20 Feb 17, 10:57 PM
herve courtois: Sellafield fails to reduce radioactive discharges into the sea. No surprise there. Nuclear fuel processing plants daily discharge what a nuclear power plant discharges in a year. They are allowed to do so as long as the discharges are 2km away from the coast. The leukaemia prevalence in children along the Irish coast has multiplied as a result. http://corecumbria.co.uk/news/all-at-sea-sellafields-discharges-sink-international-efforts-to-reduce-them/
20 Feb 17, 10:52 PM
herve courtois: CRIIRAD objectives are : to give people an access to scientific information about the impact of ionizing radiations and the actual radiological contamination of their environment, to improve people’s ability to participate (as citizens) to the actions and decisions in the field of environmental protection, protection of public health, the rights of future generations, to give people scientific tools in order to help them to make independent preliminary assessments of a radiological contamination (CRIIRAD is organising seminars “how to use your own Geiger Muller counter), to circulate information on radioprotection through a web site (www.criirad.org), leaflets and brochures, books, lectures, seminars, videos, etc. (see a selection of written material).http://www.criirad.org/english/presentation.html
20 Feb 17, 10:50 PM
diemos: And there's the difference between science and ideology. In science it only matters what is right, not who is right.
20 Feb 17, 10:49 PM
herve courtois: Diemos, I am not agreeing with you. I agree with the conclusion of the french Criirad, a citizen run radiation monitoring station.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commission_for_Independent_Research_and_Information_on_Radioactivity
20 Feb 17, 10:47 PM
herve courtois: https://www.facebook.com/rememberfukushima311/photos/a.1702419703309762.1073741828.1583187868566280/1849208978630833/?type=3
20 Feb 17, 10:15 PM
diemos: Hopefully Herve, getting caught agreeing with me won't cause your head to explode.
20 Feb 17, 10:13 PM
diemos: You will also notice pal that Herve is agreeing with me.
20 Feb 17, 09:41 PM
herve courtois: Pal, propose it to Iori.
20 Feb 17, 09:39 PM
herve courtois: Right now a lot of sensationalism websites are spinning this January news into another of their big titled sensationalism crap... The highest level detected in Poland indicates that it comes from a country close to Poland. It could be from one nuclear plant among those: Centrales nucléaires à l'est: Bulgaria 2, Czech republic 6, Hungary 4, Romania 2, Russia 36, Slovakia 4, Slovenia 1, Ukraine 15 But the highest probability is it is a venting from a lab producing medical iodine 131. Releases which are currently occuring, permitted by the IAEA, and usually get diluted in the air. Sometimes like now weather conditions hindering its dilution...That is the conclusion made by the Criirad. A fully independent citizen radiation monitoring lab. http://www.irsn.fr/EN/newsroom/News/Pages/20170213_Detection-of-radioactive-iodine-at-trace-levels-in-Europe-in-January-2017.aspx
20 Feb 17, 06:27 PM
pal: mutants of Japan. http://www.themysteryworld.com/2017/02/mutants-of-fukushima-35-pics.html?m=1
20 Feb 17, 06:04 PM
pal: of crap. aherve I will run iorois blog and tweets for him if he wants
20 Feb 17, 07:57 AM
pal: diemos is such a load
20 Feb 17, 06:18 AM
diemos: Actually I-131 for medical and industrial use is produced by neutron bombardment of Te-130. It’s not necessarily a sign of fission. The lack of Cesium indicates that it’s probably a spill of industrial I-131 and not a reactor release.
20 Feb 17, 12:10 AM
Octo: it is a sign of fission
20 Feb 17, 12:08 AM
guest: it is a sign of fission ran amock
20 Feb 17, 12:07 AM
guest: screw off octo. you little monster
19 Feb 17, 11:42 PM
Octo: iodine release happen. Without any harm. https://www.iaea.org/newscenter/pressreleases/source-iodine-131-europe-identified
19 Feb 17, 11:36 PM
herve courtois: Centrales nucléaires à l'est: Bulgaria 2, Czech republic 6, Hungary 4, Romania 2, Russia 36, Slovakia 4, Slovenia 1, Ukraine 15
19 Feb 17, 11:36 PM
herve courtois: Les niveaux mis en évidence sont très faibles, la valeur la plus élevée en iode 131 (sous forme d’aérosol) concerne la Pologne, avec une valeur de 5,92 µBq/m3 (microBecquerel par mètre cube) sur un filtre correspondant à un échantillonnage du 9 au 16 janvier 2017. Pour le territoire français, la valeur la plus élevée reportée par l’IRSN est de 0,31 µBq/m3 (filtre du 18 au 25 janvier 2017 collecté dans le Puy-deDôme).
19 Feb 17, 11:36 PM
herve courtois: Communiqué de la CRIIRAD : "Détection d’iode 131 dans l’air ambiant en Europe en janvier 2017 "Il faut déterminer l’origine du phénomène "Une présence anormale d’iode 131 dans l’air ambiant Dans un communiqué de presse du 13 février 2017, l’IRSN a indiqué que « De l’iode 131, radionucléide d’origine artificielle, a été détecté, courant janvier 2017, à l’état de traces dans l’air au niveau du sol en Europe”. L’iode 131 a été détecté du 9 au 16 janvier en Norvège, Finlande et Pologne, du 17 au 23 janvier, en Tchéquie, du 16 au 30 janvier en Allemagne, du 18 au 26 janvier en France , du 17 au 24 janvier en Espagne. L’iode 131 est un radionucléide artificiel, émetteur de rayonnements bêta et gamma, de période relativement courte (8 jours).
19 Feb 17, 11:33 PM
Octo: other tracers increased too
19 Feb 17, 11:33 PM
Octo: you know very well that dispersion are lowered due to atmostheric conditions
19 Feb 17, 11:32 PM
herve courtois: It is also probable that it could come from one of the Eastern labs producing medical Iodine 131, Iaea authoirizes such release which usually get diluted in the air, this time meteoroligical conditions might have affected the dilution.
19 Feb 17, 11:32 PM
Octo: alarmist
19 Feb 17, 11:29 PM
herve courtois: The iodine 131 detected in several countries in Europe was coming from one of the Eastern countries neighboring Poland, as the highest level of Iodine was found in Poland. Possibly one of the 15 Ukrainian nuclear plants.
19 Feb 17, 10:59 PM
Octo: it is part of media strategy
19 Feb 17, 10:59 PM
Octo: melt downs on ukrainian reactors are reported every months
19 Feb 17, 10:59 PM
Octo: for obvious reasons
19 Feb 17, 10:59 PM
Octo: because they diversify the fuel supply
19 Feb 17, 10:58 PM
Octo: ukraine er under constant attack by russia
19 Feb 17, 10:58 PM
Octo: cooling for the alternator
19 Feb 17, 10:57 PM
Octo: what is wrong with you? the french reactor had a mechanical failure on air blower
19 Feb 17, 10:55 PM
tim: There is no doubt that global leaders are aware of the likely source of the elevated iodine levels, which peaked at 4X higher than "the usual mean value." Perhaps the source is one of those troublesome reactors in the Ukraine that had problems over the last few years. Perhaps it is one of those troublesome western European Areva-EDF reactors (see discussion of problems here).
19 Feb 17, 10:31 PM
guest: where do you thinks it came from Michel? Fukushima or the French nuclear plant that had a fire or some other malfunction
19 Feb 17, 09:58 PM
Michal: What about that : http://www.irsn.fr/EN/newsroom/News/Pages/20170213_Detection-of-radioactive-iodine-at-trace-levels-in-Europe-in-January-2017.aspx
19 Feb 17, 06:24 PM
Octo: Guest. umm do you prefer alternative facts? Maybe Morph can help you. He is an expert, bigly. Morph, what is the temperature in the reactors? What are the injection rates? How much ground water is pumped?
19 Feb 17, 03:15 PM
guest: fun off shills
19 Feb 17, 03:01 PM
Octo: and the decreased need to pump ground water to turbine buildings
19 Feb 17, 03:00 PM
Octo: Yeah Herve. You should report on the decreased need for injection to cores
19 Feb 17, 02:58 PM
Octo: Correction. Core temperatures are closer to 20 than 40 c
19 Feb 17, 02:50 PM
diemos: He does have a blog. You could just go there and look at it.
19 Feb 17, 02:49 PM
kitty: what are you going to do Herve? Fukushima diary has a twitter. I like being able to see stories by you and discussing some of them
19 Feb 17, 02:31 PM
Octo: subject to increase slightly as the injected water are being decreased now. The decay heat has gone down so the need for calling is much lower now than 6 years ago. This is part of the plan to empty the turbine buildings.
19 Feb 17, 02:27 PM
Octo: The core temperatures are around 20-40 celsius
19 Feb 17, 12:32 PM
Marc: They cannot entomb it because (or if) it breaches lower containment.
19 Feb 17, 12:29 PM
Marc: Hey all. I watch regularly, have commented a couple times. Question: at what temperature would the contain floor be breached? Do designs account for full meltdown, or can a full meltdown be 100% contained? Is the max temp known or are they surprised by what is evolving here?
19 Feb 17, 07:41 AM
Octo: After even renews gave up on reporting the imminent death on the planet. Who would have guessed the got tired? :) Living on to tell we are dying ;)
19 Feb 17, 07:39 AM
Octo: That is okay. Always work the worst problems first. Cat surgery or housing project can be more important this.
19 Feb 17, 12:51 AM
herve courtois: 6 months, not counting the short visit in November at the time of the Earthquake. 6 months is a very long time, a very long break.
19 Feb 17, 12:49 AM
herve courtois: Guys It is now almost 6 months that Iori stop updating this blog, and I am getting serious doubts that he will someday return. Right now he is busy involved in some kind of housing project in Romania http://hemenadoa-think.com/ja/new-kie/
18 Feb 17, 11:22 PM
morph: but rad
18 Feb 17, 11:21 PM
morph: guest, i ask myselfe many times the same question: pneumatic and fiber-glass-bundle for video...
18 Feb 17, 11:17 PM
morph: (many)
18 Feb 17, 11:17 PM
morph: 8?
18 Feb 17, 11:17 PM
morph: how any bananas is an octo
18 Feb 17, 11:17 PM
morph: octo........ in how many banana equivalents do they both differ
18 Feb 17, 05:39 PM
guest: screw tepco and screw you octo
18 Feb 17, 04:36 PM
Octo: And why do you talk about victims from the former soviet? They have nothing to do with Fukushima. This is FD, not ene.
18 Feb 17, 04:35 PM
Octo: Guest.I expect nothing from you than threats and insults. A good laugh in the short run, but now you just seem to hurt the anti nuke cause.
18 Feb 17, 04:00 PM
guest: octo is such a wastoid. probably smoke cesium 137 imbued cigarettes
18 Feb 17, 03:59 PM
guest: https://nuclear-news.net/2017/02/17/victim-of-soviet-test-wants-all-nuclear-weapons-destroyed/
18 Feb 17, 03:23 PM
Octo: be sure to report on this Herve :)
18 Feb 17, 03:22 PM
Octo: Latest freezing wall report http://www.tepco.co.jp/nu/fukushima-np/handouts/2017/images1/handouts_170216_08-j.pdf
18 Feb 17, 02:43 PM
guest: tepco wants to steal as much money and kill as many people as possible and the do not care about the pacific ocean
18 Feb 17, 02:41 PM
guest: why not get the UN involved. they will not because tepco and contractors wand to mild this shat no matter how many they kill no matter how badly they bankrupt the Japanese economy. psychopathic moronic demented fukheads
18 Feb 17, 02:39 PM
guest: also why don't they get the frickin in involved and entomb the. hellhole with something that will partially filter the radionuclide's. really really stupid baastardos
18 Feb 17, 02:37 PM
guest: why don't the use a hydraulic or pneumatic robot. what a bunch of dumnasholes
18 Feb 17, 08:22 AM
herve courtois: The latest data on doses taken by workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are available online at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs. They were provided by TEPCO. The company has reset all meters to zero by April 1, 2016. Since that date, and until 31 December 2016, 14,643 workers have been exposed to ionizing radiation at the site of the accidented plant, out of which 13,027 were subcontracted workers (89%). [ 119 more words ] https://dunrenard.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/latest-data-on-doses-taken-by-workers-at-the-fukushima-daiichi-nuclear-plant
18 Feb 17, 08:21 AM
herve courtois: The Sasori robot is stuck inside the containment vessel of Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant’s No. 2 reactor on Feb. 16. (Provided by International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning) Robot stuck in Fukushima No. 2 reactor on 1st try, abandoned In the latest hitch in efforts to decommission reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, a robotic surveyor became mired in deposits and was lost on its maiden journey on Feb. [ 739 more words ] https://dunrenard.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/robot-stuck-in-fukushima-no-2-reactor-on-1st-try-abandoned-damage-inside-no-2-reactor-building-at-fukushima-plant-greater-than-expected
18 Feb 17, 08:20 AM
herve courtois: While the press reported Scorpion’s mission as a failure, it provided useful data before being abandoned. It collected some radiation readings and a number of useful images. The robot seems to have become stranded on a pile of debris on the rail. Radiation data from along this inspection route provided only one radiation reading, no telemetry as other videos had. [ 280 more words ] https://dunrenard.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/fukushima-unit-2-scorpion-probe-dies-but-sends-back-some-data
18 Feb 17, 05:31 AM
guest: that's the rest of the article kitty . from nuclear-news.net
18 Feb 17, 05:30 AM
guest: Finlandpulls out of building Olkiluoto 4 nuclear reactor.AREVA teeters on bankruptcy. A small number of nuclear enthusiasts, with more money than common sense, now pay journalists to advertise “new nukes’, especially Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. Of course, their plan is for taxpayers to cough up – for fleets of even more expensive nuclear gimmicks.
18 Feb 17, 05:28 AM
kitty: Are “developing” countries really buying the nuclear lobby’s advertising drivel? Is China really on a nuclear build spree? Is Australia really going to “embrace” the nuclear fuel chain and become the planet’s nuclear toilet? The nuclear lobby , like everyone else, knows that the game is over as soon as the next radioactive catastrophe occurs. That’s predicted as 50% probability before 2050. It could be this week. That’s a big reason why the nuclear lobby is in such a panic to lock in contracts to buy its toxic products – while the going’s good. Only tax-payers will fund nuclear facilities, despite the drivel from democracies about private enterprise. Russia, China are more honest about it – the State owns the nuclear companies. And they’re all so keen to export the technology to other countries. Heck! Russia even pays for them to buy the stuff. The nuke industry is in trouble – In USA the nuclear industry is a thing of the past. Investors flee Nordic nuclear company Vattenfall
18 Feb 17, 05:25 AM
guest: Thankyou morph!
17 Feb 17, 10:16 PM
morph: http://www.dw.com/en/scrapping-nuclear-plants-to-cost-billions/a-17439221
17 Feb 17, 10:16 PM
morph: Dismantling Germany's nuclear power plants will devour billions - quite possibly many more than previously estimated. And the question remains: Who will ultimately foot the bill?
17 Feb 17, 09:51 PM
guest: Scoop.it! New York Offers $7.6 Billion Bailout To Some Nuclear Plants, Forces Others To Shut Down New York Offers $7.6 Billion Bailout To Some Nuclear Plants, Forces Others To Shut Down | Fukushima | Scoop.it From truepundit.com - Today, 3:09 AM New York has plans to keep some of its nuclear power plants afloat with subsidies, despite recently forcing one reactor north of Manhattan to shut down. The heavily regulated state is giving the subsidy. http://www.scoop.it/t/fukushima-by-ton-kraanen
17 Feb 17, 09:49 PM
guest: Nuclear energy was a cover for bomb making. the try costs and dangers were and are withheld from the public. it was never economical or remotely safe. to this day nukeapes like diemos have no safe alternatives for remediating hi or medium level waste. Residents Say 1st Atom Bomb Test Caused Cancer Cases http://www.dddmag.com/news/2017/02/residents-say-1st-atom-bomb-test-caused-cancer-cases?et_cid=5835034&et_rid=493224525&location=top&et_cid=5835034&et_rid=493224525&linkid=content
17 Feb 17, 08:20 PM
morph: as you said with your harry potter paraphrase, the nuke industry also would love to implement: “Wastius no morius ourius problemius”
17 Feb 17, 08:18 PM
morph: nuclear spent fuel isn't a political problem...
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