CastillianGE: At this rate T3Fun won't get that patch within like don't know 8 more months? It seems that T3Fun wants to be turtle while GEEU is the hare that always wins the race.
Ashardalon: Talos drop rate up in v27.56.86. Current patch is v27.40.06. :p
CastillianGE: Ash I thought Orden Patch was meant to increase Talos missions to 25%-50%-100% drop rates or did I not see it in the patch notes? Or is it in Symphonia Episode III?
CastllianGE: T3Fun is getting patches tonight
Ashardalon: school look event on eu server, same as the one here - [link]
Ashardalon: released v2 of GE Tools. pls completely replace v1 with v2. let me know if there's any other problem. [link]
CastillianGE: What's the point of playing in rGE if the server can't get anymore updates? To be honest if you're still play in rGE you're missing out of a lot of content.
Ashardalon: premium daria - [link]
Ashardalon: eh idk. rGE is still on armonia ep1? the game gets really dull without updates. even t3fun server is getting meh...
Oni: Would you ever want to review the private GE server again? The barrier to entry is much lower now.
RedSerpArmors: Does anyone know if Red Serp Armors and Bahama Accessories will give a set buff?
IPF cleaner: its ready uploaded
Prefix: Can u upload EUGE with IPF's cleaned?
Verric: Ash said no more drama on his Pioneer Shouts & his blog. Looks like Ash will lock it and delete it now. Thanks a lot the both of you.
@Prefix: Noone care
EUGE Player: Anyone hear about what EUGE did to Prefix?
namezzzs: yo
Rare char: IMC didnt create any recruitment quest for rare char
Dico: Thank you so much (it took me some time to understand where was the link).
Someone: kael quest has been added yesterday
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