17 Apr 14, 02:56 AM
Jeremy: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my much anime-related blog. Have a great day! XD
25 May 14, 04:40 PM
Jeremy: This is a chat box. Feel free to post anything here :)
12 Dec 14, 03:11 PM
Azusa Fan: Can you tell me what happened to Azusa Mitsu?
14 Jan 15, 09:43 PM
Jeremy: You're an Azusa fan as well? XD
14 Jan 15, 09:44 PM
Jeremy: I haven't heard any news about her ever since the release of her first music video DVD
14 Jan 15, 09:44 PM
Jeremy: 〜visuel #1〜
17 Apr 15, 05:48 AM
Azusa Fan: Well yeah. I love her and her songs. I just can't get over her you know. I wonder what happened. :(
21 Apr 15, 07:10 PM
Jeremy: Oh well... We'll just wait for more news. Meanwhile, there had been many new album releases lately