6 Nov 16, 01:09
TatyanaName: Happy birthday, Mr. Patrick! Best wishes from Russia!
5 Nov 16, 21:49
James Patterson: Happy birthday, Mr. Patrick! I eagerly await your next project!
5 Nov 16, 21:44
7 Aug 16, 00:37
Max: I wanted to thank you for attend the Wizard Comic Con on July 30-31!! I hope you enjoyed OH too!!
31 Aug 15, 21:15
Charles W. MCguirk: I have been told for years how closely I resemble Robert maybe I could double for him sometime
31 Aug 15, 21:14
Charles W. MCguirk: I've been told for years how close I look to Robert. I act/model maybe I could double for him
1 Apr 15, 00:44
Christina: I wish I had found the site earlier, a rich source for RP. Amazing body of work, very unique face.
1 Sep 14, 19:46
priscila: congratulations,your are a great actor
1 Sep 14, 19:43
priscila: hi, love your movies, your fan in brazil.
24 Aug 14, 05:51
Ryan Houthoofd: I work with your dad. best person i ever met.
24 Aug 14, 05:49
Ryan Houthoofd: Work with your dad at the golf course a lot. What a man. In Sunset. I just wanted to let you know
26 Apr 14, 20:02
Gregory: Robert is introducing "Terminator 2" Monday April 28th at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA tick
24 Dec 13, 13:35
Wol4ica: Сайт http://dolphlundgren-fan.eu Поздравляет с наступающими рождественскими и новогодними праздникам
22 Oct 13, 19:32
Natalie: Hi, we just his fan site. So please ask @robertpatrickt2 on Twitter
21 Oct 13, 00:07
Hi: how are you??
21 Oct 13, 00:07
Hi: Welcome to Stockholm 30 NOV -1DEc 2013 ps can i filming you wen i meet you ther at convention???
8 Aug 13, 20:26
Christy: Do you remember meetin mean Atl airport, when I was givin u hell? I'm the mouth flight attendant?
23 Jun 13, 15:39
Mihail: If some day Mr. Patrick will recieve a suggestion to play Alexander Solzhenitsyn, let he take it.
29 Apr 13, 11:14
Kelly_17: Thanks for the great new pictures from Calgary!!
21 Apr 13, 15:10
Natalie: Thank you so much, GI6789!
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