05/24/18 06:35 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Demonical - Chaos Manifesto 2018 FLAC [link]
05/24/18 06:31 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @A66RON I found that Split Cranium, but it's only in 128. Do you want that? Or would you prefer to wait, and see if one of us finds it in 320?
05/24/18 06:29 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Graveyard - Peace [link]
05/24/18 06:27 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Uada - Cult of a Dying Sun [link]
05/24/18 06:25 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Wayfarer - World's Blood [link]
05/24/18 06:20 AM
g.: does anyone have Remission - Enemy Of Silence? thx !
05/24/18 05:50 AM
ogg: atlas at last - mild peril, anyone?
05/24/18 01:57 AM
seth_breath: Found that newer Fistula...
05/24/18 01:57 AM
seth_breath: [link]
05/24/18 01:34 AM
seth_breath: Fistula - "The Shape Of Doom To Cumm" Anyone?
05/24/18 01:33 AM
seth_breath: thanks @Jerm!
05/23/18 11:15 PM
Jerm: 2 of those fistula albums are here [link]
05/23/18 10:49 PM
seth_breath: Hey ya'll, looking for a few Fistula albums: Vermin Prolificus, Longing For Infection, The Shape Of Doom To Cumm. Thanks!
05/23/18 08:26 PM
wishihadabettername: nde - krieg blut ehre asche?
05/23/18 08:09 PM
christopher: @a Thanks!
05/23/18 06:10 PM
a.: apes - lightless: [link]
05/23/18 04:35 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Witchsorrow - Hexenhammer [link]
05/23/18 03:04 PM
THE DAMNED - evil spirit: [link]
05/23/18 02:51 PM
christopher: Apes "Lightless" I think this may have been linked a while back, but I couldn't find it.
05/23/18 02:43 PM
whyaduck: FREE download of Dormant Ordeal - It Rains, It Pours [link] this is a massive release if blackened death metal is your thing.
05/23/18 01:34 PM
Sokush: Thanks a lot!
05/23/18 12:24 PM
GOLDENPIS: @Sokush: Aerograme [link]
05/23/18 12:18 PM
05/23/18 11:59 AM
a.: new baptists stream: [link]
05/23/18 11:09 AM
A66RON: anyone have a link for Split Cranium - I'm The Devil And I'm Ok?
05/23/18 11:08 AM
Aaron: I 2nd the Slow Code-Wastlayer LP!
05/23/18 11:02 AM
Andy: New sleep song from adult swim, is it only streaming or anyone have download?
05/23/18 10:54 AM
Sokush: guys, unusual request but anyone got "aereogramme - my heeart has a wish..."? can't find it anywhere. thanks
05/23/18 09:15 AM
satt: @KONG totally fine mate, and glad you like it!
05/23/18 06:30 AM
whyaduck: @Jerm: Yes, that Aseitas really caught my attention and it's NYP too. That kind of settled the deal right there.
05/23/18 05:59 AM
DeadWinterMoon: The Barber - Black Friday [link]
05/22/18 10:44 PM
Jerm: That aseitas is great. I've been meaning to post that on the main page and hadn't gotten to it yet
05/22/18 10:12 PM
whyaduck: Thanks @Haemoth for that split and the BC link so we can give it a preview. :)
05/22/18 09:48 PM
whyaduck: Aseitas - Aseitas (2018) @320 [link] BC: [link]
05/22/18 08:06 PM
Haemoth: Ancient Emblem & Social Crisis - Split (320) [link] (BC) [link]
05/22/18 06:53 PM
KONG: @satt: mofo (hope thats ok, my friends and i sometimes call each other that), thanks for MOUSE ON THE KEYS and fookin' TAKE A WORM... pretty much a+ my friend!
05/22/18 03:56 PM
Diego: recently listened the last corrupted álbum. i prefer the doom stuff, not sure if i will revisit this álbum in the future
05/22/18 01:34 PM
CHRISx: Anyone have Split Cranium-I'm The Devil And I'm Ok?
05/22/18 10:18 AM
metaldad: @satt, thanks for the info!
05/22/18 10:15 AM
satt: @metaldad in a week or two, just wait
05/22/18 10:00 AM
metaldad: Does anyone have Bridgeburner Null Apostle? Thanks.
05/22/18 09:33 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Abstracter - Cinerous Incarnate pre-order two songs [link]
05/22/18 08:53 AM
satt: Mouse On The Keys - 2018 Tres [320] [link]
05/22/18 07:19 AM
satt: The HIRS Collective - 2018 New Noise Magazine Flexi 021 [320] [link]
05/22/18 07:17 AM
satt: Take A Worm For A Walk Week - 2018 Eamonn Holmes Has No Holme [VBR V0] [link]
05/22/18 07:16 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Wishihadabettername Megalith Grave - Cursed in Ethereal Elapse [link]
05/22/18 07:14 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Abythic - Beneath Ancient Portals [link]
05/22/18 06:58 AM
DeadWinterMoon: That's two of the 3 releases I wanted badly this week. Necros Christos and that split for Vastum/Spectral Voice. Now to find that new Dopethrone that comes out on the 25th.
05/22/18 06:55 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Just in case that Mega link gives anyone issues I made another link on zippyshare for Vastum & Spectral Voice - Split [link]
05/22/18 06:36 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @C It's perfectly fine. It happens to most of us every know and then.
05/22/18 06:24 AM
C: Shit, didn't even see it, I scrolled right past it. Thanks!
05/22/18 06:23 AM
satt: We're all old mates lol
05/22/18 06:22 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Well, if so, we're both old.
05/22/18 06:22 AM
Jerm: I'll buy physical merch all day. Mp3s to me feel like an empty purchase though. Maybe I'm just old
05/22/18 06:21 AM
DeadWinterMoon: satt posted it 7 hours ago
05/22/18 06:20 AM
C: Does anyone have Fotocrime - Principle Of Pain? Thanks..
05/22/18 06:20 AM
DeadWinterMoon: I have had to so that from time to time. Not that I mind, really. I would just rather buy a copy on vinyl or cassette.
05/22/18 06:15 AM
Jerm: Fo sho. I love that new album so much I bought the vinyl and CD. And the download for into the infinite. Which I rarely buy mp3s
05/22/18 06:10 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Jerm Thanks for those Wolf King albums. Couldn't find them anywhere.
05/22/18 06:09 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @christopher that Sleepwalker is the last one, not the latest. Their new album is loosely translated as "One For A While".
05/22/18 06:05 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Spectral Voice & Vastum - Split [link]
05/21/18 10:41 PM
Jerm: Wolf king discography including 2 releases not on band bandcamp anymore [link]
05/21/18 10:32 PM
Chrisx: Anyone have Slow Code-Wastelayer LP?
05/21/18 08:05 PM
Jerm: No I'm still looking for the ruminant album
05/21/18 07:58 PM
christopher: @Haemoth THANKS for Sleepwalker, been looking forward to it!
05/21/18 07:52 PM
christopher: @Jerm, don't know how I missed the link earlier, but thank you for the Zhrine!
05/21/18 06:35 PM
DAATP-Adam: @Jerm, did you ever find that Ruminant?
05/21/18 04:45 PM
DAATP-Adam: @Krustie glad you like the Sermon idea! Thanks!
05/21/18 04:32 PM
Haemoth: Sleepwalker - 5772 (320) [link] BC [link]
05/21/18 03:31 PM
Cube: @satt thanks a lot!
05/21/18 02:40 PM
DeadWinterMoon: GodsColdHands was the one who got me in the know about it. I think that's high praise, myself.
05/21/18 02:20 PM
DeadWinterMoon: It's a great site for stuff from a couple years back, and further. Many, many discographies.
05/21/18 02:19 PM
eebledeezo: New to me DWM but thanks a lot!
05/21/18 01:37 PM
satt: @Cube Fotocrime - 2018 Principle Of Pain [320] [link]
05/21/18 12:27 PM
Cube: New Fotocrime?
05/21/18 12:24 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Forgot to put that the Antigama is from 2017
05/21/18 12:23 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Antigama - Depressant EP [link]
05/21/18 12:15 PM
richhall1000knives: new birds in row?
05/21/18 11:27 AM
DeadWinterMoon: You familiar with that site? Just click the album, and then look for the skull w)headphones. Click that, and you're golden.
05/21/18 11:25 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @eebledeezo Here's a bunch of their stuff. [link]
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