20 Jul 17, 01:31 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I have no idea that would be cool if it was a Musketeer I hope it's not a bad character I like it better when he plays good characters
19 Jul 17, 12:50 PM
Mary: Any ideas as to what Andrew's next role is?
16 Jul 17, 03:02 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Andrew's action figure is great and it was a never before seen action figure I have no clue why they never released it I think they should of released it
8 Jul 17, 04:59 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I got to see it I even put it in my play list watched it twice then it got set to private 😞
8 Jul 17, 01:15 AM
Mary: Can someone tell Andrew the "Ice Ice Baby" vlog he's put back online for a limited time is still set to private?
5 Jul 17, 08:28 PM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I went on the page and only saw a little bit of his interview because my tablet needed to be charged but i'm gonna see the whole thing today
5 Jul 17, 08:15 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I only saw one interview Andrew did there which was a good interview I did sign up for facebook yesterday
4 Jul 17, 08:28 AM
Mary: The Doctor Who question shows up at about the 20 min. mark on the clock. https://www.facebook.com/edinburghcomiccon1/?fref=nf
4 Jul 17, 08:27 AM
Mary: Since Doctor Who is up for a new doctor again, here's Andrew's interview from Edinburgh again for anyone who missed it. You have to scroll down the page to 16 April and click on the interview.
28 Jun 17, 01:45 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I just saw more pictures in the Hannah Spearritt website they're great also Andrew liked one of my pics again :)
27 Jun 17, 09:32 PM
Mary: The man with the blue eyes and fangs has three pics with Andrew. Also, the Hannah link above this tag board has some pics.
27 Jun 17, 03:34 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I found 2 good fan pics one he was with a woman the other he took was with a guy they are both good
27 Jun 17, 02:46 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: ok Ill try that I did see a video today from that comic con and there was 3 pics Andrew took with a fan
26 Jun 17, 07:10 AM
Mary: I tried signing up for tumblr in the past. Didn't work, so I just stick to here. Try #primeval on instagram. One guy has three pics I think it was. Andrew looks really good in the first pic...
26 Jun 17, 03:20 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I haven't seen pictures of him at scifi by the sea yet
26 Jun 17, 03:02 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I mean I put a form to fill out if anyone wants to make a comment on my site
26 Jun 17, 03:00 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: and I am happy that he liked and RT'd my pop doll :)
26 Jun 17, 02:59 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: thanks for looking at my website and video I made some updates on my site also a form
25 Jun 17, 10:46 PM
Mary: Glad for you. He RT'd your Jacpb Crow pop figure tweet as well. Nice new site and good video. The pics of him from this weekend look good.
25 Jun 17, 02:32 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Hey Mary I have an Andrew Lee Potts site I created http://andrewleepottsappreciation.weebly.com/
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