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4 Apr 20, 15:31
Theresa: Thanks "Mariah" for the "Cobra Starship" album "Hot Mess".
4 Apr 20, 15:28
Theresa: @Brett Thanks for the new album from Meghan Trainor.
4 Apr 20, 15:27
Theresa: I've tried again on both and I got a download link for both.
4 Apr 20, 14:54
Theresa: I've tried that several times. But it still reads 15 seconds.
4 Apr 20, 14:50
Brett (Admin): Click on the page, close the pop up and then the countdown will start.
4 Apr 20, 14:45
Theresa: Sorry for the last 2 messages. Since I'm not able to comment on the actual post, I have to comment on here.
4 Apr 20, 14:43
Theresa: Same with this one: http://onlyiplus.net/msb/cobra-starship-hot-mess-deluxe-version-itunes-plus/. Can't seem to get a download link. I've went through the "captcha" and nothing. I just get a page saying that the download link is almost ready. Waiting until the 15 seconds are done... But it still reads 15 seconds.
4 Apr 20, 14:38
Theresa: Trying to get a download link for this: http://onlyiplus.net/msb/the-love-collective-no-1-romantic-love-songs-30-classic-love-songs-itunes-plus/. But no page loads for me to download. May I have some help on this?
4 Apr 20, 01:46
Theresa: For the song "Say So" by Doja Cat... I see a post for the "remixes". Just wondering if that's the song I'm always hearing on "TikTok"? Or is it really a "remix" of the actual song?
4 Apr 20, 01:40
Theresa: Since I can't seem to find out if I'm registered... I just have to comment here... Thanks for the album "Walls" by Louis Tomlinson.
4 Apr 20, 00:55
Theresa: 'Cause I thought I was. But tried to login several times and get a message saying either my password isn't right or my username isn't right.
4 Apr 20, 00:54
Theresa: Is there a place I can be registered?
3 Apr 20, 11:35
Marc: Thanks for Mel C Brett
3 Apr 20, 11:00
Ruthless Love: Now we need Hilary back again!
3 Apr 20, 10:59
Brett (Admin): I think it will grow :yes:
3 Apr 20, 10:57
Ruthless Love: 2020 is the decade and year of return
3 Apr 20, 10:57
Ruthless Love: I'm dying for a music video
3 Apr 20, 10:56
Brett (Admin): It's... neat. It needs a club mix.
3 Apr 20, 10:50
Ruthless Love: Thanks for LiLo... what do you think?
3 Apr 20, 10:41
Brett (Admin): @Theresa - only registered users can comment now. So if you aren't already registered, just do like you have done and say thanks in the chat box
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