26 Jun 17, 12:16 AM
Liza Ng: How Long the delivery take to kl and singapore?
7 Jun 17, 05:56 AM
Belinda: Is the fair make up ampoules available??
4 Apr 17, 01:07 AM
Lin: Hi cheryl!jus checking if your la belle stem cellular repair with skin regeneration & growth factors is in stock again?if yes,got no discount or promo? :biggrin: :biggrin:
28 Mar 17, 06:05 PM
crystal: hi make up ampoule gt stock ? thank you
25 Feb 17, 07:09 PM
Sl: Can order delivery to Singapore?
18 Aug 16, 12:04 AM
Cheryl: There are some error with our website earlier so i will update the discount tomorrow so you can use it :)
18 Aug 16, 12:00 AM
Cheryl: Hi Lin..blogger discount is still applicable
15 Aug 16, 12:56 AM
Lin: Hi.I would like to make a purchase. Can I know if the discount code SWEET NICOLE or Sweet Carinn to get the 10% discount still usable?
27 Jul 16, 05:48 PM
Cheryl: Hi Jolyn, if place order today and payment made before 8pm will be shipped tomorrow morning.
26 Jul 16, 11:49 AM
Fyin: HI
26 Jul 16, 11:48 AM
Jolyn: Hi, I would like to know when would I be able to get the ampoules if place order today
29 Jun 16, 04:26 PM
Aznim: I've received them this afternoon in good condition..thnks cheryl 👍
27 Jun 16, 06:57 PM
cheryl: no worries..your par el has been sent 😁
26 Jun 16, 03:50 PM
Aznim: I meant cheryl..sorry :)
26 Jun 16, 03:49 PM
Aznim: It's ok everlyn..i'm just scared that the payment didn't reach you. Tq for your immediate attention. :)
26 Jun 16, 10:59 AM
Cheryl: Dear Aznim, replied your email..sorry for inconvenience caused.
26 Jun 16, 03:33 AM
Aznim: I've resent you the payment slip
26 Jun 16, 03:32 AM
Aznim: I made the payment through cimb clicks
26 Jun 16, 03:26 AM
Aznim: Ok
26 Jun 16, 01:03 AM
Cheryl: I have checked my email.on 11 June..did not receive your email...could you please resend the teceipt to cher_yl@hotmail.com?
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