05/23/17 02:31 PM
MANHOLE: New Soupcans, pay-what-you-want: [link]
05/22/17 06:55 PM
A66RON: Thank you MANHOLE!
05/21/17 06:33 PM
MANHOLE: Coalesce - 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening V0 [link]
05/21/17 02:15 PM
A66RON: anyone have a Coalesce '0:12 Revolution in Just Listening' in 320?
05/20/17 07:48 PM
Rash: [link]
05/20/17 07:48 PM
Rash: Rash - Midnight Crooner EP out now on IFB and Hawthorne Street Records.
05/19/17 04:21 AM
qwertz: hi, any chance for a reup on worsen - grand scheme ep?
05/19/17 01:14 AM
ChrisM: Sorry dudes. Hex Records is off limits on the blog. Its a respect thing!
05/18/17 12:51 AM
Jerm: Id love that ed gein as well but ive come up empty so far
05/17/17 07:03 PM
krustie: Hails guys, thanks for sharing new No Faith, this are awesome band, i know first ep and so strongest but news are simply amazing shit
05/17/17 05:23 PM
A66RON: can anyone help?? i need ED GEIN's Smoked [EP] in 320 please
05/17/17 03:19 PM
Flei: Thanks so much for Meatwound, No Faith and Triac/Sick/Tired!! You never let us down, guys.
05/17/17 05:56 AM
Jerm: Fo sho
05/17/17 05:45 AM
Chusky: @Jerm: I didn't even have to ask, thank you J.
05/17/17 12:52 AM
Jerm: New meatwound [link]
05/16/17 04:28 PM
krustie: Marxbros are so fvcking amazing, thanks Davy
05/16/17 03:14 PM
Eh: Can i request Come to Grief "the worst of times"?
05/16/17 08:06 AM
txw: My pleasure!
05/16/17 01:40 AM
Chusky: @txv: Thank you so much man, vey kind of you.
05/15/17 03:43 PM
Davy Train: Hello Eh, not that I know of, I heard of them via a Dutch guy. I think the new band is pretty low-key. Fucking great band though.
05/15/17 11:49 AM
Red: Free - Ex Tenebris someone?
05/15/17 10:14 AM
Eh: Thanks davey, larm is my favorite band, love this marxbros. Can't find any information at all about them online, is there a website or anything?
05/15/17 09:17 AM
The Lioness: Thanks, guys!
05/15/17 07:18 AM
txw: Dark Habits - Cave Paintings [link]
05/15/17 12:49 AM
Davy Train: Fast hardcore punk from former members of Seein Red, Larm, and Manliftingbanner, raging stuff: [link]
05/14/17 02:55 PM
Barren Praise: Doom, Sludge, Noise rock from some of my local friends [link]
05/14/17 09:40 AM
Anon: New Heiress?
05/14/17 06:35 AM
Jerm: This charitable soul is stuck at work
05/14/17 05:38 AM
Chusky: Any charitable soul would upp the Dark Habits ep in zippy please?
05/14/17 05:01 AM
Jerm: Looks like they ran out of free downloads. Try this [link]
05/14/17 01:10 AM
The Lioness: a link for that Dark Habits ep?
05/11/17 11:16 PM
J: End It - crust/grind band w/ ex-Amanda Woodward and Burning Bright members. [link]
05/11/17 07:20 PM
a.: download the program 7zip. free and decompresses most files
05/11/17 04:45 PM
richhll1000knives: @Jerm , can we get something othr than a .cz file. i cant unstuff it .
05/11/17 01:04 PM
GOLDEN-PIS: *change one grind x blackmetal
05/11/17 01:03 PM
GOLDEN-PIS: SUCCUMB -ST [link] pretty mixture of grind, thrash, death metal, grind & maths, just for fucked minds, enjoy.
05/11/17 11:52 AM
Jerm: New mutoid man [link]
05/11/17 04:00 AM
Jerm: A lot of older more obscure hardcore here. Not updated very often though [link]
05/11/17 03:58 AM
Jerm: A lot of punk here with monthly themes [link]
05/11/17 03:54 AM
Jerm: Check out that blog roll below. Cut and paste and sophies floorboard are the best for that. Opium hum for black metal and weird shit
05/11/17 03:19 AM
brotherlyhate: Deadpulpit is obv the best, biut what other blogs do you guys check out for downloads? Looking for Indie/punk/hardcore...
05/10/17 05:42 PM
BenB: Cloud Rat/Disrotted split is streaming online
05/08/17 01:42 PM
todd: Jerm thanks alot you are the man
05/08/17 03:33 AM
Chusky: @a: You're the man! Thanks, a.
05/07/17 05:33 PM
Jerm: And one more [link]
05/07/17 05:32 PM
Jerm: Heres another good one [link]
05/07/17 05:30 PM
Jerm: Im assuming this is the hardcore blog youre talking about [link]
05/07/17 05:00 PM
a.: war brides - regret [link]
05/07/17 03:47 PM
Chusky: Can someone upp new WAR BRIDES in zippyshare please?
05/07/17 09:26 AM
todd: There was a link that was posted with a blog of strictly 90 hardcore I can't find it on here was wondering if someone would re-post it. Thanks
05/07/17 07:21 AM
brotherlyhate: anybody has ABUSE OF POWER "When Then Becomes now" EP please ?
05/06/17 05:32 AM
Cold Holding: emo post-hardcore two piece from southampton uk. free download of new two-track at [link]
05/05/17 12:05 PM
Nekroboy: found it. [link]
05/05/17 11:51 AM
Nekroboy: anyone got the new lock up? just saw ND, Brujeria, Power Trip and Lock up, and Shane Embury played in three of the bands :) Killer
05/05/17 05:02 AM
todd: Hell yes thanks
05/05/17 04:55 AM
jason: new at the drive-in [link]
05/05/17 02:45 AM
todd: Anybody have the new at the drive in album in zippyshare
05/04/17 01:33 PM
a.: incendiary 320 - [link]
05/04/17 11:53 AM
05/04/17 11:53 AM
05/04/17 11:52 AM
05/04/17 09:06 AM
ogg: new incendiary maybe?
05/04/17 07:14 AM
alone together: sad alt rock/post hardcore from canada
05/03/17 04:39 PM
C: Awesome news on Thoughts Of Ionesco!
05/03/17 03:46 PM
Davy Train: Holy fuck, that Thoughts of Ionesco song is bloody great. I had no idea they were back! I'm looking forward to that EP. Thanks Flei.
05/03/17 07:36 AM
Flei: Thoughts of Ionesco are back!: [link]
05/02/17 10:17 AM
A66RON: can i get a link for Ed Gein - Smoked? please
05/01/17 02:18 PM
krustie: Yeah Adamn Cursed need they own place
04/30/17 05:17 AM
han solo: looking for the first Santa is Real: The Enemies List Christmas Album not that in 2012.Any luck??
04/29/17 09:18 PM
43%burnt: cursed should come back
04/29/17 04:27 PM
Flei: Great section, Adam, its good to remember how great were Cursed (and sorely missed). Thank you.
04/29/17 12:27 PM
DAATP-Adam: Hey, because I'm an obsessed weirdo, I added a section below with all the Live/Misc Cursed videos I could find. Maybe some will be new to you. [link]
04/29/17 05:17 AM
One: Looking for the new weed too, sounds amazing
04/29/17 01:30 AM
43%burnt: the new full of hell record is pure evil
04/28/17 08:59 PM
HD: new weed LP?
04/28/17 04:20 PM
Jerm: Looking for an answer [link]
04/28/17 03:53 PM
Davy Train: Excellent revolution summer style hardcore from California. Check out the bandcamp link: [link]
04/28/17 02:15 PM
Eh: How about looking for an answer Dios Carne? Thanks!
04/28/17 11:19 AM
Blurrgh: Thanx Jerm for Bloodlet links!
04/27/17 10:20 PM
hamakar: Anyone have Baxter Stockman - Haul [2017]& Please!
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