19 Aug 18, 04:32 AM
AK91: Thanks for continuing working on it even with so many difficulties!
19 Aug 18, 04:08 AM
AK91: Season 2 instead has a great quality! =)
19 Aug 18, 04:06 AM
AK91: @John I also hope that someone (if Wasurenai staff won't be interested) could do the MMPPP first season in DVD quality. Some episodes (example ep.2) looks quite terrible in quality.
15 Aug 18, 08:36 AM
john: Hi. Am following MMPPP status every week. Keep up the good work! Just a Q, will you do a batch release of all the episodes once its finished? I kinda lost all the older releases from you. Peace!
4 Aug 18, 02:47 AM
Webbmaster62: donations open for Aug. Any help appericated. MMPPP status updated.
4 Aug 18, 02:43 AM
Webbmaster62: @Joker the series is not done. I'll get back in my stride aoon you guys. ife is keeping me busy.
29 Jul 18, 11:51 AM
Annie: I'm sure that having everyone ask for new episodes all the time won't make them release faster. They clearly have other stuff going on in their lives.
29 Jul 18, 07:50 AM
Future Dreams: Beck, three years since the last episode released of a series is not being impatient. Subbing takes long time, but not so much :(
28 Jul 18, 04:42 PM
Beck: Donโ€™t be impatient! It takes a lot of time too subtitle each episode! I just check the website every month to see what the status is. Iโ€™m sure it will be all released as a batch when they are done ๐Ÿ˜Š
17 Jul 18, 06:29 AM
kyle: You actually think they care about animes being finished? Mermaid melody was already finished in 2004.. and they still haven't finished the subtitles.. they are pretty slow with uploading..
11 Jul 18, 12:13 AM
Joker: Kamisama Minarai already finished, please finish any episodes you're working right now
19 Jun 18, 07:31 AM
Future Dreams: Annie it's not just Mermaid Melody. Pretty Rhythm's last episode released was nearly 3 years ago too. I don't think they will ever finish it
12 Jun 18, 04:50 PM
Annie: I mean they updated the project status more recently than a year ago I think. They're probably waiting until they rest are done and then they'll release them all.
12 Jun 18, 04:22 AM
Kogenta3: Quick question: Is Mermaid Melody Pure still being subbed? It's been almost a year since the last episode was subbed : C....
11 Jun 18, 10:47 AM
Webbmaster62: nope
6 Jun 18, 12:31 PM
CurePopuri: Question: is Kiteseekers dead?
3 Jun 18, 10:12 AM
webbmaster62: contact us at our staff e mail. its on the site ๐Ÿ˜
24 May 18, 12:32 PM
Helessa: Hello! I may just be overlooking where the email to contact you is. But I was wondering where/how I could donate. :D Thank you!
18 May 18, 08:12 AM
Junior: I wonder when will be posted the next episode of Cocotama?
5 Apr 18, 02:19 AM
Future Dreams: I'll try to search for something for PR All Star Selection then...
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