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26 May 18, 09:08
jackqgj: my requests please :( and how can i join the forum?
25 May 18, 16:19
Brett (Admin): @Chrysalynnee - new link added
25 May 18, 12:55
Chrysalynnee: Could you re-upload New Rules live at the Brits by Dua Lipa?
24 May 18, 23:10
Felipe: Hii, do you have any P!nk maxi singles? pleaseee
24 May 18, 10:53
Magasa: Hi Btett, thank a lot for the EP! jack posted the link, but it´s ok, for example in my country is not available the live at koko It happens! Either way thanks a lot for the spotify live =)
24 May 18, 07:19
HAPPY30: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/emotion-single/id392240422
24 May 18, 07:17
HAPPY30: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/nasty-girl-single/322799196
24 May 18, 05:38
jackqgj: @HAPPY30 just realized i tagged the wrong person hahaha i meant @Magasa
24 May 18, 05:34
jackqgj: @HAPPY30 What are the links?
24 May 18, 05:34
HAPPY30: @jackqgj no thats not what i wanted
24 May 18, 05:29
jackqgj: @HAPPY30 https://open.spotify.com/album/6rRkcoCzimcGTRbhwWfkYD https://open.spotify.com/album/1XFl653zdaAc1DLEu81GM8 are these the ones u wanted?
24 May 18, 00:28
HAPPY30: Hey bret please let me know when u will post destiny child nasty girl and emotion single
23 May 18, 15:08
Brett (Admin): @Magasa - I cn't seem to locate Bastille Live in Mexico City, might not be available on my country spotify
23 May 18, 13:19
Magasa: Thanks a lot Brett! =)
23 May 18, 12:20
Brett (Admin): @Magasa - yes can do, I'll see if I can get them soon and a few other requests people have had
23 May 18, 11:25
Magasa: Hi Brett, can i ask you a really big favor? Do you know how to rip music from spotify? i was looking for the two live eps by bastille (live in mexico city 2014) and (spotify Live) Any chance you could help me with that? Thanks in advance
21 May 18, 17:24
Chrysalynnee: Do you have any Beyonce maxi singles?
21 May 18, 09:54
jackqgj: it keeps saying You did not pass the security check. Please try again.
21 May 18, 09:53
jackqgj: what is the answer to Who performs the song "Hung Up"? i put the correct answer but it still wont let me sign up :(
21 May 18, 09:34
flava: Thanx for BSB discography. Do u have the single they made with NKOTBhttps://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/dont-turn-out-lights-dont-turn-out-lights-instrumental/452246834
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