trumb: go join t3fun or euge gogogo don't come to jge for f* sake please
WELP: That's not true Granado Espada is Granado Espada even if it's from Korea or Japan or even in European Union. It's the same game but with different weapons and raids. Same game different regions.
Lana: jGE is just a different game, no GE. Pass.
WELP: Does anyone know if Cano's Mensa skill ring can get INT +2 on Improved Mensa Ring? I've been chipping it and it won't get +1 INT or +2 INT
#RIPsGE: Yeah and risk getting perm banned from jGE. How about no lol.
Vigbosse: join jGE much better than all other servers :D
#RIPsGE: That lol guy he thinks that I'm this tob person while he clearly has no idea who people are on the internet. So ignore him and let him talk trash.
Lana: Well, I dont know who the hell are you taking about.
#RIPsGE: lol thinks he can read text and has ESP and he knows everyone on the internet = #FakeNews
lol: oh the ripsge guy..types just like tob
Lana: What guy o_O
lol: You type exactly like the guy.
Lana: T3 sux, going euGE then.
#RIPsGE: You need many things for a conviction, a motive, opportunity, hard evidence, and best of all, a confession. None of these you have can prove without evidence.
#RIPsGE: Okay what proof do you have I'm him? I'm waiting the clock is ticking #FakeNews
Curious: Right, right. "Never heard of him". Classic :)
#RIPsGE: T0B? Never heard of him I'm from euGE. I used to play in T3FUN till it got worse.
Curious: And somehow ppl are still paying, and they are still giving events and are posting weekly. Keep fighting, T0B :)
#RIPsGE: Besides T3FUN can't host more than two games. They can't have enough GM's. T3FUN staff members are off between Friday night to Monday morning. That means you get no support from them what so ever.
#RIPsGE: T3FUN's forums is dead and Steam for Granado Espada is a utter failure. Basically T3FUN only has 2 games left. Aika & Granado Espada = Milking P2W Games
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