16 Aug 18, 04:53 PM
GonZo: also i think i still have the charlie clipz cd somehwere ill upload for everyone
16 Aug 18, 04:52 PM
GonZo: Who got that thump mendoza mixtape?
11 Aug 18, 02:27 PM
Von: I can't find it SD Card 2GB Music?
11 May 18, 02:12 PM
uk: Yeah cheers for the S.A.S upload, appreciate it!
27 Apr 18, 05:14 AM
recognize: Good looking on that SAS upload!
11 Apr 18, 06:46 AM
uk: can we get a reup of the SAS streets all salute album, been looking for it everywhere cant find it
3 Feb 18, 05:33 PM
Dingus: n if anybody has that Killa Season Advance, I'd appreciate that too
3 Feb 18, 05:33 PM
Dingus: Any chance of a re-up on that Killa Season 1.5? I know it's later than a mug, but it's worth a shot
4 Nov 17, 09:52 PM
rau: anyone have jay bezel philadelphia beast
29 Aug 17, 12:40 PM
Napz: Do you still have that JR Writer the Ethiopian tape?
15 Jun 17, 12:40 PM
Blunt: Good **** on that Juelz compilation, can you do something for the Killa loosies/feats from the past few years?
18 May 17, 11:34 AM
recognize: Good looking on that Santana anthology!
11 Nov 16, 04:11 PM
Famo: A long ass time ago somebody posted the OG Double Up with Un here in the chatbox, anybody still have it?
1 Aug 16, 03:06 PM
jiggs: @DJPhilNW yooo u got senate tapes???
31 Jul 16, 11:31 PM
Check This: https://youtu.be/W2H0htZ0C8M
31 Jul 16, 02:00 AM
DJPhilNW: Please re-upload. Links not working
31 Jul 16, 12:37 AM
DJPhilNW: For real, I'm lookin for those Senate Tapes
14 May 16, 08:21 PM
jiggs: yall gotta get senate tapes on here come on yall!!! anybody getttem email jahauri23@yahoo.com
14 May 16, 08:21 PM
jiggs: why isnt any of senate mixtapes 1 2 3 4 on here????
26 Apr 16, 05:04 PM
themovementmoveson: I need PURPLE HAZE ADVANCE!
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