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22 Nov 18, 01:01 AM
Ry: plus its almost black friday as well so people were out shopping. We had signs posted and all saying we closed early tonight and sitll after we closed we had dozens of people trying to come in
22 Nov 18, 12:53 AM
Tia Ghost: I would be too
22 Nov 18, 12:50 AM
Ry: yeah I was annoyed i was like thank god i leave so early for work or fuck if i left like a half hour before work I would been late
22 Nov 18, 12:47 AM
Tia Ghost: That's crazy
22 Nov 18, 12:47 AM
Ry: yeah its supposed to be the worst traffic in like 10 + years. My work is right down the street to get home tonight from pick up to drop off was ten mins, is the same route to get there pretty much, going in took nearly 40 mins because of how packed it was on the parkway
22 Nov 18, 12:42 AM
Tia Ghost: Christ
22 Nov 18, 12:41 AM
22 Nov 18, 12:37 AM
Caitie: lol pickles juice helps with my heartburn
22 Nov 18, 12:35 AM
Ry: lol well what ever floats your boat. Dont get me wrong I love pickles but its not something vital to me tho boston areas does make some amazing pickles
22 Nov 18, 12:35 AM
Caitie: otherwise i'm drinking pickle juice before bed lol
22 Nov 18, 12:34 AM
Caitie: yep!
22 Nov 18, 12:33 AM
Ry: same here, every now and then toppings are great but i am a classics guy more often times then not if there is a choice i go plain cheese
22 Nov 18, 12:30 AM
Caitie: too many toppings give me heartburn
22 Nov 18, 12:30 AM
Caitie: i love plain cheese
22 Nov 18, 12:30 AM
Caitie: weird place to keep 12 inches
22 Nov 18, 12:29 AM
Ry: the pizza I took from work is just plain cheese fro this place call Nana's
22 Nov 18, 12:29 AM
Ry: it was actually a large pizza i dunno what the real size of it was I took it from work they bought a bunch of pizzas for us today and they were just going to throw them out. But i did buy a frozen pizza before they announced they were buying pizza so i do in fact have 12 inches in my freezer lol
22 Nov 18, 12:26 AM
Caitie: what kind of pizza?
22 Nov 18, 12:22 AM
Ry: lol
22 Nov 18, 12:12 AM
Caitie: XD
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