12 Apr 17, 07:05 AM
Bekki: You're welcome
11 Apr 17, 05:49 PM
Kat4evr: Thanks so much Bekki for this beautiful layout. I love it
5 Oct 15, 01:49 PM
Kat4evr: Hiya Mary! long time no see. im trying to get back into groups. i have on and off days of dialysis and dealing with stomachaches ughh. Hiya Sylvie. thanks
4 Oct 15, 09:22 AM
Mary: Hi Kat I've totally missed you! I'm so glad you're ok and I hope you keep getting better and get on that transplant list can't wait to see you back at TCC!! hugzzz and kisses :heart:
4 Oct 15, 08:54 AM
sylvie: got you added back now, ♥
9 Jul 15, 12:42 AM
Kat4evr: Happy Happy Birthday to me! :biggrin:
9 Jul 15, 12:42 AM
Kat4evr: Thank you Duskie!! Do you have a blog?
8 Jul 15, 01:23 PM
Duskie: Meow meow meow! (Nice blog Kat4evr! :biggrin:
29 Jun 15, 12:19 PM
Kat4evr: Hiya everyone! Hope you all have a good summer!
29 Jun 15, 12:19 PM
Kat4evr: Hoping to learn how to do tuts some day lol
6 Jun 15, 12:51 AM
Joy: dropping by to say hello...x
25 Jul 14, 02:31 PM
Vesta: Oooh, I love your little kitty clock!!! Good job!
15 Mar 14, 08:57 PM
Kat4evr: Thanks Lisa, gotta get back to updating my blog
11 Jan 14, 06:58 PM
Lisa: Hi Kat! Love your blog! Looks great! Great job! :)
29 Dec 13, 03:22 PM
Kat4evr: Hiya everyone, got my cbox up