Welcome to MSB! Chat here, but for more in depth discussion and exclusive downloads, be sure to visit and subscribe to 4UM. Absolutely no requests in this chat box please!
23 Jan 19, 14:03
Ruthless Love: ;)
23 Jan 19, 13:51
Marc: hahaha nah, but this people makes me goes crazy! I needed to say something hahah But thanks for the hugs :P
23 Jan 19, 11:57
Ruthless Love: @Marc I think you need a hug! **hugs**
23 Jan 19, 11:57
Ruthless Love: @Dead2Me really? How mature. You must be the one mass-downvoting chatboxes. How appropriate.
23 Jan 19, 11:27
Brett (Admin): I think we can stop with the personal attacks now people!
23 Jan 19, 09:20
leon meliur: Hello Brett. Could u please reupload this album? Thanks alot http://onlyiplus.net/msb/pet-shop-boys-popart-the-hits-itunes-plus/
23 Jan 19, 07:49
Marc: The funny thing is that all of this "people" suddenly appear, never saw most of their names saying thanks on a damn upload, but yet they ask or talk shit in here! That´s so pathetic, fake profiles and idiots...
23 Jan 19, 07:48
Marc: Dead2Me why? You all shoud be punch cause you don´t respect the page creator wishes! Disrespectul people!
23 Jan 19, 05:08
ERIC1997: @Marc Sorry, But English isn't my native language, all i ever learn, i learn alone
22 Jan 19, 14:27
Dead2Me: Dead2Me :x *angrily punching ruthless love, marc, and flavia in the face*
22 Jan 19, 14:09
Marc: @ruthless love, hahahah it was my time to say some nasty comment but you know... i know you feel the same! There`s a comment about not asking in the chatbox and the next comment they´re asking a discography or lots of albums! Are they idiots or just being annoying and disrespectful on purpose
22 Jan 19, 14:07
Marc: "when you have all of these dumbass" never said you were the dumbass BUT if you want to feel like the comment was made for you be my guest!
22 Jan 19, 14:06
Marc: Eric1997. never said you made a request in here! I was answering to your question about the request section being closed! Do you know how to read or do you have interpretation problems?
22 Jan 19, 13:08
Ruthless Love: Marc SNAPPEDt
22 Jan 19, 13:03
ERIC1997: @Marc When i request for music in this chat after the closure of the box? NEVER!!! i did have education and shame on my face, The only requests mine is on the Request Box that is now closed for new requests, by here i didn't made any request
22 Jan 19, 09:22
Marc: Eric1997 Why should he have a request area when you have all of these dumbass making request in here, and breaking the request rules also asking for discographies and more than 2 request by person? So many ignorant and selfish people in here.
22 Jan 19, 04:46
ERIC1997: OK @Brett i saw the box and is full, is really a good decision close for a while
22 Jan 19, 03:48
Ruthless Love: "Absolutely no requests in this chat box please!" Brett, I stan YOU!
21 Jan 19, 07:13
Brett (Admin): Still there, just currently closed
21 Jan 19, 04:35
ERIC1997: Hi @Brett did something happened with requests page? can´t seen it
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