16 Dec 18, 07:00 PM
Cindy: Wow That Was Fast I Just Uploaded Them...~smileZ~ Thank You....Merry Christmas ...Happy You Like Enjoy!! :0r:
16 Dec 18, 06:57 PM
Penny: thgankyou Cindy for my two avs there perfect . Merry christmas to ypou and Sir fire
16 Dec 18, 03:17 PM
xFire2x: all my folders are open.. under xFire2x aka xSirFire2x.
16 Dec 18, 12:28 PM
Cindy: Mystical Angel Your 2 Frames Are Completed. Thank You Very Much For Your Order...Do Enjoy Wearing!!~smileZ~.... :0h:
16 Dec 18, 12:25 PM
Cindy: Fire your :d0:
16 Dec 18, 09:24 AM
xFire2x: Thanks cindy
15 Dec 18, 09:14 PM
Cindy: greeneyes you have been activated as well!! have fun time :b: ing!! ...thank you for registering...~smileZ~....
15 Dec 18, 09:12 PM
Cindy: :ooo: yaz Fire you have been activated!! :0v:
15 Dec 18, 09:11 PM
greeneyes: please add me thxs
15 Dec 18, 01:32 PM
xFire2x: :bbb: PLEASE ACTIVATE MOI!!!
14 Dec 18, 11:20 AM
Cindy: Please I Ask If Register To Be Activated, Leave Me A Message Here In ShoutBox.... :cw:
14 Dec 18, 11:18 AM
Cindy: Kara You Have Been Activated...Enjoy :b: ing!! ~smileZ~..