29 Jul 18, 07:20 PM
Spear: oh no its fine quilly! rl and health stuff especially always take priority. good luck with your surgery if you end up getting it, and take it easy
29 Jul 18, 06:51 PM
Meeks: i know you've been going through some health worries and i know how much that can affect someone mentally so dont worry quilly, your absence is excused for this ac <3 take care of yourself and dont stress to much, we'll be here when you feel up to getting to things
29 Jul 18, 06:44 PM
Quilly: to meeks and spear--spear I did post for maive jsyk it just disappeared down the line of post notices. Meeks I'm currently working on my post for you. I do apologize for not making the AC this month + being very slow with replies. At this point I may be heading towards the possibility of having surgery done soon...so my writer's block built up a huge wall so it's hard to write. I deeply apologize for this ;n;
16 Jun 18, 02:43 PM
Meeks: okay ive cleaned out some old threads! just a heads up, anything that hasnt been posted in since winter was archived so if anyone wants anything revived, lmk
5 Jun 18, 11:54 PM
Meeks: also guest if you wanna talk to us more easily, feel free to join our discord if you want! we just require that you have an account first, so nw if youre not set on joining yet
5 Jun 18, 11:53 PM
Meeks: enjoy!!!
5 Jun 18, 09:15 PM
Guest: time to watch Wakfu for the 100th time
5 Jun 18, 09:14 PM
Guest: im gonna go with Evangeline
1 Jun 18, 03:36 PM
Quilly: if amalia or eva appear i will actually cry
1 Jun 18, 01:54 AM
Guest: yass i was thinking of making Evangeline or Amalia but min would be season 3
30 May 18, 11:19 PM
Spear: oh youre free!!! gl with posting!
30 May 18, 08:28 PM
Quilly: so I should be able to get back into posting by this weekend!!
30 May 18, 08:28 PM
Quilly: so my 10+ hours are finally over
30 May 18, 08:28 PM
Quilly: an
29 May 18, 06:01 PM
Spear: *garfielf*
29 May 18, 05:56 PM
Meeks: *jon*
29 May 18, 05:53 PM
Spear: sorry i had to
29 May 18, 05:53 PM
Spear: hewwo?
29 May 18, 04:06 PM
Meeks: hey guest!
29 May 18, 02:28 PM
guest: hello?
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