25 Dec 12, 10:47 AM
24 Dec 12, 11:40 AM
Kirsten: sure do xD
23 Dec 12, 08:28 PM
Marlena: Blimey you keep yourselves busy XD
23 Dec 12, 05:32 PM
Kirsten: Yeah, me, louise and Michelle are xD
23 Dec 12, 11:37 AM
Marlena: Are you guys opening up ANOTHER studio XD
22 Dec 12, 02:24 PM
Marlena: It's a good program, but not as good as SV unfortunately :P
22 Dec 12, 01:20 PM
Michelle: I think I would get FCP if I didn't already have SV, because then I wouldn't have to use Windows on my MacBook. But now I can put Word on too.
22 Dec 12, 10:50 AM
Marlena: Yeah, I'm glad I switched from iM, it was too limiting :P Yay!
22 Dec 12, 04:36 AM
Michelle: of my clips. And the effects are minimal. Only a few days until I get SV again! YAY!
22 Dec 12, 04:36 AM
Michelle: FCP is easier? Wow that's a surprise. I would've thought it would be harder. SV is definitely harder to understand than iMovie. But I love SV so much better. iM just messes up the quality...
19 Dec 12, 07:26 PM
Marlena: Well it is more advanced :P The timeline makes it so much easier to organise things
19 Dec 12, 07:23 PM
Kirsten: who would of thought that FCP is better than iM??
18 Dec 12, 08:27 PM
Marlena: Final Cut Pro is surprisingly easier than Imovie o_O
14 Dec 12, 02:20 AM
11 Dec 12, 05:51 PM
Kirsten: We are talkative we should be PROUD
10 Dec 12, 03:13 AM
Michelle: You know, I just looked through this and most (if not all) of the posts were from me, Kirsten, Marlena, and May. Sad.... Hopefully more people will use this when we pick this up again next year.
10 Dec 12, 03:09 AM
Michelle: Is Final Cut Pro hard to use? Just curious because I've used Vegas and though its hard at first its pretty easy to get used to.
12 Jul 12, 01:25 PM
Marlena: Final cut pro, the same as Kai
12 Jul 12, 12:54 PM
Kirsten: what one did you get
11 Jul 12, 02:28 PM
Marlena: Hey guess what? I got a new program :D
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