13 Nov 15, 03:13 AM
Christl: JPM organized our personlized tour for us for our total holiday. Hotels, transportation everything. Very good and personal service! Thanks a lot JPM. We will never forget you and Myanmar!
25 Jun 15, 11:20 AM
kyaw phyo lin: hi
11 Feb 15, 10:14 PM
LorieSmith: hahaha....found u here http://x.co/7U9mm
1 Feb 14, 11:31 AM
Theint Theint Khine: espectially, I like ur Burma message. DASSK also still using as Burma. I like it very much.
1 Feb 14, 11:30 AM
Theint Theint Khine: Hi! My fri, Congrautulation!
30 Dec 13, 03:49 PM
Mourine: i visited and excursion around sites.
26 Nov 13, 12:11 PM
Aye Thanda: Hi Sis.... How are you?
24 Oct 13, 12:44 PM
mayyu: Welcome :D