29 May 18, 04:49 PM
Panacea: https://www.facebook.com/AskioProductions/photos/a.304208889985032.1073741833.137704286635494/384976201908300/?type=3&theater
29 May 18, 04:49 PM
Panacea: Exiled Shadow - North Abyss Shadows compilation in cardbox tape with a sticker and a two panel booklet limited to 15 copies. Support and act fast! Link above:
22 Apr 18, 09:57 PM
elunder: salutes https://dupabeats.blogspot.com
24 Mar 18, 06:44 PM
noctropolis: Please visit new blog with Underground Black Metal records: https://underground-black-metal.blogspot.com/
21 Mar 18, 04:25 AM
john: https://archive.org/details/kreislauf153/15_kreislauf153.mp3
21 Mar 18, 04:22 AM
john: Solefald – Neonism (1999)-thanks mate
2 Mar 18, 04:43 AM
abaddon: Saludos y que decir excelente material en este blog, espero puedan pasar a visitanos en http://descargasmetal.com/ agregate para mandarte todas las actualizaciones discos todos los dias.
8 Jan 18, 08:05 PM
Panacea: @John:Thanx mate!All the best!
7 Jan 18, 10:57 PM
john: keep up the good work-happy new yr from england
31 Dec 17, 04:02 PM
Vincent: its a blog in spanish, but you could download music too. I hope you like it. Have a great new year.
31 Dec 17, 04:02 PM
Vincent: @Panacea, you are welcome too. I have a blog, www.lavanguardiasubterranea.blogspot.com
29 Dec 17, 04:17 PM
Panacea: @Vincent: Thanx man, you are welcome!
28 Dec 17, 11:44 PM
Vincent: Thank you very much for all the music you share here. I am downloading the entire blog. Regards from Argentina.
2 Dec 17, 06:47 AM
JayJaa: Panacea: Ok
25 Nov 17, 06:19 PM
Panacea: Panacea: @JayJaa: I only got these two emails that i do not know if are still valid: info@ljudproduktion.com and slowmoon@ljudproduktion.com. Let me know If you got any news about it.
21 Nov 17, 10:18 AM
JayJaa: HI Everyone, please help someone have album Ulf Söderberg ‎– Inland 2016 https://www.discogs.com/Ulf-Söderberg-Inland/release/11095068
26 Oct 17, 07:39 PM
Kristof: Teaser for RDS tape II online https://rds220.bandcamp.com PunkBlackMetal!
4 Oct 17, 12:00 AM
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19 Aug 17, 12:42 AM
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30 Jul 17, 02:00 AM
janto: Visit my blog for metal shirts of all sorts : http://sinistermerch2017.blogspot.my
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