20 Sep 17, 08:15 PM
deviousdevil: How is everyone. I have not been on in so long.
14 Aug 17, 10:03 AM
Gail: Weiss next project. Peace out everyone.
14 Aug 17, 10:03 AM
Gail: missed Billy Wirth appearance in Newark, NJ, still waiting to see what lives ahead for Michael T.
14 Aug 17, 10:02 AM
Gail: As we head closer towards the eclipse and fall hope everyone so far has enjoyed, summer. Though I m
21 Jul 17, 10:35 AM
Noomi65: Hi everybody :) Long time since I've been here... Hope you are having a nice summer! :)
6 May 17, 09:06 PM
Karen: Thanks Gail! Nothing as nice as breakfast in bed I'm afraid.
2 Feb 17, 03:38 PM
Townroad/Gail: Happy birthday!!! Hopefully you were rewarded with breakfast in bed.
13 Jan 17, 12:02 AM
Karen: Haven't heard anything yet Gail.
10 Jan 17, 11:22 AM
Townroad/Gail: Has anyone heard about the release date of the movie, "Sunset Park"?
10 Jan 17, 11:21 AM
Townroad/Gail: Thank you though.
10 Jan 17, 11:21 AM
Townroad/Gail: I think, it's taking care of. Reset my password.
5 Jan 17, 08:54 PM
Karen: Hi Gail! Just saw your post. What email/user name did you register with?
3 Jan 17, 11:04 AM
noomi65: is active these days.
3 Jan 17, 11:04 AM
noomi65: Happy new year! And to you Gail - hope you get an answer! I'm not sure if the moderator of the site
31 Dec 16, 04:56 PM
Townroad: Sunday morning. After Christmas and Hanukkah. I'm just exhausted from humans.
31 Dec 16, 04:54 PM
Townroad: year. I'm off until Monday 3pm and the only activity taking place is going to church tonight and
31 Dec 16, 04:53 PM
Townroad: Though it's quiet around here. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!! Hopefully all will be rewarded next
26 Dec 16, 11:44 AM
Mariangela: Season Greatings from Italy, hope your Christmas was peaceful.
23 Dec 16, 08:25 PM
24 Nov 16, 02:35 PM
Townroad: Trust me I'm happy to have a job, just not the drama that's attached to the job.
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