24 Apr 18, 11:27 AM
mick: @GM looks like Tom of Finland was missed from 04/03 purchases LMK if to request again. Thx.
24 Apr 18, 09:34 AM
X5: Hey GM Enter The Void still has DRM
24 Apr 18, 12:49 AM
innit: @X5 I'm going to get this fixed, but since i can't delete anything its causing an issue
23 Apr 18, 07:52 PM
David: Lmao @darth
23 Apr 18, 10:13 AM
X5: Hey GM Lucifer season 3 episode 20 is too small and in two parts
23 Apr 18, 08:02 AM
Darth: Hey any word on Suicide squad
23 Apr 18, 12:54 AM
Maynard: @X5 very cool! Happy for it was good for you! I will wait too then...
23 Apr 18, 12:21 AM
Anon: i'm guessing by the post below yours the answer to that question would be no
22 Apr 18, 10:44 PM
Social1: Are you posting Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay today?
22 Apr 18, 09:55 PM
GM: @David I'm sorry, I'll get it posted within 1-2 day
22 Apr 18, 06:12 PM
innit: @Mr Nice Guy I do
22 Apr 18, 03:17 PM
Mr Nice Guy: just wondering if anyone has access to Ray Donovan, Season 5
22 Apr 18, 12:43 AM
X5: I think Im just going to wait until it is on the CAN store cause it will be cheaper
22 Apr 18, 12:42 AM
X5: it was a blast
20 Apr 18, 10:49 PM
David: @GM what's up with Suicide Squad Hell to Pay??
20 Apr 18, 09:17 PM
Maynard: was it fun?
20 Apr 18, 09:17 PM
Maynard: x5 it is OK! If we can do the request like tsunami says it will work out?
20 Apr 18, 08:16 AM
X5: sorry Maynard I was in Mexico for the last week I just got back now
19 Apr 18, 09:38 PM
Anon: if you were a premium member you could
19 Apr 18, 03:44 PM
Loois: Please upload this https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/there-is-more-live/1351626128
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