21 Nov 17, 01:36
Bad Spinach: My brother's off work next week. If he comes by, I might get him to take me to one other place, one last shot at it. :tired:
21 Nov 17, 01:35
Bad Spinach: I should have called first. That would have been the smart thing to do, but... I am not so smart. :nervous:
21 Nov 17, 01:35
Bad Spinach: The Paysafe website had a different set of stores that were supposed to have it... none close to me. I took a short ride on a train (and back) to a city that's not on the local bus routes. The paysafe website directions first led me to a neighborhood of homes. Then I found a store with the same name in the other direction, but they said they'd never carried it. Then I found a third address, but the store was closed. The woman next door said it closed a year ago. I did a LOT of walking today. It really hurt my back while I was doing it. :zonked:
21 Nov 17, 01:32
Bad Spinach: I believe you expressed some scepticism, when I originally told you I had trouble buying UL. I tried again today, to get that Paysafe card... and failed again. :lol:
20 Nov 17, 13:30
Indiepop: I got used to it quickly
20 Nov 17, 13:29
Indiepop: UL finished then, it's weird but not as bad as it would have been 10 months back when every man and his dog was using it
24 Jun 17, 12:04
jazzfan: Added The Infamous Stringdusters -info [link] to my Country folder here [link] and Innes Sibun -info [link] to my Blues Folder here [link] - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou) Enjoy!!
23 Jun 17, 21:15
PleasePleasePlease: @Barakasan Thank you ever so much!!
23 Jun 17, 21:03
Barakasan: Clayton Landua Music - Native (2017) [Link]
23 Jun 17, 20:51
PleasePleasePlease: Looking for Clayton Landua - Native (2017)
23 Jun 17, 12:32
jazzfan: Added More Karen Lovely and Dani Wilde -info [link] to my Blues Women folder here [link] - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou) Enjoy!!
22 Jun 17, 18:45
Lancelot: Wisnton... I have like 3tb in mp3 320... if you're looking for something just ask me... Thank you again
22 Jun 17, 18:44
Lancelot: Winston... thank you!!!!!
22 Jun 17, 17:14
berni: Thanks again for everything :)
22 Jun 17, 03:59
brtjn: thank you for David Crosby, highly appreciated!
21 Jun 17, 19:24
Winston: @Lancelot - here's all the Strawbs I have. I'm not a completist so I don't know if anything is missing. All my links/not my rips. Bit rates vary. [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
21 Jun 17, 17:47
Lancelot: Hi looking for STRAWBS discography
21 Jun 17, 13:34
Mander2311: @Barakasan: many thanks for your post. Cheers
20 Jun 17, 23:44
xzrtm: Allman Brothers Band: The Capricorn Years 9 CD Box (Japan Remasters) 320k/art scans [link] (link good 7 days)
20 Jun 17, 20:06
Barakasan: Kris Collins - Whiskey & Cigars (2016) [Link]
20 Jun 17, 19:56
Steve Z.: Thank you Zorn :)
20 Jun 17, 19:18
Mander2311: Hi friends looking for Whiskey & Cigars Kris Collins . Can anyone help me, please? TYA
20 Jun 17, 17:46
Steve Z.: The Legendery Shack Shakers link is down. Is a reupp possible? Thanks in advance
20 Jun 17, 15:26
Rocks:: Many thanks Barakasan for Cold Stares post ! :biggrin:
20 Jun 17, 13:37
Barakasan: The Cold Stares - The Southern (2016) & Dark Dark Blue (2016) [Link] [Link]
20 Jun 17, 10:49
jazzfan: Added Joanna Newsom -info [link] to my Folk folder here [link] Enjoy - My links but not my rips (ttou)
20 Jun 17, 01:38
Rocks: Looking 2 " The Cold Stares " band ! The Southern 2016 & Dark Dark Blue 2016 albums Thanks in advance !
19 Jun 17, 22:55
xzrtm: Skydog: The Duane Allman Anthology (320k plus all art/booket scans) [link] & [link] (links good 7 days)
19 Jun 17, 18:57
bradipo: Many Thanks Zorn for discovering this "Treasure"
19 Jun 17, 13:48
jazzfan: lots of chris Rea here [link] at 320(no Flacs) - My rips but not my rips (ttou)
19 Jun 17, 12:32
jazzfan: Added more Laura Veirs -info [link] to my Singer Songwriter folder here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
19 Jun 17, 11:02
bradipo: and thanks zorn for the J.J.Cale and Midnight North
19 Jun 17, 10:56
bradipo: @Barakasan: many thanks for the Karl Blau
18 Jun 17, 22:35
Barakasan: Karl Blau - Introducing Karl Blau (2016) Link
18 Jun 17, 10:19
Steve Z.: Thank you Zorn :)
18 Jun 17, 00:09
sagana: Could anyone upload Karl Blau "Introducing Karl Blau" (2016) ? Thanks a lot.
17 Jun 17, 17:20
zorn: @Steve Z...look at another link
17 Jun 17, 17:08
Steve Z.: The Steely Dan Rapidgator link doesent work for me, any ideas someone? Thanks a lot
17 Jun 17, 10:35
jazzfan: Thanks for the new Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Zorn - some more of their earlier stuff is here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
16 Jun 17, 20:29
joao abel: @jazzfan. I get it in Flac. Anyway, thank you for the others Rory.
16 Jun 17, 12:35
jazzfan: And more Gretchen Wilson to look at - thanks heaps for that Zorn.
16 Jun 17, 12:33
jazzfan: Added some Kathryn Williams -info [link] to my Folk folders here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
15 Jun 17, 20:37
Mr. Luddite: Speaking of Bromberg: this is a long shot. I'm looking for a show he did on NPR Mountain Stage in the early 90s. I had it on cassette and lost it. He did great versions of Testify and I'll Take You Back. I know there not a lot of live music on this site, but if anyone can help, i'd appreciate it. thanks.
15 Jun 17, 15:43
Jules: jazzfan: Many thanks, just what the Dr ordered.
15 Jun 17, 13:50
jazzfan: @ Jules: More David Bromberg in my Americana Folder here. [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
15 Jun 17, 08:59
Jules: Many thanks for the Bromberg. Anyone have a link to any of his past stuff?
15 Jun 17, 06:04
1969: Looking for 'Ciao! Manhattan OST please
15 Jun 17, 02:28
jazzfan: Zorn, thanks for the new Jack Williams - I've got some older stuff of his in my Folk folder here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
14 Jun 17, 16:55
bradipo: Thanks for Geoff Gibbons and Jack Williams
14 Jun 17, 10:46
jazzfan: Ahmad Jamal -info [link] and Kazumi Watanabe -info [link] added to my Jazz Folders here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
12 Jun 17, 14:14
Mander2311: coming from my homeland here is John Prine - 1996-05-13, Frutigen Switzerland [link]
12 Jun 17, 14:05
Mander2311: and, waiting for the release of Red Dirt Boogie--The Atco Recordings 1970-1972 I upload Jesse Ed Davis Ululu here: [link]
12 Jun 17, 13:59
Mander2311: Ciao. Leonard Cohen Legendary FM Broadcasts - Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 9th November 1988 [link] Enjoy
12 Jun 17, 11:12
bradipo: A big big thanks to Mander 2311 and zorn for the yesterday's posts :P
11 Jun 17, 20:55
EW: Would anyone have Jesse Ed Davis: The Atco Recordings [link]
11 Jun 17, 19:12
zorn: @Mander2311,thanks,god job today
11 Jun 17, 18:56
Mander2311: 4. Paul Simon - The Concert In Hyde Park (sorry no DVD) [link]
11 Jun 17, 18:48
Mander2311: 3. VA. American Epic The Sessions [link]
11 Jun 17, 18:44
Mander2311: 2. Steve Young. Seven Bridges Road The Complete Recordings [link]
11 Jun 17, 18:43
Mander2311: Hello my friends. Here a couple of new CDs: 1. Willie Nile. Positively Bob Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan [link]
10 Jun 17, 11:08
petrus: Thanks for the Steve Earle - another mighty album!
10 Jun 17, 10:58
jazzfan: Added some Arthur Blythe -info [link] to my Jazz folder here [link] and some Gretchen Wilson -info [link] to my Country folder here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
9 Jun 17, 09:28
zizou: V.A. - Cover Stories Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years Of The Story (2017) [link]
9 Jun 17, 08:11
jazzfan: Added some Rodney Crowell -info [link] to my Country folder here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not my rips (ttou)
8 Jun 17, 22:45
NOW: Sapphics Against Anger: [link]
8 Jun 17, 13:48
Mander2311: youppie!!! Steve Earle. Many many thanks to everybody
8 Jun 17, 11:56
Mander2311: @cdelint: many thanks for your kind reply. Cheers
8 Jun 17, 10:36
jazzfan: Added some Luther Allison - info [link] to my Blues folder here [link] and some Steve Davis -info [link] to my Jazz folder here [link] Enjoy - My links at 320 but not all my rips (ttou)
8 Jun 17, 09:50
chincojon: Thanks, Zorn.
8 Jun 17, 08:26
zorn: @chincojon,thanks,now is ok,but on 320
8 Jun 17, 05:59
chincojon: Thanks for posting Doug MaCloud. Track 4 seems to have gone missing. Could you post it? Thanks!
7 Jun 17, 19:45
cdelint: @Mander2311. I've had this problem before. Try renaming the zip file something like "1".
7 Jun 17, 17:56
Dave Swayne: @Zorn: TYVM for the recent FLAC files - little Steven, J. Isbell & R Crowell. Much appreciated :D
7 Jun 17, 16:15
qmat: @Mander2312 - i had to move the file to the root of my c: drive but after that it opened fine.
7 Jun 17, 13:42
Mander2311: Hi everyone would it be possible to abbreviate the lenght of titles in The Black Crowes – Legendary FM Broadcasts Sam Houston Coliseum Houston TX 6th February 1993 (2017). I cannot open the file since its longer than 260 characters. TYA
7 Jun 17, 13:36
Mander2311: @qmat: many thanks for all
7 Jun 17, 08:00
recheffe: anyone got the best of stereophonics please
7 Jun 17, 02:59
HerbieQ: @qmat: Thanks for the Van Boots!
6 Jun 17, 13:13
Winston: For the benefit of Mr Kite, here's a turbobit folder full of Ryan Adams. My links, not my rips. Folder link: [link]
6 Jun 17, 07:00
akiwi: Thankyou for J. Isbell
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