3 Jun 15, 11:49 AM
WhiteChocolateDreamland: Dear Rachel, i'm using the normal pattern cardboard to do the sliding door. The plastic door base i got it from brother. And i'm not sure where he got it :)
28 May 15, 10:08 AM
Rachel: Hi I love the Blythe dollhouse you made!I really would like to know where you got the material to make the sliding doors? (the plastic base that allows the doors to slide)? Thank you!
26 Jan 15, 12:29 PM
WhiteChocolateDreamland: Driely: Yup, my blog is still alive. There has been few months i'm really busy with my other project. I will reproduce my 12th doll very soon. TQ for liking my blog :)
26 Jan 15, 12:27 PM
WhiteChocolateDreamland: Hi Ange, all eye chips were hand painted with acrylid colours. Sorry that for time being i was unable to show any tutorial. But they will soon out there for sale :)
23 Jan 15, 05:48 PM
Driely: Hi! I love this blog, it still "alive"?
29 Dec 14, 11:49 AM
Ange: Hi could you tell me what time of paint do you use to paint the eyelids? Are they hand-painted? If so, how to prevent the streaks? Thanks!
25 Jul 14, 11:40 PM
nobody: me gusta
30 Jun 14, 09:25 PM
nobody: i miss you
29 Jun 14, 08:46 AM
nobody: i love you :heart:
29 Jun 14, 02:00 AM
WhiteChocolateDreamland: Thanks for all your support :)
21 Dec 13, 12:44 PM
erin: like ur blog so much . omaigod blythe collecter
13 Sep 13, 10:57 AM
Nami: hi. can you give me link of leeke world?
31 Aug 13, 09:22 AM
Yuuroki: what is thant song ?
30 Aug 13, 10:54 AM
ธัญญา: ร้านเปิดกี่โมงคะ
10 Aug 13, 09:54 PM
Cam: Mike: i leave a msg at ur Skype. I lost all ur contact. Pls reply me back :)
4 Aug 13, 03:06 PM
Mike: It has been a while, seems like you are still customizing dolls in your free time:) I hope you are doing well.~Mike
30 Jun 13, 08:18 AM
abg superman: nak bagitau mercun legend kat malaysia ni :)
12 Jun 13, 11:31 AM
Free Album Download: sup lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com msg us
25 May 13, 06:58 PM
abang gadget: mari singgah blog abg plak :)
1 Mar 13, 08:59 PM
midah: Please tell me is that blogwalking is Rock
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