1 Jul 11, 20:47
Wull: God damned spambots GET OFF MA LAWN
12 Apr 11, 13:54
Wull: im working on it. It's easier to post quibbles than scans. Most of them are just concept sketches anyway
11 Apr 11, 14:05
Jesmond: Friend! Less writing, more drawing. Your dA page has been quite a lonely place save that one sketch you made a while back >.<
16 Mar 11, 10:12
Wull: the next one will be about cannibalistic ponies and genetically engineered tomatoes to discuss the themes of drug abuse, social upheaval and hygiene
8 Mar 11, 22:28
The Edna Man: Oh god they are getting creepier and creepier.
27 Jan 11, 19:25
Wull: typed it on my touch makes spell hecking hard
23 Jan 11, 19:29
The Edna Man: Man that is creepy. You have awesome ideas but your spelling needs work. >_>
9 Jan 11, 21:46
LevyXD: nice poem! Says quite a bit...
4 Jul 10, 22:36
The Edna Man: You are freaking awesome. Love the story. Been thinking about the very same thing.
23 Aug 09, 01:02
Lameketeer03: hahaha. well that problem has been resolved :D. All I have to do is give the address to people personally. The ones whom I know are mature enough. :D
23 Aug 09, 00:59
Wull: Unfortunately, that happens to be the definition of most of the"Public"
22 Aug 09, 22:36
Lameketeer03: nah...it was my FB that showed them where. Thats my fault. And no levin...its public to mature people. Not to immature imbecils who think impersonating someone is fun
19 Aug 09, 21:05
LevyXD: Defeats the purpose of having a public blog. Anyway, nice passage!
17 Aug 09, 23:27
Wull: Hm, maybe request your friends don't hyperlink to your blog? They might have found our blogs and used them to springboard to yours
17 Aug 09, 20:50
Lameketeer03: change in web address again.....http://leglesstable-lameketeer03.blogspot.com/ the idots found my blog yet again
17 Aug 09, 17:48
LevyXD: Lol. Woke up at 11.50 for me...
28 Jul 09, 22:36
Wull: Not you, Facebook xD
28 Jul 09, 22:20
Lameketeer03: a happy birthday to you....i am right right?...
23 Jul 09, 21:04
Lameketeer03: oh its the real thing. sry. I only want a few people to know
22 Jul 09, 22:03
Wull: Huh? is that a mere example or the actual address? Why not just post it?
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