18 Feb 17, 02:17 AM
AlkaliA: Thank you for that
17 Feb 17, 09:18 AM
Brian: Hey. Zuko here!
13 Feb 17, 02:43 PM
Funyarinpa: A hamsterball Teeko!
10 Feb 17, 10:20 PM
tlynnec: it's a close parentheses, Teeko.
9 Jan 17, 04:59 AM
Pedant: "for a while", not "for awhile", since that'd mean "for for a while".
23 Dec 16, 12:42 PM
Elenaria: Teeeekooo <3!!!
13 Nov 16, 03:33 AM
Frazzled: I really hope this means Teeko is going to be playing a more active role in the story. I really like teeko and I want to see more of her.
21 Oct 16, 10:50 PM
tlynnec: poor poor taco bell...
19 Oct 16, 08:49 AM
Brian: anyone else reading this guy in Bumi's voice?
14 Oct 16, 12:21 PM
Thane: Oops! You are right, I did mean that! (Fixed it now, thank you!)
14 Oct 16, 09:29 AM
Kat: alt text from september 30th: I think you mean "quite frankly"
12 Oct 16, 01:53 AM
dev: Link to previous comic is wrong
5 Oct 16, 02:13 AM
Thane: But, it's been largely unwoven, and is inert. More explanations coming :U
5 Oct 16, 02:13 AM
Thane: well.... technically, the energy and 'code' that went into it is now inside of the big stompy conglomerate of spirits.
4 Oct 16, 11:27 PM
Kat: or is that spoiler-ish?
4 Oct 16, 11:26 PM
Kat: So... what happened to the orb in the end? I know Heryan said it was empty, but how'd "Viraigo" get the power out of it, and where is the Orb's power now?
3 Oct 16, 04:40 AM
Funyaripa: Kiran being referred to as "Kiddo" made my day. It's my favorite.
23 Sep 16, 03:14 AM
Elenaria: "Could be okay." <- pretty much my reactions to every update for months on end by now ^-^
21 Sep 16, 03:07 PM
AshleyP.: *bites nails* Ohhh, Please be Kiran still.
21 Sep 16, 02:39 PM
Thane: Yep.
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