11 Apr 18, 10:09 PM
BTGG: Off-Work moments are only posted wenn THey are 'ok' wiTH it
11 Apr 18, 10:07 PM
BTGG: Ik THey are spending time togeTHer, but I will not post private moments of THeir lives.
11 Apr 18, 10:07 PM
BTGG: They are in a relationship. The terms of that relationship is their own private business
11 Apr 18, 03:42 AM
Sven: what do you think about Tom and Heidi (possibly being in a relationship)?
11 Apr 18, 03:41 AM
Sven: uses Monsoon's instrumental (refrain) there. btw: Tom & Heidi vacation: 09.04.2018 "Cabo San Lucas"
11 Apr 18, 03:32 AM
Sven: "DM" sometimes shortcuts their "Monsoon" (in german) & "Dream Machine" could be similar? a song also
11 Apr 18, 01:05 AM
BTGG: #1- ? #2 - nein #3 - won't be able to sadly
8 Apr 18, 05:24 AM
Sven: on 21.04.2018 will be the TH's next concert ...are you planning to visit them there?
7 Apr 18, 10:18 AM
Sven: do you think, next to "Billy", a title could be named "Macky" someday?
7 Apr 18, 03:26 AM
Sven: do you think "DM" relates from the abbr. "Durch den Monsun" to the shortcut of "Dream Machine"?
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