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10/30/16 09:31 PM
Johnny: What is the status on this site?
05/19/16 06:35 PM
Johnny: Hey Danielle, Im just woundering if you got my email?
03/22/16 01:23 PM
Danielle: I am so sorry, I will be posting an update soon. I assure you the site has not been abandoned.
03/12/16 01:53 PM
BR: When will you update the site again? Love this so much!
09/11/15 09:14 PM
Johnny: May i ask what the status on this site??
05/30/15 10:14 PM
Danielle: Yes, I'll be catching up with updates soon. I apologize for the huge delay.
05/26/15 01:44 PM
Ashley: Hi, are you still updating the website? :( its been dead :(
10/29/14 04:15 AM
Daniela: Chtěla bych se zeptat, zda se dá sehnat váš autogram..Daniela
10/29/14 04:14 AM
Daniela: Ahoj Colin, jsem z České republiky..mám velmi ráda všechny vaše filmové role. Jste výborný herec!!
10/29/14 03:50 AM
Daniela: Daniela
10/29/14 03:50 AM
Daniela: milacek3
10/09/14 09:32 AM
Nick: I'm not sure about the Loreal & GQ pics. Let me know what you think. :)
10/09/14 09:30 AM
Nick: Danielle, I just added a bunch of scans to my collection page on Colin. :)
08/25/14 01:40 PM
Danielle: Due to spam the chatbox had to be completely wiped out.