13 Apr 18, 03:57 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Sorry I haven't been coming here that often been having tablet issues :/
11 Apr 18, 11:10 PM
Mary: And another filmfest selection for "Chimera"!. This one is Romford FF.
10 Apr 18, 11:12 AM
Mary: Anyone around that can help with what is going on here? http://handrew.proboards.com/thread/18/paul-cattermole?page=89
7 Apr 18, 02:45 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Best supporting actor
7 Apr 18, 02:45 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I know that's super excited news about Chimera I was happy to hear that Andrew got nominated for best actor
6 Apr 18, 01:36 AM
Mary: More good news for "Chimera" . Andrew has an interview, starts about 18:30 of podcast: http://gallifreystandspodcast.podbean.com/e/gallifrey-stands-ep202-emily-booth-andrew-lee-potts-ross-mullan/
4 Apr 18, 04:58 AM
Mary: And, that link in my post last week didn't work, so trying again... http://handrew.proboards.com/
4 Apr 18, 04:55 AM
Mary: First "Chimera" was selected for Cannes shrt film festival; now it's been selected for the Rob Knox one as well!
3 Apr 18, 04:11 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Go there once and a while to post pics
3 Apr 18, 04:08 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I have a LJ account but I don't go there I
31 Mar 18, 02:53 AM
Mary: Pretty much talking to myself here, but if anyone's around, have you checked handrew.proboards.com lately? livejournal?....Happy Easter when Sunday arrives.
26 Mar 18, 02:36 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: Yep the ending of season one was crazy the whole season was pretty good though Andrew was so cool as Tom Tom he reminded me of when he played Connor a little
24 Mar 18, 09:59 PM
Mary: Andrew has another con: https://www.instagram.com/optimuscomiccon/?hl=en
24 Mar 18, 04:34 AM
Mary: If only there was more Tom Tom in BAM! Watch out for the last ep. It's up there with the S5 cliffhanger in "Primeval."Frustrating.
23 Mar 18, 02:33 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: That does sound interesting. I finally get to see By Any Means it's really good
19 Mar 18, 07:02 AM
Mary: Interesting summary of "Chimera" on imdb: When five strangers hide in an abandoned shopping mall from an outbreak at a nearby hospital, they discover not everything is as it seems."
19 Mar 18, 04:11 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: That sounds good it's nice to hear that Andrew is active he's been quiet on social media
16 Mar 18, 03:50 AM
Mary: So he's at @ScifiWeekender 22-25 March in Wales, then Cleethorpes 31 March, "Chimera" selected for Cannes, and he plays Shane Deacon in "The Innocents."
16 Mar 18, 03:45 AM
Mary: They've rescheduled Geeks Cannock for 9 June, but I don't know if Andrew will be there. He's at Geeks Cleethorpes 31 March. https://www.facebook.com/geeksevents/
14 Mar 18, 01:53 AM
Brenda Bisbiglia: I saw a couple of gifs of Chestersberg today I liked the one with Andrew
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