06/27/17 06:35 PM
guerra de cerdos: post punk thrash metal hardcore influences [link]
06/27/17 06:34 PM
arrebato hc punk thrash: ep 2015 visiones del colapso. Anti cimex discharge wolfbrigade dri ratos de porao infuenced hardcore [link]
06/26/17 10:22 AM
Chris M.: Does anyone have the Bummer/Pinko split LP ?
06/26/17 09:59 AM
positive punk: site related to grindcore, hardcore, punk.. [link]
06/26/17 09:58 AM
punk.cat: site related to grindcore, hardcore, punk.. [link]
06/26/17 12:33 AM
MANHOLE: Couch Slut - Contempt [link]
06/26/17 12:33 AM
MANHOLE: No Balls - More Is More [link]
06/26/17 12:32 AM
MANHOLE: White Suns - Psychic Drift [link]
06/25/17 07:55 PM
A66RON: thanks a.
06/25/17 07:06 PM
a.: the end - elementary - [link]
06/25/17 06:53 PM
Donnie: Can we get a The end discography or does anyone have a link to elementary by them ?
06/25/17 06:31 PM
a.: Dialysis - Pretty Men - [link]
06/25/17 05:24 PM
A66RON: Can we get a link for Dialysis - Pretty Men please?
06/24/17 04:47 PM
DAATP-Adam: @a. LOL - Here's a DL link for that Bowel Fuck - [link]
06/24/17 03:21 PM
a.: awful name. solid grind. [link]
06/24/17 01:42 AM
Wolfgang: Car made of glass split with rush hour IV [link]
06/24/17 01:35 AM
Jerm: New wildspeaker [link]
06/23/17 12:50 PM
ry: new thoughts of ionesco would rule
06/22/17 12:52 PM
UNG: anyone got ed gein smoked?
06/22/17 11:30 AM
BenB: any other Mínus albums? like "Hey Johnny!"
06/22/17 11:10 AM
ogg: new thoughts of ionesco ep would be greatly appreciated
06/19/17 09:06 PM
HD: thanks Adam!
06/19/17 05:27 AM
drikxbleach: Cheers @DAATP-Adam. Much appreciated
06/18/17 08:34 PM
43%burnt: Thanks Adam
06/18/17 05:53 PM
DAATP-Adam: @drinkxbleach link still works for me but here you go - [link]
06/18/17 05:01 PM
drinkxbleach: Links down. Can we get a Re-Up of Minus - Jesus Christ Bobby, Please
06/18/17 09:35 AM
ogg: thanks a bunch, man!
06/18/17 09:10 AM
DAATP-Adam: @ogg here's NY IN 64 - "The Gentle Indifference of the Night" - [link]
06/18/17 08:58 AM
DAATP-Adam: @43%burnt here's that Minus - "Jesus Christ Bobby" - [link]
06/18/17 06:18 AM
ogg: NY IN 64 - The Gentle Indifference of the Night??
06/18/17 01:44 AM
43%burnt: minus - jesus christ bobby anyone?
06/17/17 11:28 PM
DAATP-Adam: Hey @HD, here's that Ingrown "Meathead" - [link]
06/17/17 07:08 PM
HD: anyone got ingrown meathead?
06/17/17 10:34 AM
DAATP-Adam: Thanks Jerm
06/17/17 12:20 AM
Jerm: Dephosphorus [link]
06/16/17 02:31 PM
txw: White Suns - Psychic Drift (320) [link]
06/16/17 12:50 PM
C: This link should work for Tombs now. The Grand Annihilation.rar
06/14/17 10:04 AM
06/13/17 10:29 AM
krustie: [link]
06/13/17 10:29 AM
krustie: Hey guys, see new material by Declive from chile, are really awesome rawpunk on The Flex, Violent Reaction, Creem way
06/13/17 09:07 AM
CDF: [link]
06/13/17 09:07 AM
CDF: New cut and paste fanzine from the UK featuring interviews with PARANOID, WALLBREAKER AND TARANTÜLA (ex CÜLO)
06/11/17 02:16 PM
poopoopeepee: that comity rules. they still got it.
06/11/17 01:33 AM
richhall1000knives: new Fall silent 7" mp3's??
06/11/17 01:13 AM
D: Thank you for the new Comity! This blog here is definitely one of the best among the very few going strong - keep up the good work! Much gratitude from Malaysia
06/10/17 04:19 PM
j.peksujeff: [link] primitve death black with d-beat & crust influences, enjoy!
06/09/17 10:58 PM
Brad: Thanks Jerm
06/09/17 07:14 PM
DAATP-Adam: @Boofusbutt & @happycat, thanks a lot for the kind words! It means a lot! Can't believe the blog has been around for almost 4 years now! Crazy
06/09/17 04:43 PM
GodsColdHands: @ Boofusbutt - you're welcome!
06/09/17 09:40 AM
Boofusbutt: Thanks so much @coldhands!
06/09/17 05:52 AM
Nekroboy: Excuse me, but does anyone got Extra Hot Sauce - Taco Of Death? Got the Vinyl since way back, but still look for some files.
06/09/17 03:41 AM
GodsColdHands: @ Boofusbutt - new Elder (320) [link]
06/09/17 12:46 AM
Jerm: 16 [link]
06/08/17 11:18 PM
Brad: Does anyone have -(16)- Curves That Kick and/or First Trimester? Thank You.
06/08/17 04:39 PM
happycat: yo! thanks for keeping this blog running. this is one of my personal favs and has held that spot for years.
06/08/17 03:15 PM
a.: thanks for the rot in hell
06/08/17 02:35 PM
Boofusbutt: Hey dudes. I appreciate you guys on this blog, with that anyone have the new Elder or Johann johanson?
06/08/17 11:51 AM
one: new wiccans ?
06/07/17 10:27 PM
i am satan: [link]
06/07/17 10:27 PM
i am satan: there you got boyz. Rot in hell - a thick rope & a strong branch
06/07/17 11:27 AM
poppio: Sadist new ep is glorious. Can somebody give a shit a bout it and post a rip here? thanks
06/06/17 11:08 PM
hellslug: if anyone has a link to rest-precept or smidley's self titled please let me know
06/06/17 10:40 PM
i am satan: I'll upload the new Rot in Hell tomorrow when I get home.
06/06/17 06:18 PM
Suffer1986: Really want that new Rot In Hell. Really surprised it's so hard to find.
06/06/17 05:55 PM
One: Hundredth - rare ?
06/06/17 06:00 AM
Chusky: @J: got the split, Vacuum and theirother song totally rip.
06/06/17 05:56 AM
Chusky: who knows...
06/06/17 05:56 AM
Chusky: @Adam: As C said, the black banner on their fb promised nothing good but keep in mind that they're very secretive (n.p.i.) with their project. Like many northern italians, they don't speak much, so
06/05/17 09:45 PM
krustie: Hi pals, a question, any have Ultra - Mistica Moderna 7" here? thnx in advance
06/05/17 08:20 PM
The Lioness: What happened to Rot in Hell? Bring back the Holy Terror!
06/05/17 07:51 PM
Jerm: Thats beyond disappointing if they did call it quits. Absolutely one of my favorite bands of the last decade.
06/05/17 06:30 PM
C: Adam, last week The Secret changed the header/profile pic on their Facebook page to just black pictures, nothing else. Seems like a not so good sign. They haven't been entirely active in a few years
06/05/17 03:27 PM
juan: @Eddward backed hard but nobody seems to give a fuck about new Sadist for some reason!!
06/04/17 03:51 PM
Jerm: New necrot [link]
06/04/17 11:49 AM
Barren Praise: Anybody have this? [link]
06/04/17 09:11 AM
DAATP-Adam: @Chusky speaking of Roma... any news on The Secret? Been a few years now since their last LP. Hope they are still around
06/03/17 07:57 AM
a.: i'd appreciate an upload for the new rot in hell
06/03/17 05:36 AM
Jerm: New eighteen visions [link]
06/03/17 12:25 AM
i am satan: I have the last Rot In Hell album, idk if it's been uploaded yet. If not I can share it.
06/02/17 11:34 PM
The Lioness: Thank you for the Wormrot, Jerm!
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