1 Dec 17, 06:02 PM
Blind Bandit: Finally decided to reread kaichou last night, and I'm now on chapter 18 :') Forever grateful for your hard work PotatoOtaku!!
6 Nov 17, 06:09 AM
b9: Thank You!!!
10 Oct 17, 05:22 PM
Blind Bandit: Thank you so much for all the work you put into the scans, you gave me endless amounts of joy all those years ago! I hope this blog will be able to revive this one day!
10 Oct 17, 05:21 PM
Blind Bandit: I haven't visited your blog in years, and I'm currently watching Weekly Idol and they mentioned 'otaku' and I was suddenly reminded of you guys!
31 Aug 17, 08:28 AM
Yuuki: Yah kaichou scans were great. Now I am currently in chap 60+ hooray 😁
25 Aug 17, 07:57 PM
mrs.usui: :biggrin:
25 Aug 17, 07:57 PM
mrs.usui: thank you so much for the work you've done on kaichou wa maid sama. i know its from a long while ago but i still love this manga
13 Aug 17, 06:05 AM
winter: Thank you for taking the time to translate Maid-sama :D
6 Aug 17, 11:07 PM
Potato-Otaku: LOL thanks for the support y'all!
2 Jul 17, 12:02 PM
CW Pura: Thx
2 Jul 17, 12:02 PM
CW Pura: Mais Sama.....Great job...Thx !!!!
19 Jun 17, 06:19 AM
Naru: .
19 Jun 17, 06:19 AM
Naru: .
15 Jun 17, 11:16 AM
Niijor: youre great
11 May 17, 06:50 PM
yanyan: hello, are you guys still active?
9 May 17, 09:25 AM
kiera: kinda surprised that its still here. but anyway. Helloooo everyone
21 Apr 17, 02:38 PM
4 Mar 17, 09:08 AM
Nyako: I miss ya guys!
27 Feb 17, 09:11 AM
b9: will there be a translation of Yuki Ochimura ni Ojou-sama anytime soon?
9 Jan 17, 03:32 AM
Miriam Foster: Hi, i just wanted to thank you for your hard work till now and wish you good luck... Hope everything will turn out just as you desire. You really deserve it. XD
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