20 Feb 18, 03:18 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: And I can't believe he's losing his Twitter followers I'm not going to leave
20 Feb 18, 03:06 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: He's probably still editing episode 13 at the moment. All I heard was Andrew was involved in the making of the innocents from Pottsfanatic on Tumblr
20 Feb 18, 01:02 AM
Mary: will find out more this weekend at comic con. In the meantime, Andrew really needs to get a new ep. of "Wireless" out before the twitter followers all bail on him and the show.
20 Feb 18, 01:00 AM
Mary: "The Innocents" was on my radar a couple of months ago. They still haven't even listed Guy Pearce on their imdb page so I think most of the cast list is still to come, including Andrew. Hopefully we
19 Feb 18, 03:18 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I was wondering why I didn't see him in the trailer
19 Feb 18, 03:17 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: So today I found out that the new show that Andrew is gonna be in The Innocents he's not actually in the show but he was involved in the making of it
17 Feb 18, 01:42 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: It was awesome to hear that Andrew had a two paged interview in the Starburst Magazine
16 Feb 18, 02:57 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Hi Mary, yeah I saw the trailer I don't have Netflix though 😞
15 Feb 18, 08:09 PM
Mary: I suspected Andrew's new show might be on amazon or Netflix or the like. It appears so. UA has said he starring in "The Innocents" on Netflix.
12 Feb 18, 05:16 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I saw those pics you were talking about yesterday Andrew looked happy in them
11 Feb 18, 02:15 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Cool that's good that he's shaved
10 Feb 18, 11:11 PM
Mary: That's be Brighton Beach Con. Andrew has shaved from the pics I'm seeing from Kettering CC today. Look really good!
8 Feb 18, 04:51 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Andrew is gonna go to a con on April 7th called Beach con I saw a pic for it yesterday
4 Feb 18, 04:08 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: People just have to give him time he just lost his dog. And yeah that is good news about Chimera
4 Feb 18, 04:05 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I'm sure Andrew will get Wireless episode 13 out soon he said that in the video he did on Facebook
4 Feb 18, 04:02 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I'm sure Andrew wilk
4 Feb 18, 12:32 AM
Mary: Patrick has said "Chimera" is complete. It's to have a few showings in the UK and then hit the festival circuit. Hopefully it'll be available to all by summer.
3 Feb 18, 11:21 AM
Mary: I hope Andrew gets some new "Wireless" out very soon because his twitter followers for it and him are quickly disappearing.
3 Feb 18, 02:43 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Plus he's probably bussy doing that new show and Wireless
3 Feb 18, 02:43 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Andrew has been quiet on social media and I can understand loosing a pet is like loosing a member of the family
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