27 Oct 17, 06:28 PM
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23 Jun 14, 03:08 PM
satan cum: Death metal from Brazil, WARCLOUDS, just uploaded. cheers http://www.mediafire.com/download/0071mba77aveow4/Warclouds_-_A_Disturbing_Presence.rar
3 Jun 14, 10:17 AM
BURZUM: upload BURZUM all albums mother****ers!
6 Apr 14, 02:00 AM
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30 Dec 13, 08:49 AM
MIXER: Loft Party on New Year's Eve: http://musicforironing.blogspot.com
8 Dec 13, 04:31 PM
Cryptzum: Hey guys, check this one, Warclouds - A Disturbing Presence, good death metal from Brazil http://www.mediafire.com/download/0071mba77aveow4/Warclouds%20-%20A%20Disturbing%20Presence.rar
29 Nov 13, 10:16 AM
AThousandYearCorpse: Deathcrush is ultra classic, hehehe
28 Nov 13, 09:55 AM
stevo: blog looks cool a zippyshare is fast-cheers
22 Nov 13, 01:19 PM
Giak: Thanx for visiting my blog http://blackhandinn2.blogspot.gr/, i've added you to my bloglist too :D cheers from greece
22 Nov 13, 12:40 PM
AThousandYearCorpse: Thanks for adding my blog :) I put you up as well, keep the posts coming \m/
21 Nov 13, 10:24 PM
Napalm Breath: nah, man. Didnt see it. If I come across ill be sure to post.
21 Nov 13, 10:14 PM
MorbidPiter: I want to download this release, but it's nowhere to be found. http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Vulture/Pyromaniac_-_Vulture/133633. Do you have it?
21 Nov 13, 05:46 PM
Napalm Breath: UK always seems to satisfy me
21 Nov 13, 05:46 PM
Napalm Breath: Yeah dude, pretty solid stuff.
20 Nov 13, 07:57 PM
Teeth: i picked up that Aklash today. pretty awesome
19 Nov 13, 11:36 PM
Garylikesdairy: Archgoat!
19 Nov 13, 05:55 PM
Napalm Breath: Snurd Attack