10 Aug 20, 05:51 AM
John Burrough: OK, we hope to see you sometime!
7 Aug 20, 02:07 PM
GORDON STAITE: We Have visited once or twice a year for many years, sadly we will not be visiting until we can be sure WE CAN BE SURE THAT WE WILL NOT INFECT BROADCHALK. We have a very great love of you community an
15 Oct 19, 06:34 AM
John Burrough: Contact Janet Roe tel. 01725 519242 She may not be the organiser but she will know.
14 Oct 19, 08:36 AM
Vivien: Is it possible for me to have a stall at your Christmas fayre on the 5th November?
14 Oct 19, 08:35 AM
Vivien: Is it possible for me to have a stall at your Christmas Fayre on the 5th November
17 Jan 19, 01:40 PM
John Burrough: No idea! I'll ask the archive members at our next meeting 2 Feb.
15 Jan 19, 11:42 PM
Dave Ford: Did the Broadchalke name Mt Sorrel have a connection to the French name? My Uncle fred Dowsett was twice wounded in battle around this time. You mentiion my cousin Mary Loader in your Chat Box.
5 Jul 18, 08:16 AM
John Burrough: Tel. Mary Arnold nee Loader 01722 780701. My great grandmother was Maria Thick but none in village now.
2 Jul 18, 02:49 PM
Doug Jones: Researching my family of the names Thick/Loader/Stokes :quizzical:
10 May 18, 06:36 AM
John Burrough: Contact Brian Blick tel.01722 780312 or visit our archive 1st Saturdays 10 - 12
4 May 18, 12:53 PM
Karen Carver: Good day, Who can I contact on history of the Blick family in Broadchalke?
4 Apr 17, 02:08 PM
John Burrough: CVHF access info has been removed from shop as it may change. Tel. Rachel Holland 01722 780144
4 Apr 17, 06:36 AM
John Burrough: It's 5 or 6 sheets on the table below the main notice boards. The main access routes are described here: http://www.broadchalke.info/general.php#localnews
3 Apr 17, 04:50 PM
Jamie smith: Came to look at the map and road access for CVHF 17 in the coffee shop as advertised on you pur website cannot find any info ?
17 Jan 17, 09:00 AM
John Burrough: Yes, the Church is open nearly every Day, about 9am until evening
13 Jan 17, 08:41 PM
Richard: Is ALL SAINTS open during the day on a Saturday
13 Jan 17, 08:40 PM
Richard: Good morning/Afternoon ... I'm interested in visiting ALL ASINTS church during a Saturday morning .... will i find the church open ?
2 Sep 16, 06:11 PM
John Burrough: If you are local, visit the Archive in URC Chapel 8 Oct. or usually first Sat. of a month.
15 Aug 16, 01:31 AM
marty shergold: nice website..... I am probably related to the Shergalls, Shergolds and Whiteharts of the village.... any info outside the parish registers would be interesting.... thank you East Gippsland Austral
6 Aug 16, 08:27 PM
John Burrough: You can fish with a permit. See http://www.chalkevalleyflyfish.co.uk/ website
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