WELP: Yeah and my french fries could use your salt.
Nicetry: Haha. Congratulations, you played yourself. :) Apparently I'm the one flooding when every post I send here, you have 2-3 in response. XD
Nier: Automata: Don't Pay - Just Play
WELP: Too late you were given a time limit and you didn't make it in time. So basically you failed to prove it. Now go back to your troll cave and quit flooding Ash's cbox.
WELP: Ummm hello you don't write with a keyboard. It's called a keyboard you type on it. Seriously are you that stupid?
Nicetry: Classic T0B script. Try writing differently if you want to pretend as someone not yourself. You're kinda pretty obvious and you give yourself easily away. ^_^
WELP: Time's up liar you got no idea who I am.
WELP: If you don't show us the evidence in 30 minutes till 11:40 p.m. Then you're a liar and a moron.
WELP: Why would I get triggered by someone who has no idea who I am. Why don't you show us some evidence that you have that you claim I'm him? Clock is ticking you got 30 minutes to show us the evidence.
Nicetry: Woops there we go, easily triggered :D oh what fun
WELP: Since when you got ESP and you claim everyone here is TOB? I think you need to get your head checked and seek some mental help pal.
Nicetry: WELP is totally T0B. He's the only one who has unlimited time to spam and spit out made up ****, while veering left and right based on other people's opinions. It's pretty hilarious.
WELP: Well it's the end of Granado Espada. All versions went to the Extreme Pay To Win concept. Time to find another MMORPG that doesn't milk it's players.
Rumbis: GEEU admins are as sick as always. They invited me to talk in Discord 4 days ago. I found their account...and now they`re silent for 4 days. Funny,yeah.
WELP: UAG you must be in love with TOB becauseI can see it in your text.
UAG: WELP sounds like TOB
WELP: rotxy I don't understand what you're trying to tell me.
rotxy: @WELP
rotxy: @WELP
asd: dont expect much on RGE , Dead Af , money money and money
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