19 Apr 18, 11:22 PM
Janka-man: and i won't change hosts because i have a nice account on this one. any solutions? does anyone have an account on uploaded?
19 Apr 18, 11:21 PM
Janka-man: easrlier i had this problem with chrome browser, but now it wont work with mozilla and ms edge either.
19 Apr 18, 11:21 PM
Janka-man: hey guys, ive got to put uploaded links on hold because i simply cannot click on the ''upload'' button. everything works fine for me except that one.
12 Apr 18, 03:20 AM
frank: janka, thanks a lot man much appreciated, will contact you!
11 Apr 18, 03:45 AM
Chris: Yo Janka-man any chance you could re-up Saafir - Light Sleeper / Battle Drill (VLS) (1994) & Powerule - Well Conneted / Bright Lights Big City (VLS) (1997)?
5 Apr 18, 10:49 PM
Janka-man: Frank, im not upping them for inactivity and other reasons. if you want specific drops from my rips. you can always contact me at picknroll@inbox.lv
31 Mar 18, 05:07 AM
wondering: Janka-man, could you post flac uploaded links?
30 Mar 18, 11:58 PM
space: made blog, only 2 compilations so far but check it out please
25 Mar 18, 03:10 PM
hip hop religion: https://teespring.com/hip-hop-is-my-religion
24 Mar 18, 12:10 AM
<-: JANKA!! Thank you for the schwester S album !
22 Mar 18, 09:01 PM
Chris: Request: https://www.discogs.com/Camron-Thats-Me-What-Means-The-World-To-You/release/1500146 or https://www.discogs.com/Camron-What-Means-The-World-To-You/release/4171888 in MP3 if possible
19 Mar 18, 10:40 PM
kiz: Do you have any 32 troop
27 Feb 18, 12:15 AM
frank: Janka-man, could you post flac uploaded links?
23 Feb 18, 10:28 AM
Janka-man: mate, i wont post it up. never considered that option
22 Feb 18, 12:09 PM
Bo$$ G: Man, please dont post up the K-Sly CD - support a worthy artist. People should be able to buy one of the best CD's out there from the artist direct.Thank you
7 Feb 18, 12:09 PM
Janka-man: Jemze, i dont have the actual CD at them oment, but ive got a vbr rip.
1 Feb 18, 06:59 PM
JemzE: JankZ. you have K-Sly new CD????
31 Jan 18, 12:17 PM
thomas: how about deliscious vinyl remix album?
31 Jan 18, 12:41 AM
dinho: Starchild - You've Gotta Believe Let's Go Mets
30 Jan 18, 02:12 AM
Chris: Thanks @Janka-man!
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