12 Jun 20, 12:59 AM
faraway: @ Nestor- Hello,please wrtie a comment with your email address,I will NOT publish it but I will write yuo an email,thank you!
11 Jun 20, 11:31 PM
Nestor: I'm Nestor from Italy (and Swiss). i have my little DUY label called "La Bottega di Nestor". I wont to send my stuff for 1000 flights is possible? My label is 80's punk attitude... If you want...
3 Jun 20, 05:09 PM
VISITE: https://losslesscity.foroactivo.com/
9 May 20, 01:30 PM
faraway: @ Marco Gelido-gracia per el link de tu blog...
8 May 20, 05:04 PM
Marco Gélido: Saludos desde Lima-Perú (southamerica)
8 May 20, 05:03 PM
Marco Gélido: Hola, los invito a conocer la escena underground de Perú a traves de mi blog: laconexionperuana.blogspot.com
9 Apr 20, 06:01 AM
faraway: @brayan-Hola,pusi el tuyo blog en la mis lista ahora,haze lo mismo con mis blog,por favor :lol:
9 Apr 20, 12:34 AM
Karol: thanks a lot for trying... cheers
9 Apr 20, 12:01 AM
brayan: agregue tu blog a mi lista, me preguntaba si podrías hacer lo mismo con el mio
8 Apr 20, 11:57 PM
brayan: abstraccionmental920.blogspot.com
8 Apr 20, 11:56 PM
brayan: hola saludos soy brayan miembro de emilbus lainomerec ebycolips y equilibrio natural de costa rica, hace poco inicie un blog para publicar algunos artes en los que he participado y que no están en web
7 Apr 20, 06:39 AM
faraway: @ Karol-thanks for this file-Unfortunately I do NOT know this band,good luck with your search!
7 Apr 20, 04:58 AM
Karol: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kp4adwtfpcspnje/strange%20unknown.rar?dl=0
7 Apr 20, 04:58 AM
Karol: Hello! I have a big request. Over 25 years ago I recorded a band from a radio program and I haven't found it again until today. I don't know the name to this day and I hope that someone will finally e
23 Mar 20, 02:10 PM
faraway: @benno,thank you :nuts:
23 Mar 20, 12:59 PM
benno: If you can't find it, I can send you by Wetranfer
23 Mar 20, 12:56 PM
benno: In fact Edda presented the new songs from the next record. It happenede in Cremona (Italy) on 20-06-1989 at Cremonarock.
23 Mar 20, 12:54 PM
benno: The concert was played before was published Kriminale LP.
23 Mar 20, 12:49 PM
benno: I just posted on soulseek in mp3 320. I think it's the only.
23 Mar 20, 12:48 PM
benno: The tape was recorde by myself with my little taperecorder at the concert. Last week I digitalized in wavw 24 bit. The record is audience, poor but raw. Try to search as Ritmo Tribale Cremona.
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