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18 Sep 19, 01:13
Ruthless Love: @Ezra: She's going to put out another song by the end of the year, and her album is due early 2020!
17 Sep 19, 23:22
Ezra: Yeah Mandy moore singles! Moore please ;)
17 Sep 19, 23:21
15 Sep 19, 09:53
mega iron wave: i seem to be having trouble making requests
10 Sep 19, 06:37
artlover: Thanks for all you provide us, Brett. Been a fan of your site for ages, before the shutdown. x
8 Sep 19, 04:08
libraguy_1020: @BRETT: Thank you for the Ashley O (Miley) Remix EP :)
2 Sep 19, 00:14
Ruthless Love: Ty for 3LW! I miss them!
30 Aug 19, 15:06
Ruthless Love: TY for James Blunt & N. Bedingfield
28 Aug 19, 10:52
Brett (Admin): Good call, will do :)
28 Aug 19, 10:52
Josh: Can do! If you can get on 4UM, I'll send it to you there. I'm Sparks there.
28 Aug 19, 10:51
Brett (Admin): probably MEGA?
28 Aug 19, 10:50
Josh: What's the best server?
28 Aug 19, 10:49
Brett (Admin): @Josh - sure can, thanks :)
28 Aug 19, 10:48
Josh: It leaked in FLAC, but I converted it to ALAC, so I thought I'd offer to save you the trouble!
28 Aug 19, 10:48
Josh: Can I send you Lana's album to post in ALAC, Brett?
28 Aug 19, 10:44
26 Aug 19, 08:20
Brett (Admin): @Konsento - top right of your screen there is a search icon (magnifying glass) next to our social links
26 Aug 19, 05:53
Konsento: How do I search the site for specific song/artist/album? Is there a search button? I don't see it
25 Aug 19, 13:43
Marc: i just found that, what a great mash up between someday (mariah) and how long (charlie puth)
25 Aug 19, 13:43
Marc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iybCoUz2wns
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