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20/11/17 06:15 PM
Zema: Have some Tunare: [link]
21/11/17 02:38 AM
Mora: tag for Fallon \o/
21/11/17 09:46 AM
Zema: \o/
21/11/17 10:07 AM
Aphyria: forgot to say this before but; Tunare <3
21/11/17 10:08 AM
Zema: Yus.
21/11/17 10:09 AM
Aphyria: (and so continues my infatuation with the MSes XD)
21/11/17 10:09 AM
Zema: xD
21/11/17 10:09 AM
Zema: I have so many pictures of Tunare now. Like *-*
21/11/17 10:15 AM
Zema: [link] [link] and [link] to give a few
21/11/17 10:15 AM
Zema: Also, more Lillian! [link] and [link]
21/11/17 10:16 AM
Zema: How to tame your dire wolf: [link]
21/11/17 10:31 AM
Aphyria: All good~
21/11/17 10:44 AM
Zema: Yas
21/11/17 10:46 AM
Zema: Tag back for Thalia~
21/11/17 01:18 PM
Aphyria: Huh. So random aside; if Shago knew about Evego eating Kasumi and Cynthia (through Lillian, perhaps), that likely would have been interesting ammunition to use when she messed with Aoi. Her mentor and leader betraying her and all that jazz. Of course, Aoi would likely presume it's a fabrication, but when/if she found out that it was true... well, could be fun XD
21/11/17 01:19 PM
Zema: THat's very true.
21/11/17 01:24 PM
Aphyria: Yay for random musings xD
21/11/17 01:31 PM
Zema: \o/
21/11/17 03:19 PM
Zema: -cracks fingers- OKAY. Lady Zema post.
21/11/17 03:22 PM
Aphyria: Woo~