24 May 17, 06:24 PM
The DCG: Oh, hey, he's transgender. That's awesome.
19 May 17, 01:17 PM
Honzinator: Ah ... siblings always know just what to say.
27 Mar 17, 03:07 PM
Thane: (now that they're under control enough to be called a 'power' rather than a magical inconvenience)
27 Mar 17, 03:07 PM
Thane: Haha! Her powers are pretty similar XD
24 Mar 17, 02:29 PM
Honzinator: That settles it - she's an X-Man. Kitty Pryde, to be exact.
22 Mar 17, 07:21 PM
mamafrog: Is it just me or does it look like his arn is sticking through her in panel 3?
16 Mar 17, 11:47 AM
Grouch: Hey now, no starring out technical terms, silly shoutbox.
16 Mar 17, 11:47 AM
Grouch: They too are on the ****list, among with a bunch of other "modern" websites. To my mind, though, mirroring should involve automated copy, not some identikit "2.0" interface.
15 Mar 17, 11:35 PM
Thane: For anyone worrying, though, the main comic isn't going anywhere! The webtoons thing is just me experimenting with mirrors, as I've heard good things about it.
15 Mar 17, 11:34 PM
Thane: I can't stand Tapastic, personally, and initially I lumped WT in with it as they both do the vertical thing... but WT is way less glitchy, haha
15 Mar 17, 04:48 PM
Grouch: Kudos for trying, I guess. Too bad I already ran away screaming from webtoons and their interface. They're one of a few hosters where I won't read comics at all.
27 Feb 17, 02:55 AM
Elenaria: "Happy to be all huge and stompy." Bethan tells it like it is <3
18 Feb 17, 01:17 AM
AlkaliA: Thank you for that
17 Feb 17, 08:18 AM
Brian: Hey. Zuko here!
13 Feb 17, 01:43 PM
Funyarinpa: A hamsterball Teeko!
10 Feb 17, 09:20 PM
tlynnec: it's a close parentheses, Teeko.
9 Jan 17, 03:59 AM
Pedant: "for a while", not "for awhile", since that'd mean "for for a while".
23 Dec 16, 11:42 AM
Elenaria: Teeeekooo <3!!!
13 Nov 16, 02:33 AM
Frazzled: I really hope this means Teeko is going to be playing a more active role in the story. I really like teeko and I want to see more of her.
21 Oct 16, 09:50 PM
tlynnec: poor poor taco bell...
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