01/15/19 11:08 PM
Gayballs: I also revisited that Owen Pallett record after you posted it. He's great.
01/15/19 10:01 PM
christopher: @DWM I did indeed get the second part of integrity! thanks so much
01/15/19 07:05 PM
KONG: anyone got HARM'S WAY disco (except Posthuman)?
01/15/19 06:36 PM
Chris M: DWM, Enjoy Holy Fawn! Used to be free d/l on bC until preorders went up.
01/15/19 04:57 PM
papychulomuchogusto: @DeadWinterMoon "Chaosbender"!
01/15/19 04:56 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @christopher did you get that second part of the Integrity discog?
01/15/19 03:32 PM
christopher: Anyone have Pale Creation "Twilight Haunt," or Krallice "Wolf EP"?
01/15/19 02:10 PM
FATMAN: Expurgo / Nuclear Holocaust - Split ??????
01/15/19 12:41 PM
DeadWinterMoon: PlasticBag FaceMask - Whited Sepulcher (2019) [link]
01/15/19 12:38 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Blu Anxxiety - God's Exposure EP (2019) [link]
01/15/19 12:36 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Arts - Thousand Wounds of War [link]
01/15/19 12:24 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Man, that Holy Fawn is really fucking good.
01/15/19 12:21 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Orchid - Miasma (2019) [link]
01/15/19 12:17 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Let me know, and I will see what I can do.
01/15/19 11:49 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @papychulomuchogusto What's the title?
01/15/19 11:48 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Diego I really do. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.
01/15/19 11:44 AM
Diego: i'm glad you liked it!
01/15/19 11:43 AM
papychulomuchogusto: new zyanose anyone?
01/15/19 11:23 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Diego He's incredibly talented. Not all of his stuff works for me, but songs like E is for Estranged are magic. I dig strings & piano.
01/15/19 11:19 AM
Diego: i requested owen pallett like a month ago, and you posted it as usual. btw i discovered him thanks to the mighty brian eno [link]
01/15/19 10:19 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Who requested that Owen Pallett?
01/15/19 09:47 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Napalm Death - Stunt Your Growth EP (2018) [link]
01/15/19 09:26 AM
Flei: Sewingneedle - user error: [link]
01/15/19 09:21 AM
Flei: @DWM Thanks a lot for Barshasketh. Diggin' it on first listen.
01/15/19 05:32 AM
eebledeezo: Thanks DWM
01/14/19 09:28 PM
KONG: yahs! we so cwazy!
01/14/19 09:01 PM
DeadWinterMoon: We keeps it real. Real weird.
01/14/19 08:52 PM
DAATP-Adam: Thanks for being here
01/14/19 08:50 PM
DAATP-Adam: everyday i get an email recap of the last 24 hours of chat. and every day i'm like, Oh Boy what are these crazy fuckers up to today? lmao
01/14/19 08:49 PM
DAATP-Adam: I will never not be surprised by what bands i see in this insane chat lol
01/14/19 08:26 PM
KONG: amen!
01/14/19 08:26 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @KONG Ithaca - Trespassers [link]
01/14/19 08:22 PM
DeadWinterMoon: And Bill Ward was a beast.
01/14/19 08:22 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Black Sabbath are incredible. Geezer is one of my bass idols.
01/14/19 08:17 PM
KONG: huge sabbath fan here, btw!
01/14/19 08:08 PM
01/14/19 08:05 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Pink Floyd were my second love after Ozzy when I was a kid. I still love both.
01/14/19 08:05 PM
DeadWinterMoon: One of my favorite albums, if I'm honest. Had a profound influence on me.
01/14/19 08:04 PM
whyaduck: The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking? I have that on cassette too! Unfortunately, it's a chromium dioxide cassette and those things don't seem to age very well.
01/14/19 08:02 PM
DeadWinterMoon: After Anyone For Tennis? I would have to go with White Room. That band just delivers a major punch with that track. I like Born, too. Like I said, I consider myself a fan. I like a good bit of Clapton's bands, and early solo work. He's also excellent on Roger Waters' The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking.
01/14/19 07:57 PM
whyaduck: I think I would have to go with "Born Under a Bad Sign", the old Albert King tune. I've got a couple more Cream cassettes in the pile somewhere - perhaps "Fresh Cream" will be my next rip project.
01/14/19 07:51 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Is it weird that Anyone For Tennis? is my favorite Cream song? And I like a lot of their stuff. Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker were so underrated. Also not really into tennis.lol
01/14/19 07:29 PM
whyaduck: Deep Purple - Made In Japan (1973) [link] info: [link] cassette rip @320 w/ scans.
01/14/19 07:27 PM
whyaduck: Black Sabbath: Vol. 4 (1972) [link] info: [link] Paranoid (1975) [link] info: [link] both @320 w/ scans (more cassette rips just for the fun of it).
01/14/19 06:57 PM
FieldsOfSeparateRealities: @foss sewingneedle was re-posted here today, but streaming only. i'd send but i don't have a download myself.
01/14/19 06:12 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @KONG You know I will always do what I can if I'm around. Enjoy.
01/14/19 06:05 PM
Todd: Thanks
01/14/19 06:05 PM
Todd: I am looking for the youth attack complete discography if some one could help me out that would be great.
01/14/19 05:34 PM
KONG: @and for fudging BARSHASKETH!
01/14/19 05:33 PM
KONG: @DWM the usual "i love you"! this time for stove.
01/14/19 04:14 PM
Eh: Does anyone have Total Fucking Destruction "#usa4tfd"?
01/14/19 03:25 PM
whyaduck: Cream - Strange Brew: The Very Best of Cream (1983) @320 w/ scans [link] info: [link] another one of my cassette rips that came out pretty good.
01/14/19 02:45 PM
Bill1908: @DeadWinterMoon Ha ha hahh,lemme (λεμε) in Greek means "we say" ....and λεω (leo) means "I say".
01/14/19 02:41 PM
Alex1317: Punk Rock, Ska-Punk, Hardcore, Oi! & other live videos, discography & new albums. [link]
01/14/19 02:01 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Lemme know when that second Integrity compilation is grabbed. I don't wanna keep it on my cloud that long, as it's simply eating up way too much space.
01/14/19 11:39 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Bill1908 I know that was requested the other day, but cannot recall who asked. Always happy to bring the goodies here.
01/14/19 11:18 AM
Bill1908: @DeadWinterMoon Thank you a lot for the Barshasketh link...which s/t lp is,b.t.w,a fully enjoyable & easy listening black/death arabesque.I don't want to "drive" anyone to downoad it 'cause of my words.Listen,judge & act.
01/14/19 10:53 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @eebledeezo Nadja & Vampillia - Artificial Act of God (2018) [FLAC] [link]
01/14/19 10:52 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @eebledeezo Vampillia - 14 Releases [link]
01/14/19 10:06 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Kristof Anytime.
01/14/19 09:55 AM
Kristof: Thank you DWM!
01/14/19 09:52 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Barshasketh - S/T (2019) [link]
01/14/19 09:35 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @Kristof Nueva Fuerza - Hitos Y Derrotas [link]
01/14/19 09:27 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @eebledeezo I can do at least some of Vampilla's stuff. Gimme a bit to gather it up. I know I have more, but it must be on some random flash drive, and I have many flash drives.
01/14/19 09:23 AM
DeadWinterMoon: Kovtun - DEATH (2019) [link]
01/14/19 09:22 AM
DeadWinterMoon: @KONG Stove - 's Favorite Friend (2018) [link]
01/14/19 07:43 AM
eebledeezo: Anybody got a Vampillia discography?
01/14/19 06:30 AM
DeadWinterMoon: ______INTEGRITY - 2000-2017_______ [link]
01/14/19 05:14 AM
Kristof: anyone has Nueva Fuerza - Hitos Y Derrotas up for download?
01/14/19 04:54 AM
Kristof: anybody knows why this doesn't work anymore? or know an alternative? [link]
01/13/19 04:41 PM
DAATP-Adam: Thanks for the modern rituals satt
01/13/19 03:37 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Suffocate Lil Wayne.lol
01/13/19 03:32 PM
Bill1908: And to end up for today,I’m not into music of lil wayne & definetely not suffocation.Respect the artists for their hours of work is de facto.
01/13/19 03:25 PM
DeadWinterMoon: Seeing as christopher was the one asking, I am gonna take that first part of the Integrity discog down in a couple hours, and post part 2. The second part is over 9 GB.
01/13/19 03:23 PM
DeadWinterMoon: @Bill1908 No worries. I found it funny.
01/13/19 03:21 PM
Bill1908: @DeadWinterMoon Sorry for being silly...it's the fisrt two joints (and in a row) of 2019 for me.Actually after the P.L.F. live at 12 december.Clean lungs!!!
01/13/19 03:19 PM
christopher: Anyone come across the new Krallice EP yet?
01/13/19 03:18 PM
christopher: @DWM many thanks for Integrity
01/13/19 03:17 PM
KONG: @satt thanks, buddy! hope you had a nice weekender!
01/13/19 02:59 PM
Bill1908: I hope someday my life’s dream come true….and…. lil wayne will collaborate with suffocation.Damn hellfire
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