3 Sep 18, 10:35 PM
ambient noise wall: BALEARI, many thanks to send it
3 Sep 18, 07:44 PM
Balearic: http://jsnight.ru/
4 Jul 18, 09:18 PM
ambient noise wall: thank you Krustie XNM!
2 Jul 18, 01:10 PM
krustiexnm@gmail.com: Hail your have a nice nice blog, congratulations
9 Jun 18, 01:08 AM
ambient noise wall: WiRE is already re-up
2 Jun 18, 05:03 PM
ScrapssparcS: Hello hey. Very nice blog; I just encountered it today. Just so you know, the download of Wire's "Object 47" requires a password, which I can't see for the life of me. Cheers.
24 May 18, 02:09 PM
Schnuron: Oh, crap. Sorry for the delay. I'm not getting used to check the daily basis of your Cbox yet. Exchanges links? What is that? Like if I share such album by someone else?
30 Apr 18, 08:25 PM
ambient noise wall: Schnuron thanks and do you want ex-changes links? your blog is nice too
30 Apr 18, 04:00 AM
Schnuron: I appreciate you've shared some Autechre's albums in your blogspot, ambient-noise-wall. I'm looking forward to your new posts.
20 Apr 18, 04:18 PM
ambient noise wall: Eyemyth Records thanks a lot to send music!
9 Apr 18, 11:35 PM
Léo: Hello! Big fan of your blog, new release from a label I am half of, https://eyemythrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sleep-transmission be well! thank you!
7 Apr 18, 03:29 AM
ambient noise wall: The Dark Thursday thanks a lot for your music!
6 Apr 18, 03:05 PM
The Dark Thursday: ver art. Needs to be 1400x1400, titled, "The Dark Thursday - The Extreme & Experimental Volume III" - There is no end date for submissions. I'll close the submission time when I feel its right.
6 Apr 18, 03:05 PM
The Dark Thursday: Any genre is accepted, If I like it, its on. - It is preferable that you send me your tracks via wetransfer to jacobhauk@gmail.com - File size is limited to 600MB. - Im looking for submissions for co
6 Apr 18, 03:05 PM
The Dark Thursday: It's time to announce The Extreme & Experimental Volume III. The Dark Thursday's big compilation. Important Things: - No track limit (within reason) - No time limit - File has to be .wav or .flac (
3 Apr 18, 07:14 PM
rhino: https://teespring.com/don-t-vanish-like-rhino
2 Mar 18, 10:58 AM
ambient noise wall: Fermata, thanks a lot for your music
23 Feb 18, 07:09 PM
Fermata: https://fermata-ark.bandcamp.com/album/salvaged-space
23 Feb 18, 07:09 PM
Fermata: Field Recording / Lo-fi / Ambient Noise
31 Jan 18, 12:24 AM
ambient noise wall: Antirealist thanks for the music too
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