i think.
15 Jan 18, 10:19 PM
kate: oh corvid!!! late but i remember you.
15 Jan 18, 12:48 PM
corvid: (sorry for a bunch of long posts in here again whoops haha but) so current slowness of the site aside, what's been up on here lately? ic-wise i mean tho I'm also interested in how yall have been in general haha
15 Jan 18, 12:45 PM
corvid: I think with my schedule right now as long as I didn't get carried away and make too many charcters or something it would be fine for me to join something but I want to make sure I'm not just being impulsive cause I need to get better about that haha, but I figure there's no harm in hanging around here while I decide
15 Jan 18, 12:41 PM
corvid: So it's really cool this place is still around... I'm not entirely certain if I'm definitely going to get back into it or not cause I wouldn't want to do it too impulsively and realize I'd be too busy and just flake again but I'm strongly thinkin about it cause I miss this place and miss RPing some good good cats.
15 Jan 18, 12:37 PM
corvid: i feel kinda bad about how i flaked and disappeared from the site when i used to rp here, teeth lost (or now empty vessel it seems) was genuinely one of the coolest and best warriors rp sites i'd ever been on. I've been kinda missing warriors rp lately and considering looking around to join somewhere again?
15 Jan 18, 12:32 PM
corvid: hi! thats understandable. sorry if my messages there were a bit tactlessly phrased, I was kinda impulsive in posting those, I am really glad to see this place is still around even if its slow!
14 Jan 18, 11:54 AM
goldie: hello corvid! it’s been slow lately but we’re trying
13 Jan 18, 07:56 AM
corvid: anyway sorry that was a bit of rambling, BASICALLY just dropping in and saying hi
13 Jan 18, 07:55 AM
corvid: i had a lot of fun when i used to rp here and it does make me happy to see that even if its not super active that there's still recent talking in the cbox and stuff
13 Jan 18, 07:54 AM
corvid: idk if anyone remembers me but it was like sometime a year/two years ago i think that i used to rp here? i was just thinking about this place lately and wanted to drop in and see hows it going here
13 Jan 18, 07:49 AM
corvid: this place doesn't seem to be Very active right now but are people still around?
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