09/22/18 01:11 PM
Dagnabbit: Sqrm disco?
09/22/18 11:02 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Does it have a title?
09/22/18 10:07 AM
ogg: new Touche Amore live?
09/22/18 10:05 AM
DeadWinterMoon: I did learn that Fórn means sacrifice or offering yesterday.
09/22/18 10:03 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Although I guess they are one, and the same.
09/22/18 10:03 AM
DeadWinterMoon: My "CaliFórnia" from yesterday was a reference to the Mr.Bungle album, and not the state, by the way.lol
09/22/18 10:01 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @deadpoolgod Not a problem. I almost started some more, but decided against it. Glad folks got some fun outta the whole thing. I know I did.
09/22/18 09:10 AM
deadpoolgod: Sorry. Had to get my licks in.
09/22/18 09:10 AM
deadpoolgod: RHCP - Cali-Fórn-ication?
09/22/18 09:10 AM
deadpoolgod: Fórno for Pyros
09/22/18 09:08 AM
Bill1908: @Suffer1986 Uploaded by satt. [link]
09/22/18 08:55 AM
Suffer1986: Night Birds - Roll Credits anyone? Just came out.
09/22/18 07:00 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Of One Blood was pretty damn good, though. I concur about not liking anything past it.
09/22/18 06:28 AM
Bill1908: Sorry...damn...I just found it at bandcamp n.y.p
09/22/18 06:24 AM
Bill1908: Hi folks.Anyone with a possibility upon Ultra - Mística Moderna 2017?Thans.
09/22/18 05:43 AM
Eh: The few downpour songs they've posted are pretty good. Kind of a more melodic/prog rock shadows fall maybe.... but I loathe shadows fall after Of One Blood so take it w a grain of salt but I like downpour better
09/22/18 02:32 AM
Jerm: Shadows fall was obviously the biggest name. Death ray vision was ok. I know Brian fair has a new band called downpour but I haven't heard it
09/22/18 02:24 AM
Jerm: Had kind of a gritty stoner rock vibe. But with Jesse leach's positivity. He had some killer vocals and lyrics on that album
09/22/18 02:22 AM
Jerm: The first seemless album was fanfuckingtastic. Had Pete cortese on guitar
09/22/18 01:35 AM
Gayballs: Has any post-overcast band been anywhere near as good as Overcast?
09/21/18 11:34 PM
Jerm: Atrament [link]
09/21/18 10:17 PM
43%burnt: anyone have love in shadow in flac?
09/21/18 09:25 PM
wishihadabettername: the atrament links were bad
09/21/18 07:59 PM
KONG: @DWM we had that before - the smoking and stuff. know all about ya, lol. oh fuck yes, apologizing your addiction is the worst. blackout drunk and all the shit... two months ago i w as like " ok, no more booze!" two days later... anyway, always good talking to you! have a nice weekend - i ain't gonna do shit! last three weeks work were terrible as fuck! to all the other guys, too!
09/21/18 07:41 PM
Jerm: I should probably reword that death breath post. Makes it sound like nicke Andersson is solely responsible for that entombed/entombed a.d. fight. Pretty sure that's not the case.
09/21/18 07:29 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Y'all have a good one. This peculiar breed is off.
09/21/18 07:03 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Cultes des Ghoules - Sinister, or Treading the Darker Paths (2018) [link]
09/21/18 06:58 PM
DeadWinterMoon: " I said what?" lol
09/21/18 06:58 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I miss drinking. It's the apologizing I don't miss.lol
09/21/18 06:56 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Been an everyday smoker since I was 13. 26 years.
09/21/18 06:56 PM
DeadWinterMoon: And I don't take offense, man. I live heart on sleeve. I prefer it that way. Open & honest.
09/21/18 06:55 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Oh I love me some weed. I don;t drink, but only because I am a recovering addict, and I don't mix meds & booze.
09/21/18 06:55 PM
KONG: @DWM as i said, no offense! i guess i'm an alcaholic yet being badass at work. smoked pot for 10 years, every single day way too much. can't judge people by that in genersl.
09/21/18 06:54 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I once went to a MLB game on acid. I don;t recommend it.lol
09/21/18 06:54 PM
DeadWinterMoon: shit
09/21/18 06:52 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Like I said. Peculiar breed. Narcotics and music dominated my youth. Yet I still follow sports, and can shoot the shot about most topics. Read a lot. Seen a lot. Been a lot of places. Maybe one day I will write a book. Gonna need a proof reader, though.lol
09/21/18 06:51 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I was 14.
09/21/18 06:50 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I went on a damn time warp in the Netherlands once.
09/21/18 06:50 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Hell, by 15 I was a veteran acid head.lol
09/21/18 06:50 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I like Bleach. That's why I can't say I hate Nirvana. The radio made damn sure I will never be able to listen to Nevermind again.
09/21/18 06:49 PM
KONG: @DWM seen some pretty huge ones, buddy! i can't say that for myself. of course, these days some big ones. nevermind, lol. nirvana for me: maybe 3 good songs... kinda like the mtv unplugged, though. and to be honest, never heard a NIN song knowing it was NIN. and being a 15yr old on acid is weird as fuck, no offense!
09/21/18 06:48 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I'm a peculiar breed, no doubt about it.
09/21/18 06:47 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I hate NIN, too.
09/21/18 06:46 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Yeah. I was SHOCKED when I moved back to the states, and people took the Beastie Boys seriously. That's not the worst. I'll get myself in trouble, watch? I dislike Nirvana.lol
09/21/18 06:45 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I have seen Pink Floyd, Primus, Driving & Crying, Lenny Kravitz (long before Are You Gonna Go My Way), Tribe Called Quest, The Fugees, and hundreds of others. I have met Clutch & Korn & The Pharcyde. I even met Bruce Hornsby on a head full of acid in a mall once. Don;t think there were many 15 year old kids who would be able to identify him.lol
09/21/18 06:44 PM
KONG: @DWM ok, not talking to you anymore! beastie boys are incredible! stfu!b adios :P
09/21/18 06:43 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Phil Lynott was a beast. Cowboy Song is one of my jams.
09/21/18 06:43 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Love Thin Lizzy.
09/21/18 06:42 PM
DeadWinterMoon: I was a deadhead. I dig a lot of genres, and know a lot about most of em. I also just hate certain bands. Even ones that are super popular (The Beastie Boys, for instance. Hate em.). There is just something about Avenged that irks the shit outta me.
09/21/18 06:42 PM
KONG: that rock'n'roll stuff is badass! thin lizzy...
09/21/18 06:41 PM
KONG: @DWM just saw permission to land by the darkness turned 15 - fucking a record! cliche as fuck again but hell yeah!
09/21/18 06:38 PM
KONG: @DWM i mean, i go from classic to katy perry (just two or three songs, though) to punk/hardcore/screamo/any kind of metal/even some so called djent (i hate that "genre"), i also love hip hop/trip hop and even some electronics... loads of jazz, r'n'b, soul, funk. all that good progressive shit from 69 to late 70s... guess you can call me open minded towards that :P pretty sure most of the guys around here are.
09/21/18 06:34 PM
KONG: @DWM how could someone... of course, there are like racist bands or whatever and you disrespect or "hate" these guys but taste in music in general is pretty strange to handle. sounds strange, got no ther words right now. thanks for embra! just listened to that one song on bandcamp - i'm excited!
09/21/18 06:29 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @KONG EMBRA - ABJECTION (2018) [link]
09/21/18 06:24 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @KONG I hold no ill will towards you, or your fandom. It simply ain't for me. I got Embra downloading now will post asap.
09/21/18 05:36 PM
KONG: anyone got EMBRA - ABJECTION (2018)? just came out today.
09/21/18 05:36 PM
KONG: @DWM A7X suck in real life, i guess. the rev was pretty cool, though (RIP)! waking the fallen was ok, then city of evil had one or two good tracks, they surprised me with their selftitled - so much cliche but so good IMHO! was a huge fanboy when that record came out - bought a shirt, bought their dvd, even own the selfitled on vinyl :P
09/21/18 05:31 PM
KONG: @Flei that new toby driver is rad! and my brother is booking his european tour!
09/21/18 04:55 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @timesplittercult Lemme know if I can help y'all out, yeah? I will definitely do my best t attend.
09/21/18 04:44 PM
Suffer11986: Raw Brigade - Kicking Your Face EP anyone? Thanks!
09/21/18 02:37 PM
Eh: Hell yes with the Death Breath! Thanks jerm for reminding me of that awesome album
09/21/18 02:14 PM
DeadWinterMoon: 0.3 miles. lol
09/21/18 02:07 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @timesplittercult That's funny. That is literally like two and a half blocks from my apartment.
09/21/18 01:30 PM
adam nawałka: @satt.: if there is no Noetinger / Piotrowicz / Zaradny "Crack Finder", maybe you will find RARA "W // \ TR"?
09/21/18 12:52 PM
timesplittercult: @DeadWinterMoon: We are playing at Mccormack's whiskey bar with Prisoner and Mo'ynoq
09/21/18 12:24 PM
Bill1908: @Kristof They're indeed great.Have you ever cheched Permission,Headsplitters and Vägra?These bands are crazy punk maniacs,but under a different prism (each one) of what rawness in punk can cook and offer us...
09/21/18 12:05 PM
Kristof: @Bill1908 no prob dude, glad i've got it now! GELD is fucking awesome! Great sound!
09/21/18 12:05 PM
Flei: Toby Driver - They Are The Shield: [link]
09/21/18 11:16 AM
Bill1908: @Kristof Just checked the official page...and you were right.I take back the written of the previous message of mine & correct my archives too.The link is the one asked.Enjoy.
09/21/18 11:11 AM
Andy: Haha nevermind
09/21/18 11:10 AM
Bill1908: @Kristof There's no e.p of Geld at 2016.They had the Demo 2016 as the only "known" release of that year.In case you want it there's the address [link]
09/21/18 11:07 AM
Andy: @satt what’s on the forn deluxe edition?
09/21/18 10:20 AM
Flei: Dang fórn, that is a fórn list of requests, lol
09/21/18 09:55 AM
Flei: Fórn, Hollywood fórn
09/21/18 09:34 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Fórn Non Blondes
09/21/18 09:32 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Natural Fórn Killaz
09/21/18 09:32 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Ah, the joy of random humor.
09/21/18 09:31 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Yes I am Fórn
09/21/18 09:31 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Fórn to be wild
09/21/18 09:30 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Fórn Slippy
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