21 Sep 17, 04:59 AM
Babs: I think if you go with a blogger template it automaticlly deletes the images not sure.
21 Sep 17, 04:59 AM
Babs: Hope you are doing good. Best way to fix your blog is just delete the images and find someone who offers blogtemplates or just go back to original theme. Is awful they did that to us.
11 Sep 17, 09:32 PM
Betsy E.: Thanks for the great tut dear friend Bright, I made a tag for you , hope you like it hugs xx , here it is : https://media.fotki.com/2v2uYMa5nxwDe7d.png
28 Aug 17, 03:40 PM
Babs: And so sorry Photobucket has messed up everyones blogs. I got mine straightened out but it took several days to.
28 Aug 17, 03:39 PM
Babs: Alice hope by now you have gotten some relief for your pain. I tell you it seems as if doctors take way to long to find answer today and get their patients on treatment. saying Prayers for you.
17 Jul 17, 02:25 PM
Carol: OMG Photobucket has hit so many people and tut sites thinking of you
11 Jul 17, 02:13 AM
Evita: Alice, hope you're better. I enjoy looking at your tuts. Just sorry to see how PB disabled your images like so many others. Take care
25 Jun 17, 06:05 PM
Joyce: Alice thinking about you and sending prayers Take care!
25 Jun 17, 11:06 AM
Alice: Thanks carol i am hoping so too
22 Jun 17, 10:39 AM
Carol: Alice sorry to hear that your pain is so bad still - hoping the test and scans show that your shoulder can be operated on to reduce the pain. Takecare
16 Jun 17, 12:30 PM
Alice: Thinking about you all and hope the best for you too.
16 Jun 17, 12:29 PM
Alice: Thanks for all your messages. I am still in a lot of pain and undergoing test and scans in the hope they can oprate on my shoulder very soon.
4 Jun 17, 04:49 PM
BabsC: Alice sure hope this finds you feeling a lot better and that your pain has eased up. I know it is not fun living with pain. Dealing with it can zap every ounce of energy right out of you..
30 May 17, 04:06 PM
Carol: Love to both of you and hopefully you will both be pain free soon, I have been away and going again in 2 weeks lol take care
22 May 17, 09:26 PM
Joyce: Alice sory to hear you still have alot of pain.Hope you soon will be pain free again. I have sciatic nerve pain down my leg so I know kow you feel. Sending prayers your way and take care.
21 May 17, 11:30 AM
Alice: Sorry i have not been in for awhile, still in a lot of pain,seeing my surgeon next month.Thinking about you all
16 Apr 17, 06:11 PM
Alice: Happy Easter all, not long back from a week away.
16 Apr 17, 06:10 PM
Alice: Hi Carol and Joyce. Still waiting for scan results.Good to hear from you both and prayers still going up for you both.
14 Apr 17, 02:57 PM
Carol: Pleased you are both ok Joyce although your poor hubby seems to be in the wars again
13 Apr 17, 05:03 PM
Joyce: We are ok here since my husband fell and split his forehead open. Hope all have a wonderful Easter. Alice hope you sre doiing ok and is surgery in the near future. Tahe care prayers always coming!
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