03/18/19 09:31 AM
Guest: WELCOME SINZ TOC DAYS TOMORROW MORNING AT 9AM 3/19/2019 http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1914929 HOPE TO SEE U THERE
03/17/19 06:01 PM
cash958: :hsun: WITH BIG BUXS SUNDAY REG RATED NDN AT 7:30 TEAMS OR AUTO http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1914693/ 10,000 TDD
03/15/19 09:50 PM
03/14/19 08:02 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :df: BOSS QUALIFIER (THRILL) IS AT 730 TONIGHT http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1914014 :gll:
03/10/19 04:14 PM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :mat: APPRECIATION FOR MEMBERS TOUR AT 730 TONIGHT WITH 10000 BUX http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1913560/
03/09/19 03:09 PM
cash958: :SW: REGJLAR RATED WITH TRIVIA TONIGHT AT 7:30 http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1913503/ 10,000 TDD LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN SINz
03/09/19 02:38 PM
KittyCat_Meow_99: wke
03/05/19 09:08 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :toc: :gl: SINCERITY TOC IS TONITE AT 730 http://cgi5.igl.net/tourney/sincerityspades/1913041/
03/02/19 07:35 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: ~wel~ Glad to have you on staff, Mikie (wvman2277)
03/01/19 08:15 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: news1 :bol: BOL QUALIFIER IS AT 730 TONITE~PLEASE JOIN US http://cgi5.igl.net/tourney/sincerityspades/1912428/
02/25/19 09:33 AM
j_black2000: TOMORROW AT 9AM IS OUR DAYS TOC HOPE TO C U THERE http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1911995 COME JOIN IN THE FUN JJ
02/24/19 12:32 PM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :ma: JOIN SINZ TONITE AT 730 TO HONOR KEN (LUMP_EEE) AS MEMBER OF THE MONTH~20000 BUX TDD~ http://cgi5.igl.net/tourney/sincerityspades/1911714/
02/23/19 11:46 PM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :wc: Marsha, Pearl, Trenton and Denise!! Enjoy your league!
02/23/19 05:14 PM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :ntt: NAME THAT TUNE SWISS IS UP AT 730~http://www.myleague.com/sincerityspades/tournament/1911586
02/20/19 03:53 PM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :knq: JOIN DEWEY FOR OUR KING & QUEEN TOUR AT 730 http://cgi5.igl.net/tourney/sincerityspades/1908960/
02/20/19 08:41 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :bull:
02/16/19 12:15 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: wke
02/14/19 07:01 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :hvt: JOIN US TONIGHT AT 730 FOR OUR SWEETHEART SPECIAL, HOSTED BY SANDI, WITH 20000 BUX TDD http://cgi5.igl.net/tourney/sincerityspades/1907010/
02/13/19 07:51 AM
KittyCat_Meow_99: :pgm2: BOSS QUALIFIER IS TONIGHT AT 730 THIS MONTH IS 3 5 NIL http://cgi5.igl.net/tourney/sincerityspades/1909499/
02/12/19 07:01 PM
cash958: Ty Kat. Was a lot of fun hosting that one. Thanks to Mike for a special page.
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