24 Oct 17, 07:13 AM
GM: In my experience, this happened before and will get fixed by them in a few days
24 Oct 17, 07:13 AM
GM: I will get in touch with them to figure out what's going on
24 Oct 17, 07:13 AM
GM: The current situation is definitely a Box's problem, so there's no need to change anything
24 Oct 17, 04:22 AM
Munkz562: Preacher Season 2 episode 13 is saying error when trying to uncompress
24 Oct 17, 04:05 AM
eric994: hey can some one check episode 1 of Electric Dreams Series ,I'm getting "unexpected end of archive"
24 Oct 17, 03:48 AM
Maynard: @innit thanks. If I have to redownload then I will, I know you have to keep file zipped and passwor
24 Oct 17, 03:39 AM
innit: i've removed the password, and currently files are in normal fomat but will be uploading compreesed
24 Oct 17, 03:35 AM
Anon: if they get changed im stuffed
24 Oct 17, 03:35 AM
Anon: i have a few qued up until i find space on my hard drives
24 Oct 17, 03:34 AM
Anon: please don't mess with any other series directories
24 Oct 17, 03:31 AM
Anon: now this password thin has messed up downloading completely
24 Oct 17, 03:30 AM
Anon: no problems at all
24 Oct 17, 03:30 AM
Anon: the problems extracting are on their side... i use jdownloade, winrar, windows 10
24 Oct 17, 03:24 AM
Innit: With everyone not being able to extract the files, I’m trying to help,everyone
24 Oct 17, 03:22 AM
Anon: what was wrong with original format?
24 Oct 17, 03:21 AM
Anon: this is a pain in tthe arse
24 Oct 17, 03:20 AM
Anon: ant simply get all the links now using jdownloader...
24 Oct 17, 03:18 AM
Anon: why the password on TWD...
24 Oct 17, 03:17 AM
Innit: @Maynard password is under the download link
24 Oct 17, 02:47 AM
Maynard: Has password pop up
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