Hui En: yo helloo kaiqian (; just changed a new link. (: haha. old one didnt use dy (:
Ayie: Assalamualaikum, great site. .Minta jasa baik ke blog saya sebentar. Terima kasih
Ning: Hellooo Qian. Keep continue to update ya. <3
syam: sy dtg nk blogwalk...jom2 sharing
Hana Chaca: Hi, Just visit.. great info. I will follow your update. Thanks :)
panda: 知足与当下,好好的争取现在,珍惜眼前拥有,寻找开心的来源,好好的过活这每分每秒 :)
Jenna W: Hello, I come her to support and smile for you :) please support and smile back to me :) thanks..
panda: 因为你从来没有让人认识正真的你
KahHoe: Waa kai kai also write chinese post hehe, cheer up ! :)
Guardian: 加油ok.. Guardian is always looking after you back. You can do it!
AMA: :D <3
Kai Qian > AMA: Hello :D hehe yi qi Jia you yi qi really hehehe (: xie xie o ;)
Kai Qian > passerby: Hello (: thank you for the suggestions given though I have got no idea who are you (:
Kai Qian > miemer: Hello mer (: update Liao, wo kan dao yi zhi you Tasmania de ren Jiu zhi dao shi ni Liao (: hehe
AMA: helloooo! yi qi jia youuuu o! (:
passer by: try to talk with your new friends more :) then u will have sum1 to share your feelings to, instead of only mixing with your close friends all the time. They c you day in day out in college. smile :)
passer by: and we need time to switch our way of understanding the questions. Considering that u were a prefect in your sec school... yeah communication with new ppl in a new environment can be tougher for u
passer by: Hey kai qian, don't get too stressed up in studies okay? Yeah a-lvl is difficult, especially chemistry (to me, at least). Maybe it is because a-lvl is more application-based,
miemer: mermie ulala hen jiu meio update blog liao :)
Kai Qian > jingxian: hehe, thank you guardian :D all the best to you too!
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