1 Dec 18, 07:47 AM
Webbmaster62: reseeded gin chan
30 Nov 18, 05:04 PM
py: thank you for all your hard work!!!
28 Nov 18, 11:03 AM
Gin-chan: Hey guys, it would be very nice if you could reup the marie & gali ver 2.0 torrent (both xvid and h264). THX
10 Nov 18, 01:10 PM
john: ANN has an interesting list of merpeople related animes and Pichi Pitch was tops! https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/the-list/2018-11-10/.139298
5 Nov 18, 07:10 AM
Webbmaster62: either that are entire series batch
4 Nov 18, 02:02 PM
naru: are you guys gonna do the batch for the few last episode of cocotama
26 Oct 18, 09:26 AM
Webbmaster62: I checked, they do indeed have subtitles. Might be on your end naru. udate your codecs
24 Oct 18, 05:38 AM
naru: you guys might wanna check the batch for kami sama cocotama since none of the episode has subtitles :(
17 Oct 18, 09:35 PM
Webbmaster62: Any help for donation this month is appericated.
14 Oct 18, 01:23 PM
Ekke: Been working on Tantei Opera Milky Holmes S1 BDs in the background and will get them out when they're done. About time ya? ;)
4 Oct 18, 06:39 PM
John Titor: nvm, different one
4 Oct 18, 06:38 PM
John Titor: Is the IRC still up? #FTV-subs@irc.​rizon.​net
4 Oct 18, 01:43 PM
Webbmaster62: Kamisama eps are coming
4 Oct 18, 01:43 PM
Webbmaster62: Donations for Oct are up. Any help is apperiated.
28 Aug 18, 09:11 PM
Danni: @Kyle - Quality Check 2 I believe
28 Aug 18, 09:22 AM
kyle: what does @QC2 even mean?
19 Aug 18, 05:32 AM
AK91: Thanks for continuing working on it even with so many difficulties!
19 Aug 18, 05:08 AM
AK91: Season 2 instead has a great quality! =)
19 Aug 18, 05:06 AM
AK91: @John I also hope that someone (if Wasurenai staff won't be interested) could do the MMPPP first season in DVD quality. Some episodes (example ep.2) looks quite terrible in quality.
15 Aug 18, 09:36 AM
john: Hi. Am following MMPPP status every week. Keep up the good work! Just a Q, will you do a batch release of all the episodes once its finished? I kinda lost all the older releases from you. Peace!
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