Potato man: Helpppo
Potato man: Guys where do u buy vocaloid concert tickets
Potato man: Guys where do you buy vocaloid concert tickets?!! And where is the latest post on where it will be? I don't want to miss another one T-T
Yuki: my name means snow
Keiichi18: Hello
Sonus: [link]
Sonus: Listen to my mixtape!
elly: e
elly: y
elly: n
elly: nyez
elly: am.....
elly: ore wa japaneeze!!
elly: i hate you!!!
elly: i love you....
elly: LOL hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
elly: ah!!! cramp....
elly: i'm drunk
elly: yes!!!!!
elly: no....
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