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01/08/13 05:39 PM
Faith: It'ss fine :3
01/07/13 02:50 PM
Duskfur: um is this how you rp?
01/05/13 09:06 PM
❤ѕqυιяяєlу❤: @Faith On the Fourth of July we set off fireworks and one almost hit our house O.O
01/05/13 09:05 PM
❤ѕqυιяяєlу❤: @Splashwave Okay! :D @Faithy No problem and I hope you don't mind that I added the text 'Squirrelflight's Updates' on to one of them @Ivory That sounds like fun! My parents went out so I was home alone for New Years :( But I watched the ball drop and was talking to my friends lol @Cloudy What site builder are you creating it on? Or are you doing it on a program like Notepad+?
01/05/13 06:06 PM
Faith: We set fireworks off in our backyard once XD
01/05/13 04:51 PM
Ivory: I need to practice piano but I'll check back in awhile to see if you're still here...
01/05/13 04:51 PM
Ivory: You still on Cloudy?
01/05/13 04:29 PM
cloudy: I'm making a site and I need tips
01/05/13 04:27 PM
cloudy: Ivory ? Squirrely ? Yuki ?
01/05/13 04:26 PM
cloudy: hi ?
01/05/13 03:43 PM
Ivory: Sorry I never replied, Squirrely. :D I watched firworks on tv. we have a place where I live that lights off fireworks to music... its' fun. :) Though, I've watched the ball drop in the past!
01/05/13 04:12 AM
Faith: Thanks for using my graphics!!!
01/05/13 12:40 AM
Splashwave: okay, the inbox works now! :)
01/04/13 05:07 PM
❤ѕqυιяяєlу❤: Hello Mothwing and Hazelstar67 :)
01/04/13 04:18 PM
Hazelstar67: Ooo!
01/04/13 10:42 AM
Mothwing: Hi everybodeeeeeeeee! :D
01/04/13 10:00 AM
❤ѕqυιяяєlу❤: test
01/04/13 10:00 AM
❤ѕqυιяяєlу❤: Yeah I know that has happened to me with my inbox account to last night. There's a few technical issues going on but I think it may be good now. I'm not sure. I just logged on and it was fine for me this morning :)
01/04/13 02:44 AM
Splashwave: btw I registered for the inbox thing but it's not working when I try to sign in D:
01/04/13 02:42 AM
Splashwave: heya, I love the new banner! :)
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