6 Sep 18, 10:45 PM
6 Sep 18, 04:56 PM
carlo_rossi: happy birthday roger waters
1 Sep 18, 02:49 PM
guest xyz: evening all floydians :cool:
27 Aug 18, 07:17 AM
Carlo_roasi: Yo wild where I could I contacted you I listen to the stream all the time and can let you know down
24 Aug 18, 03:44 PM
WILD: Restarted and I was unaware it was down but it’s up now sorry all
24 Aug 18, 03:44 PM
WILD: Hey gang I was at work all day and the server company did a update which the server had to be
24 Aug 18, 08:40 AM
pecsmd8591: I can obviously log in. However, click to play and silence. What's happening?
23 Aug 18, 03:21 PM
Stanley: Why the hell hacking this site ? i don`t see a reason other then a dummy
15 Aug 18, 07:26 AM
ks: Are we all done here?
21 Jul 18, 01:38 PM
Frankie Pank: My limit is reached? Six songs in 2 hours? Hey WILD, please reset my counter!
20 Jul 18, 08:11 PM
Donek: I'll do my part as usual. Doesn't help much in this deep a hole, but it's something toward this site
20 Jul 18, 08:09 PM
Donek: Why do you post the hackers? It's recognition for a successful hack and a challenge.
20 Jun 18, 06:12 PM
WILD: site got hacked but got it back up thanks all
16 Jun 18, 09:19 AM
Frankie Pank: Requests are back, Baby! Thanks, WILD!!
10 Jun 18, 12:10 PM
Frankie Pank: Hey Wild! What's up with taking no requests?
7 Jun 18, 04:29 PM
Frankie Pank: Hey Wild! The Auto DJ is on break?!?
3 Jun 18, 07:53 AM
Echoes: Love coming back to here, this site must not die and may it never happen.
1 Jun 18, 02:49 PM
WILD: on the request with the sing in button you do not haVE to click that it will still play
29 May 18, 05:04 PM
ks: hit the red X cb