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16 Jul 18, 12:57 AM
*Etria!Inari*: [ Alrighty! ]
16 Jul 18, 12:57 AM
*Darian*: ((you too! I'll be around all week!))
16 Jul 18, 12:56 AM
*Etria!Inari*: [ Alrighty! Thanks for the play! <3 ]
16 Jul 18, 12:56 AM
*Darian*: ((I think we're about to head to bed))
16 Jul 18, 12:56 AM
*Darian*: *kisses her forehead* You don't have to decide right now. Let's get you cleaned up and to bed.
16 Jul 18, 12:53 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -makes a face- I'm not sure why I'm conflicted about this. I understand that he'll never change, that he'll try to kill me or destroy our home again; but I just...
16 Jul 18, 12:49 AM
*Darian*: Any one of them would do the job, if you asked.
16 Jul 18, 12:48 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -squeezes his hands- A brother I did not know I had who still wishes for my death. -frowns a little, then shrugs- ... What about the Quicksilvers?
16 Jul 18, 12:47 AM
*Darian*: It wouldn't be a burden. It'd be a service. *shakes his head* What he did here? To you, to your people? It's all too fresh in my mind. Besides, I kill monsters, and he fits the bill if you ask me. But I know he's your brother... *shrugs* It's tough.
16 Jul 18, 12:44 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -smiles a bit sadly, then takes his hands to raise them so she can kiss his fingers- This is not something I want to burden you with.
16 Jul 18, 12:43 AM
*Darian*: *half smiles* What's a little more blood on my hands?
16 Jul 18, 12:42 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -blinks, looks at him.-
16 Jul 18, 12:41 AM
*Darian*: In the end it's your call. And if you need something done, I'll do it.
16 Jul 18, 12:40 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -nods- That is something that I keep in mind as well. -tilts her head back to look at the ceiling-
16 Jul 18, 12:39 AM
*Darian*: True, but lots of people come from bad backgrounds and rise above it.
16 Jul 18, 12:35 AM
*Etria!Inari*: For him, I believe it was his environment. -shrugs- The father we share wasn't very kind to him, and blamed everything that was wrong on him because he couldn't be like me.
16 Jul 18, 12:34 AM
*Darian*: Some people are just bad.
16 Jul 18, 12:34 AM
*Etria!Inari*: It might be my only choice. As much as I would like to believe, but I'm not entirely sure that Koschei is going to change his ways.
16 Jul 18, 12:32 AM
*Darian*: *nods, but remains silent as he helps her*
16 Jul 18, 12:27 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -nods- I remember Florian telling me that a while back. -applies some ointment to the wound on her thigh- He was possessed when he escaped, our first initial battle with him he was not... so executing him was a thought that crossed my mind.
16 Jul 18, 12:26 AM
*Darian*: I'd have him executed. I know he was possessed, but in my experience if you've been possessed once, it leaves you more open to possession in the future. He's gonna be used against us again, make my words.
16 Jul 18, 12:22 AM
*Etria!Inari*: Please, Darian..
16 Jul 18, 12:20 AM
*Darian*: Hunters are too ready to kill, Inari. In this sorta case my opinion might not be the best.
16 Jul 18, 12:17 AM
*Etria!Inari*: What you have to say matters to me. Different outlooks are what I want.
16 Jul 18, 12:14 AM
*Darian*: *chuckles and shakes his head* Doesn't matter. It's not up to me. *shrugs* Besides, I've been a hunter too long. Gives a different outlook on things.
16 Jul 18, 12:14 AM
*Etria!Inari*: What would you do?
16 Jul 18, 12:13 AM
*Darian*: *gets some supplies and starts helping her clean up* You're a more merciful person than me.
16 Jul 18, 12:11 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -nods, wipes some dirt off of her face using a rag nearby- I'm hoping he can now find peace.
16 Jul 18, 12:07 AM
*Darian*: *inclines his head* I'll give you that.
16 Jul 18, 12:07 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -looks up at him- I know... I plan to try harder. However the case of Koschei it was a bit more... personal.
16 Jul 18, 12:05 AM
*Darian*: Can't carry the whole world on your shoulders, Inari. You've seen what that does to people. *can't help the flicker of sadness in his eyes when he thinks of his brother*
16 Jul 18, 12:04 AM
*Etria!Inari*: I know. -reaches their room and towards the bed- I just wish they didn't have too. Etria has been in a constant state of war ever since our ancestors originally settled here. It's about time we achieved peace.
16 Jul 18, 12:03 AM
*Darian*: Trust your people. They can handle a lot more than you think. They already have.
16 Jul 18, 12:02 AM
*Etria!Inari*: -smiles- I'm just stubborn... and I want to make sure that Etria is safe. But mostly just stubborn.
16 Jul 18, 12:01 AM
*Darian*: That's because you need to relax, and you won't. *chuckles* I get it, I do.
16 Jul 18, 12:01 AM
*Etria!Inari*: Not as bad as I feel. -huffs- Lately using my powers has been quite draining.
15 Jul 18, 11:58 PM
*Darian*: *once he's free of Koschei, he moves in to help support Inari, leading her toward the temple* If not we'll figure it out. We always do. So how bad off are you, really?
15 Jul 18, 11:57 PM
*Etria!Inari*: Exorcised, -passes Koschei off to two Quicksilvers- Get him some medical attention, afterwards make sure he's locked up tight. -huffs and takes a rest against the wall- I'm hoping the demon was defeated as well... but with my streak as of late, I wouldn't wouldn't put too much faith that in.
15 Jul 18, 11:55 PM
*Darian*: And now?
15 Jul 18, 11:55 PM
*Etria!Inari*: -nods- He is. He was possessed when he escaped.
15 Jul 18, 11:52 PM
*Darian*: *frowns a bit* He's alive?
15 Jul 18, 11:51 PM
*Etria!Inari*: -smiles at him, especially glad that some of Koschei's weight is relieved from her shoulders- Occupational hazard at this point.
15 Jul 18, 11:49 PM
*Darian*: *had been alerted by lookouts at the gate that Inari was sighted, and carrying an unidentified person; is waiting at the gate as it opens, and goes to help her with her burden; half smiles, but is obviously concerned* You gotta stop coming home all banged up...
15 Jul 18, 11:46 PM
*Etria!Inari*: -carrying an unconscious Koschei who's not in the greatest of shapes, also isn't in a great shape herself, lots of bruises and small cuts, a large gash on her thigh that's been cauterized, limping her way towards the Etrian kingdom gates-
15 Jul 18, 11:44 PM
*Etria!Inari*: [ testy. ]
15 Jul 18, 11:43 PM
Astrid: [ Ooohh. ]
15 Jul 18, 11:37 PM
Lissa: ((Nintendo Entertainment System. "Original Nintendo"))
15 Jul 18, 11:36 PM
Astrid: [ What is that? ]
15 Jul 18, 11:12 PM
Lissa: ((*playing so much NES lately* @.@))
15 Jul 18, 06:46 PM
Lissa: ((Hey hey all!))
14 Jul 18, 10:12 PM
Lissa: (( (peek) ))
14 Jul 18, 04:19 PM
Lissa: ((Afternoon Istari!))
12 Jul 18, 11:38 PM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
11 Jul 18, 11:17 PM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
11 Jul 18, 11:19 AM
Lily: (( (yawn) ))
11 Jul 18, 12:31 AM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
8 Jul 18, 09:24 PM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
7 Jul 18, 10:29 PM
Astrid: [ Okay! ]
7 Jul 18, 10:26 PM
Lily: ((I'll hit you up, sure))
7 Jul 18, 10:25 PM
Astrid: [ I'll probably be on for about another 2 hours or something like that, did you wanna play? ]
7 Jul 18, 10:25 PM
Lily: ((Maybe, I think I need to get caffeine))
7 Jul 18, 10:24 PM
Astrid: [ You ganna be around for a bit? ]
7 Jul 18, 10:24 PM
Lily: (( :D ))
7 Jul 18, 10:22 PM
Astrid: [ Thank you, I appreciate your honesty. ]
7 Jul 18, 10:22 PM
Lily: ((I believe in you, I always have))
7 Jul 18, 10:04 PM
Astrid: [ I need to beat Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Birth by Sleep 2 so that I can play Kingdom Hearts 3 ]
7 Jul 18, 10:03 PM
Lily: ((Oh yeah,that's why I replayed it lol))
7 Jul 18, 10:03 PM
Astrid: [ Excited for the remake? ]
7 Jul 18, 10:03 PM
Lily: (( :D ))
7 Jul 18, 10:01 PM
Astrid: [ (confetti) ]
7 Jul 18, 09:41 PM
Lily: ((Beat Resident Evil 2 today!))
3 Jul 18, 06:36 PM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
2 Jul 18, 08:44 PM
Astrid: [ I finally have AC. -flops- ]
2 Jul 18, 06:08 PM
Lily: ((Alright guys, there's a new announcement posted, check the sticky above!))
2 Jul 18, 05:41 PM
Lily: ((Evening Istari!))
1 Jul 18, 01:13 PM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
26 Jun 18, 11:48 PM
*Arius*: ((Evening Istari!))
26 Jun 18, 07:07 PM
Astrid: [ (peek) ]
25 Jun 18, 11:51 PM
*Arius*: ((flergh))
25 Jun 18, 10:15 PM
Kalista: ((*flops*))
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