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23 Jan 20, 04:48
Suart: ok
23 Jan 20, 02:46
Ruthless Love: @Stuart: Absolutely no requests in this chat box, requests only go on the REQUESTS page!
23 Jan 20, 02:22
Stuart: please taylor swift eyes open single from the hunger games soundtrack
22 Jan 20, 07:22
franco99: Mariah love you...I can't believe you just posted Simon and Garfunkel, thank you very very very very much <3
22 Jan 20, 06:57
Ruthless Love: Doesn't excuse the broken heart you've caused; I never abused you. only loved and cared for you
22 Jan 20, 03:33
Marc: i never cheat on you technically hahaha "is it desireeee or is it love that i feel for brett, i want desireeeeee cause your love only gest me abuse :P
22 Jan 20, 00:13
Ruthless Love: But, I don't wake up late often. I never cheated on you. I took our vows "For better or for worse" to heart. You did not.
21 Jan 20, 02:05
Marc: lol and then you ask why am i cheating on you with brett?
21 Jan 20, 01:50
Ruthless Love: me when I wake up late
21 Jan 20, 01:39
RoseBud: ty Mariah for the awesome albums!
20 Jan 20, 14:49
Marc: Thank you for "the Calling"
19 Jan 20, 15:18
Ruthless Love: Exactly. Yet they are.
19 Jan 20, 11:51
Marc: hahaha the worst thing @Ruthless its that person come here to talk about being annoying and pathetic
19 Jan 20, 09:51
Ruthless Love: @Brett: Damn. I figured there was connection between multiple posters. Fucking insane.
18 Jan 20, 11:40
Marc: O.o
18 Jan 20, 11:37
Brett (Admin): So Xtina, blackpink29, BlowYourMind and Joshua are all the same person - I'm shook!
18 Jan 20, 10:44
Marc: It's funny how suddenly everyone appears to criticize The chat box or Ruthless or whatever but never a fucking thank you! Pathetic bitches. if don´t worth it why are you commenting? At the end of the day Ruthless it´s right, too many brain damage people here
18 Jan 20, 09:38
Brett (Admin):
18 Jan 20, 02:10
MArley201: http://onlyiplus.net/msb/halsey-alone-feat-big-sean-stefflon-don-itunes-m4v/ please brett can u fix
18 Jan 20, 01:44
franco99: Thanks both Brett and Mariah for the hard work :)
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