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23 Jul 18, 16:59
PixieLott: Thank you for Pixie Lott @Brett
23 Jul 18, 11:53
libraguy_1020: Would it be possible for you to post all of Adele's iTunes Videos? :)
23 Jul 18, 11:52
libraguy_1020: Hell Brett... How are you today?
23 Jul 18, 11:26
brandosoul: Hello! Can you please find and upload this? Thanks! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/moon-shadow/285632852
22 Jul 18, 01:23
Theresa: Also a download link in mp4 for this song: https://open.spotify.com/track/6h2EFDXCbFQkJwuMBAhfqa? Please and thank you.
22 Jul 18, 01:22
Theresa: Hello. Could you make a download link in mp4 for this song: https://open.spotify.com/track/1Bq0vdTuf4oI5uVvpmn8MJ? Thanks.
21 Jul 18, 23:25
Brett (Admin): @norahfan, please leave a comment in each item that is down, easier to fix. Thanks!
21 Jul 18, 22:06
norahfan: Hi Brett could u please check the links from Norah Jones they don't work. :-(
21 Jul 18, 19:46
INSOMNIA: Dear Brett! Could you upload Teena Marie, Candi Staton and Loleatta Holloway compliation albums? Thank You so much! :) :heart:
21 Jul 18, 15:35
Brett (Admin): Pixie fixed =)
20 Jul 18, 12:09
PixieLott: And Pixie Lott | Broken Arrow please ?
20 Jul 18, 12:08
PixieLott: And Pixie Lott, iTunes Live from London please ?
20 Jul 18, 12:08
PixieLott: Can someone reupload Pixie Lott, All About Tonight (Remixes) please ?
19 Jul 18, 22:19
Mer: Hi Brett! Thanks for everything! Can you please reupload Tomb Raider? Also do you have any videos or singles for 98 degrees, or otown?
19 Jul 18, 14:22
Brett (Admin): @flavio18 - fixed
19 Jul 18, 09:41
Ruthless Love: TYSM for Sheryl's albums!!! Love her!!
19 Jul 18, 04:59
flavio18: Hi Brett could u please reupload http://onlyiplus.net/msb/fine-young-cannibals-fine-young-cannibals-the-platinum-collection-itunes-plus/ its down thanks
19 Jul 18, 00:54
flavia: thanx for any help you can give me
19 Jul 18, 00:54
flavia: Hi Brett, do you have jessica simpsons singles, eps or remixes? i'm looking for some music of her especially the first things
18 Jul 18, 13:04
Magasa: sheryl crow, the long lost twin sister of linette from desperate houswives! Thanks for her discography brett! =)
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