11/13/18 10:41 PM
Chris M: You're welcome Krustie!.
11/13/18 10:40 PM
Chris M: Thank Jerm. Thought I saw it, but didn't snag it!
11/13/18 09:09 PM
Krustie!: Thanks for Nasti too Chris
11/13/18 08:53 PM
Krustie!: Special mention for DWM, you are the best boy
11/13/18 08:43 PM
Krustie!: I love you guys, thanks for realeased my req.
11/13/18 07:55 PM
Jerm: Here's that deathrite. Dwm had it up a few days ago. [link]
11/13/18 07:31 PM
HD: Anyone got the berries-start all over again?
11/13/18 05:48 PM
Chris M: Anyone have Deathrite-Nightmares Reign?
11/13/18 04:26 PM
seth_breath: Oh man, I forgot about that movie, hahaha! So good..soooo terrible - plus Robert Englund!
11/13/18 04:18 PM
DeadWinterMoon: "Strangeland".lol That's some spelling on my part, yeah?
11/13/18 04:14 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @seth_breath Anytime. Industrial Metal is one of my favorites (when done well). I remember seeing Starngeland in the theater, and being surprised that Bile were in it (performing In League, I believe). That movie kinda sucked.lol
11/13/18 04:03 PM
seth_breath: Damn! Thank you so much! @DWM
11/13/18 03:56 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @seth_breath Bile - Suckpump (1994) [link]
11/13/18 03:19 PM
Wolfgang: [link]
11/13/18 02:54 PM
seth_breath: Hey ya'll going back to my old roots...Anyone have Bile - "Suckpump"?
11/13/18 02:51 PM
Wolfgang: New carmadeofglass music video enjoy this!!!!https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h1tdJBKAJbs
11/13/18 02:44 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @deadpoolgod Either way, it's greatly appreciated.
11/13/18 02:28 PM
deadpoolgod: Hopefully the album doesn't suck, lol.
11/13/18 02:28 PM
deadpoolgod: Thanks, guys. I was just extremely lucky to find a link this time.
11/13/18 02:21 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @deadpoolgod Coming through. You rock.
11/13/18 01:58 PM
Flei: Fack yes! About time that Endon, casually today I was wondering about it. Thanks a lot deadpoolgod!
11/13/18 01:37 PM
deadpoolgod: Joy - No Light Below (2018) (128) [link]
11/13/18 01:36 PM
deadpoolgod: FINALLY! Endon - Boy Meets Girl (2018) (320) [link]
11/13/18 01:08 PM
Byron: Anyone have The Wall [Redux] Pink Floyd Tribute? Even if you don't, you guys are awesome. Thanks for all the great music.
11/13/18 09:20 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Deadweight 80 - Filth and Two Sugars [EP] (2018) [link]
11/13/18 09:18 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Clunaculum - A Gift for The Prince (Demo) (2018) [link]
11/13/18 09:03 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Clouds - Dor (2018) [link]
11/13/18 08:54 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Think that'll make a few folks happy, eh?lol
11/13/18 08:53 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Portrayal of Guilt - Let Pain Be Your Guide (2018) [FLAC] [link]
11/13/18 08:51 AM
DeadWinterMoon: S▲MH▲IN - The Offering (2017) [link]
11/13/18 08:45 AM
DeadWinterMoon: V/A - Isvolt (2010) [link]
11/13/18 06:59 AM
metaldad: Jerm, thanks for the Bloodlet! You guys are awesome!
11/13/18 06:30 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Skaen - Vengeance EP (2015) & Violence LP (2016) [link]
11/13/18 06:18 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @regretful_mess & KONG Have either of y'all heard Skaen yet? One of the bands I have discovered since being made aware of Blvck Ceiling.
11/13/18 04:08 AM
regretful_mess: @KONG tbh I hadn't thought of WH for ages but I seem to have rediscovered the rabbit hole thanks to your Blvck ceiling request! I picked up a great compilation 12"years ago, when it was a new genre, again purely out of intrest. ISVOLT is its name and it had some good stuff on there. I dug the vibe, like a bridge between darkwave/synth and industrial but also almost trap sounding. Check out that album for sure.
11/12/18 08:59 PM
Jerm: Glad to help when I can
11/12/18 08:53 PM
christopher: anyone stumbled across the Spirit Adrift song that was released as part of the Decibel Flexi series?
11/12/18 08:14 PM
Ghylls: @Jerm yes yes yes!!!! Thank you
11/12/18 07:59 PM
Jerm: Bloodlet [link]
11/12/18 07:24 PM
11/12/18 07:01 PM
KONG: @regretful_mess can you recommend some other good witch house?
11/12/18 07:00 PM
KONG: @regretful_nice to see other folks around here like BLVCK CEILING! :)
11/12/18 06:05 PM
christopher: @jerm thanks dude!
11/12/18 05:40 PM
metaldad: I read a review of the new Cult Leader that compared it to the defunct band Bloodlet. I can’t find their stuff anywhere, so I was hoping you awesome folks could help. Thanks.
11/12/18 03:40 PM
Jerm: And here's "yodh" in case anyone else wants it [link]
11/12/18 03:35 PM
Jerm: Mizmor 5 releases [link]
11/12/18 03:26 PM
Jerm: Mizmor incoming
11/12/18 12:23 PM
adam nawalka: @satt, do you have Psychocukier - Antypody Umysłu, W. Kucharczyk - Uran Uran, Sarmacja - Tutejsi, Mazutti- Kształt jazzu który ma dojść, Hati and Z. Piernik - Avant-garde out of Poland, Widt and C. De Babalon - Teyas, NOETINGER / PIOTROWICZ / ZARADNY - Crackfinder?
11/12/18 12:08 PM
christopher: Thanks Jerm!
11/12/18 12:02 PM
Jerm: I have a bunch of mizmor. If no one gets to it before I get home I'll post it then
11/12/18 11:58 AM
christopher: Betting it is still too early, but I'm looking for that new Corpsessed on Dark Descent. Also, does anyone have the Mizmor releases that aren't Yodh?
11/12/18 11:23 AM
fatman: Nothing Clean - Cheat (2018) [link]
11/12/18 10:34 AM
blimpy: Deviated Instinct - Husk? apologies if its been posted
11/12/18 08:28 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Allone - S/T (2018) (Bukowski Black Metal from the UK.lol) NYP on BC [link]
11/12/18 08:24 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Coma - Saturnalian EP (2018) [link]
11/12/18 08:11 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Koldyssey - Under The Moonlight Rising (2018) [link]
11/12/18 08:10 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Tides Of Sulfur - Ypres EP (2018) [link]
11/12/18 08:05 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @regretful_mess I guess I should have said "his" videos. I absolutely adore the way he uses samples from other songs. Favorite tracks so far are Fountains & Dear Kingdom. Fountains makes me think of a dark The Knife.
11/12/18 07:59 AM
DeadWinterMoon: The Smashing Pumpkins - Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 No Past. No Future. No Sun. (2018) [link]
11/12/18 07:59 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Winter Dust - Sense by Erosion (2018) [320] [link]
11/12/18 07:58 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @regretful_mess I started with Rogue. I also checked out a few of their videos on youtube. The one for Young is fucking phenomenal,imo.
11/12/18 07:54 AM
regretful_mess: Just grabbed that huge Blvk Ceiling discog, Cheers DWM. Got it out of intrest as I dig witch house/spooky but haven't heard of them, any suggestions as to which album to start with?
11/12/18 06:24 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Robbo Morning Again - Survival Instinct [EP] (2018) [320] [link]
11/12/18 04:21 AM
Robbo: Morning Again - Survival Instinkt?Thx
11/12/18 03:02 AM
pedro: ⬇️⬇️YEAR OF THE KNIFE - First State Aggression⬇️⬇️
11/12/18 02:59 AM
pedro: [link]
11/12/18 02:37 AM
JJ: Looking for YEAR OF THE KNIFE - First State Aggression!?
11/11/18 10:17 PM
a.: joy is streaming their new record "no light below" on spotify and apple music.
11/11/18 08:37 PM
pedro: Malleus - Night Raids 12" on FLAC or WAV?
11/11/18 08:27 PM
whyaduck: Oak Pantheon - From a Whisper (2018) @320 [link] BC: [link]
11/11/18 05:53 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @Krustie! Portrayal of Guilt - The One, Spiritual Cramp, Chamber of Misery Pt.1, Split w) Street Sects [link] [link] [link] [link]
11/11/18 05:37 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @Krustie! Portrayal of Guilt - S/T (2017) [link]
11/11/18 05:12 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @christopher Eye of Nix - Black Somnia (2017) [link]
11/11/18 04:41 PM
The Lioness: Thanks, a.!
11/11/18 03:44 PM
Krustie!: Portrayal of guilt any?
11/11/18 03:42 PM
christopher: Anyone have Eye of Nix "Black Somnia" Also thanks for the J Mascis link!!! @txw
11/11/18 02:17 PM
Chris M: Thanks for the kind words Flei!
11/11/18 01:39 PM
Ghylls: I'm sure it's been mentioned, but that Benchpress cover.. jebus.
11/11/18 01:26 PM
a.: the repos - poser: [link]
11/11/18 12:44 PM
The Lioness: Anyone have The Repos - POSER?
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