02/21/19 11:11 AM
romy: i had to google what weeds was wow asfsds
02/21/19 11:02 AM
mira: i keep trying to start russian doll and i never focus long enough to do it
02/21/19 11:01 AM
mira: it was! it reminds me a lot of weeds
02/21/19 11:01 AM
romy: oooo i never finished that is it good!!
02/21/19 11:01 AM
romy: this is why magic needs 2 be real
02/21/19 11:01 AM
romy: kfc my ol' love
02/21/19 11:00 AM
mira: i'm so sad i just finished good girls
02/21/19 10:57 AM
lio: i should make some food eventually... but im comfortable
02/21/19 10:57 AM
mira: did you get pizzzaaa
02/21/19 10:57 AM
romy: food sleepies adfsf
02/21/19 08:54 AM
luda: hello!
02/21/19 08:43 AM
lady: hey luvs !!
02/21/19 08:13 AM
romy (m): afternooon lovelies
02/21/19 06:50 AM
02/21/19 06:28 AM
lio: :sleepy:
02/20/19 07:11 PM
luda: hi guest! if you have an account registered you can always pm me! or shoot me a message on discord if you’d prefer??
02/20/19 07:04 PM
guest: hey friends!! what if i noticed a face claim i’m interested in hasn’t posted in over 9 days with no absence post??
02/20/19 06:40 PM
kirin: hiii
02/20/19 06:14 PM
lauren: hello!
02/20/19 06:14 PM
karen: hi
02/20/19 06:12 PM
lauren: #trashclub
02/20/19 05:56 PM
lio: i too am garbage pile
02/20/19 05:55 PM
lauren: we can be trash together
02/20/19 04:37 PM
suji: fml & sorry fam i am trash
02/20/19 04:37 PM
suji: wow my alerts were literally a mess i just discovered tags i never noticed
02/20/19 03:57 PM
lauren: im trying to get my mom to bring home food lololol
02/20/19 03:56 PM
suji: i want snacks /asi'm eating brekkie
02/20/19 03:37 PM
lauren: v agreed
02/20/19 02:24 PM
lady: snacks r always good
02/20/19 02:14 PM
lauren: okay time to get something done.
02/20/19 01:40 PM
romy: but snaaacks
02/20/19 01:38 PM
lady: oh no u definitely shouldn't move
02/20/19 01:36 PM
lio: i have to go to the store to get snacks and stuff but B( moving
02/20/19 01:34 PM
lady: what are you procrastinating on lmao
02/20/19 01:33 PM
lio: right lmao
02/20/19 01:33 PM
lady: its amazing how many lil things u can find to do when youre procrastinating lmao
02/20/19 01:29 PM
lio: messing around on spotify, im procrastinating pft xD
02/20/19 01:25 PM
lady: i'm ok!! just kinda gathering things atm. haha you??
02/20/19 01:23 PM
lio: how'reee you?
02/20/19 12:56 PM
lady: hey lio!
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