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14 Jan 18, 21:58
IzaNunes: A very great happiness in seeing the return of the best site: Brett Desire very successful and that you continue with these wonderful and distinguished post that only you have; Success and long life to this wonderful site
12 Jan 18, 18:50
Kimarley: Hi brett please can u post back sister act 1&2 soundtrack please
12 Jan 18, 05:34
Lovestrong: Hey guys! Glad to see you are loving the site. More stuff is coming VERY soon! Keep an eye out ;)
7 Jan 18, 03:52
sportyboy: Hello, I like MSB. Greetings from Prague :)
6 Jan 18, 16:02
aphrodite: Can you post Sheryl Crow's self-titled album in i+? :D
6 Jan 18, 13:25
Scotty: Whooooo! Can't wait XD So excited :biggrin: Thanks man ^_^
6 Jan 18, 13:22
Brett (Admin): @Scotty - Thanks for the feedback! The Fundamentals albums all be back, they all need updating so stay tuned :)
6 Jan 18, 13:16
Scotty: Hey Brett, I'm loving the new layout and everything! Thanks so much for bringing it back. This site has always been one of my favs :D I really loved all the 'Music Sounds Better: Fundamentals' compilations you used to do for different artists. Like 'MSB Fundamentals: Rihanna' or 'Ariana Grande' or 'Kelly Clarkson' etc. so I think it'd be an awesome idea if you brought those back as well :)
6 Jan 18, 13:00
kandy life: the site is amazing. Thank you so much :biggrin:
6 Jan 18, 04:35
aphrodite: oh it wasn't? ok i'll just get the itunes version with the radio edit then! ty :)
5 Jan 18, 19:33
Brett (Admin): @aphrodite - I don't believe this version was ever on iTunes? I can upload an AAC or Lossless version of it if you like?
5 Jan 18, 17:04
aphrodite: the version that has Come Into My World normal version, not the radio edit
5 Jan 18, 17:04
aphrodite: do you have Kylie Minogue - Fever in i+?
4 Jan 18, 23:43
Brett (Admin): Hi all, hope you all enjoy the new site! Please let us know what you think, or any improvements you recommend.