22 Sep 16, 11:53 AM
Dunders: This is brilliant
13 Oct 15, 05:10 PM
MLP: This is such an amazing archive, thank you so much! I particularly enjoy the Springsteen and Waits boots. Can't wait for #1! Cheers!
15 Sep 15, 01:11 AM
Kurt: Thank you for the most recent post.This is Awesome.
5 Jul 15, 11:59 PM
Andre: AWESOME blog! Please don't stop at 100!
17 Mar 15, 06:43 PM
Vanni4: Thanks a lot. Some excellent boots on this blog!!!
4 Oct 14, 05:17 PM
Lightpourer: Some real gems, many thanks for the thoughtful notes, and for sharing. (~*~)
8 Aug 14, 12:55 PM
claire: best website i have found in ages... outstanding music, brilliant descriptions and simple easy to use layout. thank you!!!!