23 Sep 17, 07:29 AM
monique: hey affie! just sliding through to let you know that theres a new blog up with vote.. check it out?
22 Sep 17, 08:26 AM
Rikumaru: Nice layout! Hope you've been well :biggrin:
20 Sep 17, 12:59 AM
Cassandra: Hey Brandi! How are you?
17 Sep 17, 08:24 PM
Honey: write a tutorial? That would be really nice <3
17 Sep 17, 08:24 PM
Honey: Hay =D I just wanted to ask how you edit your Icon Bases? They look so colorful =) Maybe you can
16 Sep 17, 01:17 PM
monique: Sure! Adding you now
14 Sep 17, 12:37 PM
Salya: dropping by to say hi
14 Sep 17, 08:59 AM
Jess: so it works on php7. I haven't fixed the modded versions though but I can send it to you if you want
14 Sep 17, 08:59 AM
Jess: Hey! Saw your comments on Lucien's cbox. I've updated the basic icon sort script
13 Sep 17, 10:23 AM
Katja: Hi Brandi :3 I would be happy about a partnership. Sign up now. ♥
12 Sep 17, 02:00 PM
Lucien: ....I haven't experienced any problems. What issues are you having?
12 Sep 17, 01:59 PM
Lucien: There'll be (and have already been, I think) some maintenances/downtimes but, aside from that....
12 Sep 17, 01:57 PM
Lucien: Are you having problems with Squidix?
11 Sep 17, 04:07 PM
Yuuka: Hey Hey Brandi! Yeah we could be partner! <3 Please link me with a little button! ^-^
5 Sep 17, 03:27 PM
Jessica: Thanks! Can you resend the button? For some reason it goes to a 404 page.
3 Sep 17, 12:13 PM
Jenn: I would love to!
1 Sep 17, 03:21 AM
Dartzia: Hi there^^! Thank you for your visit. Of cause i would like to have a link exchange with you^^
30 Aug 17, 11:53 AM
Michelle: Hello! Thank you for kind comments! I'd love to exchange links or affiliate with banners :)
26 Aug 17, 08:40 PM
Jessica: Can you please change my link? And you can go ahead and remove Crystal's site - Yuugure
26 Aug 17, 08:39 PM
Jessica: Hey, I've moved all my content from Kikitaru (and Yuugure's content) to https://aesthetes.net/
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