07/24/17 12:00 PM
Brittany: Amazing cc my sims love it :) thank you !
01/25/15 01:34 PM
enasha: love your creations,i have been looking for tsr workshop for ts2 do you know wicf it?please help
09/03/14 04:13 PM
Ariana: I saw a post from a WHILE back about diagonal counter pieces and I was wondering if you ever completed a few?
07/14/14 03:56 AM
muatluvcatz: I forgot all about that fireplace. :( I did make it functional and from what I can remember, I was working on recolors. I'll see if I can find all the files and get it finished up.
07/10/14 09:31 PM
Red Sonja: I was just on the 3to2 conversions. Zeuss converted a Hacienda set fireplace which you offered to make functional..... where would that be posted?
03/13/14 12:59 PM
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
11/10/13 04:23 PM
CerysCat67: ooops ... heart attack ... stupid typos :confused:
11/10/13 04:22 PM
CerysCat67: Thanks to your creativity my Dl-folder nearly got a herat attack. :D Think I got almost all of your recolours so far .... a heart-felt Thank You So Much from Germany :)
08/06/13 08:29 PM
mustluvcatz: Hi, Eric. Thank you! :) Requests? Unfortunately- no. Sorry about that!
07/29/13 11:53 PM
Eric: nice work for the functional airconditioner cool!
07/29/13 11:52 PM
Eric: Hey.. i am just wondering if you accept request ?
07/29/13 11:51 PM
Eric: nice creations!
07/29/13 11:51 PM
Eric: hi
04/28/13 12:07 AM
mustluvcatz: Thank You! :biggrin:
04/25/13 03:24 AM
Savannah1994: I love your stuff, keep up the great work! :]
04/17/13 02:10 AM
mustluvcatz: Hello and welcome to my blog. Hope you find something you like! :)