17 Feb 18, 09:44 AM
mnchino: finally ep 74 of cocotama is out :D
3 Feb 18, 11:11 AM
Drax: You should try release Kirarin Revolution
24 Jan 18, 07:36 PM
chris: I'm hoping for a batch file when it's all done haven't even seen the 2nd season yet.
9 Jan 18, 10:20 AM
DJ: So, gonna release the rest of Pichi Pure in one go, it seems.
7 Jan 18, 07:40 AM
Webbmaster62: MMPPPP status updated
7 Jan 18, 07:35 AM
Webbmaster62: Well get it done somehow
12 Dec 17, 05:26 PM
Future Dreams: Still nothing from PRDMF????
3 Dec 17, 10:42 AM
Moon Yonsei: Are you still hiring/recruit a timer?
17 Nov 17, 07:15 AM
Cold: Already 2 month but there is no progress,please release an episode
7 Nov 17, 06:20 PM
Olivo28: Hi, any news for Kami-sama Mirainai: Himitsu no Cocotama?
7 Nov 17, 04:28 PM
Future Dreams: any news about PRDMF? I don't want to annoy you but have you noticed the last release was 2 years ago? If you don't want to work on it anymore plese tell us. I'm sorry if I seem rude
30 Oct 17, 03:31 PM
Webbmaster62: working on them
21 Oct 17, 02:11 PM
Aya: hello! do you have the episodes 34-39 of pichi pichi pitch pure? :)
1 Oct 17, 09:22 PM
Olivo28: Well, thanks for the reply :D
1 Oct 17, 10:45 AM
Webbmaster62: no we do not anymore sorry about that
28 Sep 17, 12:02 PM
Olivo28: Hi, i have a question, do you have the raws for Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo? there is no raws for this T_T
24 Sep 17, 02:29 AM
Webbmaster62: when i get a timer really
22 Sep 17, 06:53 AM
Junior: When are you going to release more episodes of Kamisama Minarai?
21 Sep 17, 02:06 PM
Webbmaster62: MMPPPP status updaated and donations for Oct open. Any help is appericated.
21 Sep 17, 02:02 PM
Webbmaster62: hi shiro sorry for late reply. If still need it pm here.
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