23 Feb 18, 10:54 AM
Alex: Mia's look in Wellness takes my breath away !!
9 Feb 18, 04:15 AM
.: I think she has a great different look Hope to see more of her in movies.But the bf ?????
20 Feb 17, 01:16 AM
Ana: Was gonna ask the same thing. How can she have a Brazilian mother, a Canadian father and be half British and half Canadian? Makes no sense whatsoever. She is half Brazilian half Canadian born in UK
14 Jan 16, 03:41 PM
bella-thorne.com: bella-thorne.com is back :) please add us in elite again :)
29 Apr 15, 08:53 PM
Kayla: Does anyone know when her birthday is? Month and day?
4 Apr 15, 07:25 PM
P: if her mother is brazilian and her father is canadian so how come she's half British? She was only born in UK. Please correct it. It's pretty offensive if you try to cover her brazilian heritage.
2 Mar 15, 10:55 PM
ferenc csicseri: she has no talent I' really don't know why she is in that movie she is this little moussy voice irritating and like a naked molerat
31 Jan 15, 11:20 PM
Viv: Hhahaha guess what people..she went to the same school as me in SE London
27 Sep 14, 03:58 AM
Arun: good perform in nyphomanics 2.
27 Sep 14, 03:56 AM
Arun: very nice girl all time
8 Jul 14, 05:20 PM
LIla: Hola! :) I want to invite you on: http://Lilianne-Visuals.com! :)
5 Jun 14, 12:47 AM
M.: your grandmother in Brazil maybe needs your help
4 May 14, 05:58 AM
Chris: Wow shes gorgeous. **** what everyone else says.
13 Jan 14, 01:31 AM
unknown: i went to school with this girl, she looks like a naked molerat, and i haven't a clue what happened to her eyebrows.
28 Dec 13, 10:21 AM
minka: I am sorry but, this girl is not cute at all
28 Nov 13, 11:49 AM
Michele: Mia has recently become a Hear the World ambassador. The picture taken by Bryan Adams is featured in our 2014 calendar. Please contact me via e-mail for further information!
28 Nov 13, 11:45 AM
Michele: Dear Jess
21 Oct 13, 10:08 PM
Jess: Hi Fans! Welcome to the first Mia Goth fansite. Are you excited to see her in Nymphomaniac ?