18 Nov 17, 09:05 AM
nramdo: Brandi here! ♥ just stopping by to say hi & let you know that i'm back and my site has a new look, a
29 Jun 17, 09:47 AM
shattered-soul: I saved some of your icons to use. your designs are amazing hope to see more in the future
17 Aug 16, 11:58 AM
samuel: hentai cosplay? http://www.usakou.blogspot.com o.O
27 May 16, 02:22 PM
Infinity: Hey Linzz, how have you been! I'm finally back.
30 Apr 16, 04:40 PM
Rach: Hi LInzz. I love your layout. Especially the header!
27 Mar 16, 12:40 AM
carlvic: Hi nang. Ngayo tutorial pang tutorial of the week. Huehue
14 Feb 16, 06:37 AM
brandi: just stopping by to wish you a happy valentine's day ♥ may you get lots of chocolate/candy/gifts
12 Feb 16, 11:15 PM
Abi: hey linzz <3 just letting you know I changed domain :D
10 Feb 16, 02:25 PM
Lucien: Enigmaticons.org has a new look; come visit, and tell me what you think. :)
3 Jan 16, 06:04 PM
Abi: hey linzz <3 just dropping some love
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