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6 Jun 20, 09:49
Marc: thanks a lot for mariah and tori amos Brett!
6 Jun 20, 05:10
libraguy_1020: A ton of albums were delayed till Fall & Winter because of the pandemic :(
5 Jun 20, 23:20
Ruthless Love: Shame. But we did get some of Miss Ross!
5 Jun 20, 17:10
Brett (Admin): There's hardly any "big" new music out this week!
5 Jun 20, 13:20
libraguy_1020: @ Brett: Thank you for the new Diana Ross album! :)
2 Jun 20, 10:19
Ruthless Love: @Brett: Thanks for the Carly additions!
1 Jun 20, 11:59
Marc: hahaha oh yeah!
1 Jun 20, 10:53
Ruthless Love: @BrankoToledo: Absolutely no requests in this chat box!
1 Jun 20, 10:16
Marc: Ruthless... do your thing!
1 Jun 20, 05:25
BrankoToledo: Hi! Please upload all singles of Kylie's era "Body Language" in lossless, thank you
31 May 20, 05:31
Marc: Got you Kimcheespice, later tonight i'll upload what i have of bbmak ;)
31 May 20, 02:13
Ruthless Love: nĂ¼ Ricky? Ay, papi!
30 May 20, 23:10
Ruthless Love: Love the Babes!
30 May 20, 16:11
Kimcheespice: If anyone is a hardcore Sugababes fan, please hit me up!
30 May 20, 16:10
Brett (Admin):
30 May 20, 16:04
Kimcheespice: Well it's still the 30th here in the States, but tomorrow will mark the anniversary of Ginger's departure (stupid redheaded bitch). Anyways, enjoy my Spice Girls rips. They're all from my personal CD single collection. It's all domesticated US CD releases (commercial and some promo)
30 May 20, 15:54
Kimcheespice: @Marc; sure, send whatever you have, love BBMAK
30 May 20, 15:44
Marc: the europe version which has mary's prayer
30 May 20, 15:44
Marc: the us promo too
30 May 20, 15:43
Marc: Still On Your Side -Artful Dodger Remix- (UK 12'' Vinyl Single)
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