11 Aug 18, 04:57 PM
Afro Thunda: Had to finish it first.
11 Aug 18, 03:04 PM
Eli: Well well well...Look who finally decided to release it :)
9 Aug 18, 10:55 AM
Eli: Hmm..The photoshop part is easy. I use photoshop a lot now-a-days.
8 Aug 18, 12:58 AM
Afro Thunda: I use photoshop, and I just use notepad to do the scripts.
7 Aug 18, 07:12 PM
Eli: How do you clean ?? And what do you use to type ??
7 Aug 18, 01:56 PM
Afro Thunda: I type the script up in a text document, then clean the manga and copy/paste the lines where they should go.
7 Aug 18, 07:19 AM
Eli: Like you translate and then erase the OG manga and type it in english ?
7 Aug 18, 07:17 AM
Eli: Do you use photoshop to edit and translate the manga ??
7 Aug 18, 07:17 AM
Eli: Lol can't wait for the weekend then.
4 Aug 18, 01:08 AM
Afro Thunda: Hmm... Maybe, just maybe, I might finish this weekend. We shall see...
30 Jul 18, 09:51 AM
Eli: I don't want it to end. It's really good.
30 Jul 18, 09:51 AM
Eli: Holy god. I hope there's a 3rd part to the series.
30 Jul 18, 12:56 AM
Afro Thunda: A third of the way to the finish line. I might finish just in time for the third part to drop :D
27 Jul 18, 03:30 PM
Afro Thunda: Same here.
25 Jul 18, 08:47 AM
Eli: Still waiting for chapter 2 -_-'
25 Jun 18, 09:04 AM
Eli: Haha. That's the best comment. X) Take your time to learn it again
23 Jun 18, 03:37 PM
Afro Thunda: Welp, guess it's time to see if I remember how to edit.
18 Jun 18, 09:37 AM
Eli: Okay. Eagerly waiting.
17 Jun 18, 09:13 PM
Afro Thunda: No specific date.
15 Jun 18, 09:20 AM
Eli: Afro when would the next chapter be done ?? Any idea on a specific date
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