30 May 17, 11:25 PM
Raymond: Cbox seems like a very nice communication method! Love it! Will consider putting it on my comic website as well. Thanks, Felix. :)
2 Jun 16, 05:41 PM
Phoenix: Oh man, just reached the last comic and gotta say I have loved it. I'd love to see more!
8 Aug 15, 04:27 AM
Avryael: We miss you Felix! Any word/news on how you're doing?
30 Jul 15, 06:16 PM
Aubrat: ooh, i'm liking this story.
26 May 15, 04:37 AM
Tigershark: Let me be more specific the Spiderforeset Upgrage (you could just check out the forums too).
26 May 15, 04:37 AM
Tigershark: Hey Felix, I'm contacing you regarding the site update. Please contact me at your earliest convenience for more information. Thanks!
24 Apr 15, 04:24 AM
Corn: Glad to hear from you Felix, I hope you're alright.
18 Apr 15, 02:42 PM
Felix: sorry for the long silence! there's a few reasons for the hiatus and I'll try to make an update post soon :>
1 Apr 15, 05:05 PM
jörg: just reached the last update. beautiful art and exciting story. hope you're doing well,..
10 Mar 15, 03:21 AM
freya: It's telling when every day of my 12 hr + job, I come in and the first thing I do is check my favourite stories, of which this is one. Please keep telling it?
8 Feb 15, 10:35 PM
JaneB: You OK Felix? Hope it's a good-reason hiatus, not for bad reasons...
29 Jan 15, 11:21 PM
Tigershark06: Wait WA?? You mean I've caught up? Great story so far. So many intricate pieces in play here.
28 Jan 15, 09:03 PM
Corn: Is this comic on hiatus?
20 Nov 14, 05:29 AM
Avryael: Worm tube train!
18 Nov 14, 10:24 PM
Graf: Yeeee we're back on track~
18 Nov 14, 05:24 AM
Avryael: Yes... unannounced lurkers may be shot with shiny ray guns.
19 Oct 14, 07:55 AM
Avryael: interesting... I can imagine cases where that auto-retract feature could be kind of bad though.
18 Oct 14, 12:24 PM
Felix: but otherwise he's in full control
18 Oct 14, 12:24 PM
Felix: if he loses consciousness they will retract automatically as a safeguard against damage
18 Oct 14, 12:22 PM
Felix: deploying the wings is a conscious thing, though for him it's also borderline instinctive at this point.
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