24 Nov 17, 09:04 PM
valarie: "berrypaw, you owe me a rabbit" is the best thing i've had to write in the bio
22 Nov 17, 04:24 PM
dev mobile: gosh it does
22 Nov 17, 01:44 PM
laurel: that.. sounds horrific, omfg
22 Nov 17, 11:47 AM
rose: he wasted a gatorade power packet all over it. i cleaned it as best i could but i think i have to take it to a professional or something cause there's melted powder in between the keys like fml
22 Nov 17, 11:46 AM
rose: so like this little four year old really messed up my laptop ;w;
21 Nov 17, 09:08 AM
dev mobile: hiii
21 Nov 17, 07:11 AM
m.bleu: hellooo ;o
19 Nov 17, 11:03 AM
laurel: -waves-
19 Nov 17, 09:55 AM
mobile!goldie: (crawls in)
18 Nov 17, 08:14 PM
bleu: do i post for eagle in breezeclan or moorclan territory... hmm
18 Nov 17, 08:12 PM
bleu: ya'll swanbreeze needs a soft love interest :000
18 Nov 17, 06:49 PM
valarie: i still have a ton of soft boyes but they're less of LG depressed people and a bit more dynamic
18 Nov 17, 06:46 PM
valarie: so i want something new with a fierce moorclan kiddo
18 Nov 17, 06:46 PM
valarie: like gentle, smart kids who weren't ever really opinionated and always pretty depressed
18 Nov 17, 06:45 PM
valarie: brindleclaw's going to be a bit of an adventure because way back when i was a coppa violator started rping it was always soft boyes
18 Nov 17, 06:44 PM
bleu: ah man i feel u. i kind of want to bring in another character but my motivation is against that
18 Nov 17, 06:43 PM
geo: i'm good! i'm trying to get the motivation up to work on beetlepaw's application
18 Nov 17, 06:43 PM
geo: oh no im sorry!!
18 Nov 17, 06:43 PM
bleu: how are u, geo??
18 Nov 17, 06:43 PM
bleu: i'm recovering from a v bad sinus infection but other than that i'm p good!! i rly need to get up some threads aaa
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