Ashardalon: just use the patcher to update jge voice yourself. don't need to download the entire file each time there's a update. [link]
Dino: Summerscent updates the new JGE Voice [link]
WELP: Yeah I just finish that side quest for Cherlyn's Witchcraft. It's not worth the 50 EJs per day lol.
Ashardalon: i recruited cherlyn, but i don't wanna pay EJ to finish her witchcraft quest, so i can't get her artifact yet.
WELP: Does anyone know if you Recruit Cherlyn are you required to do her sub quest for Witch Craft + Completing this quest also allows you to acquire Treasure Golem Piece artifact for Essence of Corruption?
Ashardalon: any1 has kge account? pls login and send me the link for client download - test server (right button) at [link]
OH: Becky / Daisy and Aqua in feso shop ... i nearly missed it.
Lana: I think so Hira, but I dont remember. Patch notes must be somewhere in EU server forums. Sorry, too lasy to search. ^^
Hira: Do we get another Barrack in the Ordern patch?
WELP: Isn't the father of Lorraine and Dolores Bagellan in Bethel???
Curious: So Joshua is.. the older sister of the Bagellan twins (L & D)?
Ashardalon: kge the symphonia episode 3 - [link]
WELP: "Previously, development of Wolf Knights was dropped in favor of concentrating on the Korean and international versions of IMC Games’s other MMORPG Tree of Savior."
WELP: Yeah no updates about WolfKnight MMORPG since August of 2015 here look at this [link]
WELP: Not only that IMC might sell off it's game titles to NEXON.
OTL: not sure what imc is doing now. they aren't doing good on ToS and no news about wolfknights since 2015
OTL: imc is degrading in pretty bad way. from more than 1 new recruit per update (up to brestia) to only 1 recruit per update (armonia-symphonia) then no recruit per update (orden). imagine next step
Hmm: New city?targa? I see two soldiers in the back wearing black and gold when you zoom in
:/: That's so disappointing..guess only hope for completely new recruitable chars is if they release a new city or story update or something
OTL: imc make old LB chars to be quest/achievement chars. (unfortunately) those are our 'new' recruitable chars
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