30 Aug 18, 03:08 PM
Nicole: Hi, I'm currently in your affies list under "Plasteeq", just to let you know that domain expired and
16 Aug 18, 08:35 PM
Rose-owner: I have tons of plans to update and get a brand spanking new layout. Stay tuned
3 Jul 18, 02:33 PM
me: ugly ugly ugly
2 Jul 18, 02:42 PM
Rose-owner: So “me” wheres yours? Don’t have one, thought so. Eff off.
2 Jul 18, 01:46 PM
me: what a ****ing ugly site
21 Jun 18, 01:27 PM
Amanda: Hey Rose. How are you doing? I just wanted to let you know that I got you added up <3
20 Jun 18, 10:00 PM
Gayle: thanks. ive added you
20 Jun 18, 07:49 PM
Gayle: cute site. would you like to be affies?
19 Jun 18, 07:52 PM
Amanda: Ok hon. I'll add you.
19 Jun 18, 12:04 PM
Amanda: Love your site. Would you like to be affiliates?
17 Jun 18, 06:40 PM
Rose-owner: Been so busy. I do have plans to update so don’t abandon me
2 Mar 18, 07:11 PM
Brandi: Hi :) Dropping by to say hi and see how you're doing. hope all is well ♥
11 Feb 18, 09:20 PM
shannon: i love your colors so cute :)
11 Feb 18, 02:41 PM
Claressa: lately and im working on a etsy shop.
11 Feb 18, 02:41 PM
Claressa: Good considering, how are you? Thanks. As usual, trying to work on the site. although i have been
31 Dec 17, 12:57 PM
brandi: Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year ♥
24 Dec 17, 03:14 AM
Rach: content!!
24 Dec 17, 03:14 AM
Rach: Hi Rose. I come to your site a lot. I love it!! Hope you will have great holidays!! Thanks for your
12 Dec 17, 07:18 AM
Kevin @ h0neydip: content to my site. check it out!!
12 Dec 17, 07:18 AM
Kevin @ h0neydip: affie sweep passed. thnx for keeping my link up! How are you doing?? I added a new lyt and christmas
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