16 Sep 19, 10:11 AM
RaoPia: freedom, how do you proxy your cards?
15 Sep 19, 11:20 AM
Zee: Hi, is there a reason why Zenonzard articles like how to play or cardlist were taken down?
10 Sep 19, 09:40 PM
Ben: Hi, any updates on Singapore WGP for WS?
31 Aug 19, 11:33 PM
Freedom: http://blog.livedoor.jp/freedomduo/archives/55433566.html
30 Aug 19, 05:29 PM
IceTheGhostie: Hi Freedom just like to ask if you have a link in your blog about Granblue Deck update when V-EB08 came out? i cant seem to fin one
26 Aug 19, 01:23 PM
Freedom: VMC is a open qualifier
26 Aug 19, 12:53 PM
Jiru: Is there any region eligilibility for the VMC 2019 qualifier similarly to past WGP event?
1 Aug 19, 10:06 AM
Freedom: CCS is legal to be played outside japan just like the english version. but you cannot mix them
1 Aug 19, 12:43 AM
So: Is CC Sakura JP a legal series to be play in Japanese tournament outside of Japan? Or it will be disallowed like SGS, Star Wars and Godzilla?
30 Jul 19, 01:09 AM
Freedom: @F2P Says the guy who hasn't got one XD
25 Jul 19, 10:09 AM
F2P: brush up your japanese for cucks sake
23 Jul 19, 02:55 PM
Azael: Do you have the files with the Silver thorn proxy cards? Would like to print them.
21 Jul 19, 05:49 PM
AX: Would like to ask if the dates for Japanese WGP in SG released yet? (VG/WS) Thanks!
21 Jul 19, 01:31 AM
Freedom: Jojo is legal in SG
20 Jul 19, 04:37 PM
G: Yo, is JoJo a legal series to be play in Singapore WGP?
20 Jul 19, 01:51 AM
75: excuse me, it's star boundary or astral plane?
17 Jul 19, 03:13 AM
HellFyre: What were pull ratios for Bandori Pico Buddyfight?
13 Jul 19, 06:45 PM
Ichijou: @Freedom is there any list for Gancelot combined with Blaster build?
5 Jun 19, 05:13 PM
Freedom: Hi Freedomduo
5 Jun 19, 05:13 PM
Freedom: Harlo
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